The signs before these breakups. Did you get shot?

 The signs before these breakups. Did you get shot?

At the beginning of September, Liang Jingru, who sings Happy Break-up, announced her divorce. I dont know whether she is happy or not, but when I meet someone who looks like love, I will never feel happy when I break up.

On September 8, 2019, Liang Jingru admitted divorce at the album sharing meeting

Because you have been loved, you can clearly feel that you are not loved now. Most breakups, there are signs, there are many details are often emotional red light.

Decreased physical contact

What is love like? People who have loved you will tell you that they are close. The closer you like to be, the more alienation you leave to strangers.

I like to cuddle because when we hug or touch each other, we produce a hormone called oxytocin.

When oxytocin is produced, people feel more trusted and cared for. It can also inhibit the level of the stress hormone cortisol in the body, making people relaxed [4].

Hold when you are happy, but hold when you are unhappy.

In addition, physical contact can improve the degree of love for the other half, which is more obvious in girls. Necessary physical contact is a necessary step for emotional warming up. The deeper you feel, the more you like it, the more you want to be close to each other.

Chen Xiaochen Yanxis wedding dress kiss also satisfies millions of peoples fantasies about love.

Be careful when you suddenly reduce your physical contact for no reason. Breaking up may start with no longer holding you to sleep, or with no firm holding of your hand, the daily intimacy disappears.

Do not take the initiative to solve problems

Whether its in love or in marriage, its inevitable to make a little noise. 100% of matched partners do not exist. Daily problems are basic operations. Problems are not terrible, but if problems are not solved, they may be a harbinger of breaking up.

When we have a positive expectation of the relationship, we will take positive actions to maintain the relationship [5].

Therefore, in a relationship that wants to continue, the order of coping styles is: problem solving > help seeking > self-blame > fantasy > avoidance > rationalization. The more active the problem solving, the higher the satisfaction of love [6].

If you sit down to eat together and have nothing to say and dont want to talk about both sides, its dangerous / beautiful sister who often invites dinner.

During the period before the breakup, you will find that avoidance becomes the norm. Without the heart to go on, we are not bothered to solve it at all.

You had a quarrel the day before, but nobody carefully analyzed why the quarrel was wrong, just wait a few days before its all right.

Even at first he was unwilling to talk to you for a long time. When you said, I want to have a good chat, he said, Im tired.

A period of feeling full of thunder, and no one goes to mine clearance, in addition to explosion, where else is the end?

Daily perfunctory, unwilling to pay

Moreover, in love, everyone is like a drunken person, who pays out unconsciously.

Psychology uses the theory of interdependence to explain this relationship. The theory is that when the two sides rely more on each other, they will begin to attach importance to the long-term goal of the relationship, pursue the stability of the relationship, and try to formulate the norms of the relationship.

For example, the couple, Xiao Guo Biting and Xiao Guo Biting, recently formulated a post-marital convention in the program, including cleaning and the number of pets have made clear provisions. This actually means that they are ready to run a relationship well.

The convention can reduce quarrels between couples over household chores. Its a good way to maintain emotions. / [email protected] Satellite TV

Small couples in love make some love rules, such as not to be angry for more than 24 hours, regeneration can not break up, adhere to the daily good night and other agreements, which seem like bondage, in fact, are poking at the show of love.

In order to achieve these goals, people in love tend to give up their self-interest and think more about each other to maintain relationships [7]. Those who like the glory of King beater can also try to play only two hours a day for their baby.

In order to marry Li Jingren, Liu Zhihao chose to quit drinking/spring night screenshot

In contemporary love, there are only two ways to pay, time or money. Whether you give up your hobbies to accompany you, or carefully choose gifts for you, you can see each others efforts. As the relationship enters a flat period, these efforts may be relatively reduced, but the hearts of both sides are still concerned about each other.

And before breaking up, this kind of effort is not relatively reduced, but may be sharply reduced.

Before marriage, Anzai Hyun carefully filled the trunk with flowers that his sister liked before proposing marriage, and his eyes were full of benevolence. Anzai Hyun, who wanted to get divorced, was reluctant to give him even a bowl of beef mix.

Andai Hyuns and benevolent feelings slowly faded over time, and minor shortcomings that had not been noticed before became the reason for the final separation/newlywedsDiaries

One day, you find that the way you get along becomes: when you chat, the screen is full of your concern, after a long wait, the other party answers a um; when you ask him questions the second time, he begins to be impatient; every day he says that he is tired and has no time to accompany you...

Its very likely that only breaking up can make the other person feel less tired.

When in love, sticky people are always normal. One day they lose their soul without receiving his news. Besides being angry, they are full of worries. Whats wrong with them? Every day you have to look at the good night on the screen before you can sleep satisfactorily.

And before breaking up, after that good night point, even if there is no news, will not be lost. Begin to worry, quiet, and then disappear.

No more love

Xiaoshui studies hard and becomes beautiful in order to get closer to Aliang Senior High School/First Love

So some people choose Xiu En Ai, harvest a lot of praise, the heart is sweet.

Xiu En-ai is the stabilizer that actively adds to feelings. Through the creation of electronic monument, in the long day-to-day time, looking for a sense of security [9]. Let the other party know that you love him, but also let potential competitors back away.

Originally, a person who likes to show affection may let you appear in his circle of friends, change you into a head image, a circle of friends cover, in short, the social platform can always find your traces.

When one day you find that he is less and less dynamic about you, even if you spend a lot of time preparing his birthday gift, you will not see him show once, which may be a sign of change of heart.

Of course, if your spouse, while you are not paying attention to some I am lonely, lonely dynamic, it is a red card warning of breaking up.

But not everyone likes to show kindness on social platforms, but they will show kindness in other ways. For example, meet parents, or eat with friends, to show their emotional state to everyone, trying to get the recognition of the people around them.

When these actions disappear, you no longer connect with his life circle, but actually gradually reduce the connection with him, and the next step may be to break up.

A sudden change in habits

Generally speaking, peoples behavior habits are related to their own living conditions, and they seldom change without external intervention. If the other partys habits suddenly change, especially some small daily habits, we should pay attention to them.

For example, if you suddenly use a new salesmans expression, and this expression bag is not your usual one, or use a new tone of voice to change the indifferent um into good duck, it may be because new people are involved in his life.

Imitating each others actions and habits is also a way of expressing our love / A screenshot of the warm hours we have.

Imitation helps build intimacy, because people tend to have more favor for people who imitate their behavior. A study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology shows that when waiters imitate the behavior of customers, they get more favor and thus more tips.

So, when he likes you, he will be very used to imitating your voice and expression, not only to please you, but also really feel lovely. Slowly he talks like you, laughs like you, and even gets angry like you.

When your partner suddenly has a new habit, its probably because he meets someone who wants to imitate more.

Moreover, people tend to imitate attractive people. You may not only meet your opponent, but also be a strong opponent.

If you can match all the above signals one by one, then this breakup sign may be more than just a sign.

In fact, where there is any love Holmes ah, they just put too much energy and attention on each other, bit by bit want to understand.

There are no sudden breakups, they are all paved, and the signs before these breakups are only a paving link. When you are still asking yourself repeatedly, Does he not love me? In fact, you have the answer at that moment.


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