Face-to-face competition with the iPhone 11, OPPO Reno 2 video shooting has these highlights you dont know about

 Face-to-face competition with the iPhone 11, OPPO Reno 2 video shooting has these highlights you dont know about

Official 15-second video of kart racing

In a brilliant speed confrontation, OPPO Reno2 presents an extraordinarily smooth and stable picture. Many media friends expressed surprise after watching OPPOReno2s tremble-proof video and became interested in its super video tremble-proof technology.

In fact, to achieve this effect, we mainly benefit from the Ultra Steady video super-shake-proof technology on OPPOReno2, which supports five-axis optical shake-proof and is the combination of OIS and EIS shake-proof technology. Through multi-source sensor information fusion and intelligent analysis of anti-jitter scene, this technology can increase the frequency of gyroscope more than two times and sensitively sense the motion state of mobile phone, so as to complete clear and stable video shooting.

Screenshots of bloggers

After Reno2s Super Shake-proof Video was released, many bloggers on Weibo posted their own test videos using the mobile phone. As you can see, Reno2 video picture stability is very high after opening the super anti-shake mode, which is unanimously recognized by major bloggers.

Extreme Sports Video

According to the official anti-shake test under extreme sports, OPPOReno2 has done a lot in video anti-shake. Whether skateboarding, mountain bicycle, skiing, downhill, motorboat and other high-speed sports scenes, OPPOReno2 can be competent. Whether it is multi-direction jitter, or acceleration leading to shadow phenomenon, these problems OPPOReno2 can effectively deal with. The video shot is comparable to professional equipment, and the excellent image quality has been demonstrated.

Quadruple Video GIF

As a video phone, in addition to super anti-shake, OPPOReno2 improves the image performance in an all-round way. Firstly, it is upgraded to four-camera specifications, namely 4800W main camera, 1300W long-focus lens, 800W ultra wide-angle lens and 200W depth-of-field camera, supporting 5-fold hybrid optical zoom and 20-fold digital zoom, 8 million wide-angle lens shooting, and excellent distortion control. Ultra-high resolution makes the details of the photos very fine. Anti-distortion ultra-wide-angle lens can easily record more pictures. With super-clear night scene algorithm, OPPOReno2 also has a good performance in night shooting.

(Portrait dummy contrast images or videos)

In addition, OPPOReno2 also supports video portrait virtualization. After adding the image dummy, the video shooting picture can better highlight the main body of the characters and give users the effect of film-level dummy shooting. Compared with other mobile phones, OPPOReno2 takes more stereoscopic pictures in the same scene, with clear primary and secondary, and better visual effect.

(Configuration diagram)

In terms of configuration, OPPOReno2 will be equipped with Qualcomm Luan 730G processor, built-in 4000 mAh battery, support 8GB memory and 128GB fuselage storage, and support VOOC 3.0 flash charging.

Overall, OPPOReno2 has a strong competitiveness in image function. As a video phone without short board, OPPOReno2 is absolutely attractive to image creators, and it is worth experiencing. Official information shows that the new zoom four-camera OPPOReno2 has been booked and will be officially launched on September 12.

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Technology Channel: Qiao Junyi_NBJ11279