Daily Eagle: Does the car look very fuel-intensive or does it have a small pedal?

 Daily Eagle: Does the car look very fuel-intensive or does it have a small pedal?

Uncle rides three-wheeled retrograde and puts on Gusteau! Witnesses said Rolls-Royce owners said they did not have to pay compensation, but tricycle owners let them pay 20,000 yuan, so Rolls-Royce owners alerted the police. After negotiation, the tricycle finally compensated Rolls-Royce for 1,000 yuan. Professionals say that according to market estimates, the maintenance cost of the car needs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Some netizens said: Uncle is also a talented person, not lying down on the spot has been counted as good....

The tricycle crashed into Rolls-Royce and ended up losing only 1,000 yuan.

Thats terrible! Blame you for beeping around, or how could you crash?

Female driver: Although Im not skilled, Im honest. Say no grass, no grass.

Advertisements dont deceive me. The car is in such a good condition that it explodes.~

Get your sister, but get a backhand slap? Its hard not to forget to tell my sister that besides the 28th Bar, theres a Xdi left at home.

The wind from the sewer is a bit unhealthy, tortoise. Did you do it?

Big gray machine said: outside the buttock building, my heart is in a panic!

Pink pig! This is really classic painting can not save ah, white blind all over the skin.

After analysis: the car needs to insert keys, which means that there is no keyless start-up, the car configuration is older; there are direct injection in cylinder, exhaust pipe fumigation, 80% of the German oil burning.

Chengdu Auto Show finally won the hard battle, the team of model ladies and sisters performed well, can rest and go back to prepare for the next Guangzhou Auto Show.

Erha: Ah, the smell of the prairie. I cant help running on it.~

Its very difficult. For a birthday, you have to compete with Singyes walking to eat a box lunch.

Although I worked overtime till late at night, God still cared for me on this bus: Did the girl just get off work?

This elder sister is really a daring artist, wearing a skirt to float on the water?

Four new versions of the boat your sister has played with, one knife 999, start with amphibious beasts mounted on the water and land! ___________

What are the shortcomings of this water? Welcome to add...

What immortal scenic spot is this? Smart Xiaobian has found new business opportunities and salvaged mobile phones!!! Do you want to partner?

Seeing the driver, Im sore. Isnt there a car missing? Cant I buy it?

This car looks like a big space, but it feels very fuel-intensive, and ultimately opts for a small motorcycle.

Base, what have you done? How can we treat beautiful women like this?

Facts have proved that mosquitoes die from hypoxia and asphyxia, which has nothing to do with mosquito incense.


Can you hurry up? The hot car has been hot for half an hour and hasnt changed its clothes yet?

Brother said that our novice photography is such a seemingly not smart Yazi...

1.9 seconds running in Frankfurt, you dont have to say that.

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Red Flag S9 Video of Frankfurt Motor Show 2019 (Source: ~)

This slate barbecue is really good, but I didnt expect that it was not a stone, but a refined clamshell...

Yesterdays guess: Cadillac XT4, congratulations on King_James (most praised) and Impression Liquor King (the first guess) on the list! We have applied for the old drivers name for you.

Guess the car today:

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Daily Easy Lok: The hotel dining car attracted the attention of many old drivers.

Yile Daily: What kind of car is this? I like its lamp best!

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