OPPO Reno2 is officially released to open a new track for video mobile phones

 OPPO Reno2 is officially released to open a new track for video mobile phones

Image Upgrade Creates the Best Video in the Simplest Way

As we all know, OPPO has been doing a lot of research on imaging, and this time the lens on OPPO Reno2 is more in line with the multiple scenes people use in daily life. Among them, 48 million Ultra-Definition main camera has built-in Sony IMX586 sensor and OIS optical anti-shake to satisfy all your imagination of clarity; 8 million wide-angle lenses support 116 degree super-large field of view, so that the small screen can accommodate a larger field of view; 13 million long-focus lenses, through the collaboration with the main camera and wide-angle lens, can complete from super-wide angle to long-focus up to 5. Multiply hybrid optical zoom, up to 20 times digital zoom; black-and-white style lens simulates the fading effect of black-and-white film mottles, more directly expressing the mood of the picture. ,

In addition, OPPOReno2 also has a general night view mode and a very night mode. Using independent NPU artificial intelligence chip to achieve AI denoising + HDR, the imaging time in normal night scene mode is reduced to 2-2.5 seconds; AI recognition enables the shooting environment to enter extreme night mode under low-light conditions, brightens and reduces the noise of single/multi-frame photos, and easily takes night scene details. Whether you are immersed in the neon light of the city business circle or the sparse moon stars at night in the countryside, you can use OPPOReno2 to capture the wonderful moments quickly.

OPPOReno2 also supports video zoom, video portrait visualization, video de-noising, video intelligent editing and other functions. It can not only highlight the main body of the characters, ensure that the voice of the characters during video shooting is more pure and clear, but also intelligently identify the content of the album, automatically generate short videos, reduce the threshold of video creation, so that users can easily create. My own video blockbuster. OPPOReno2 is designed for video creation, making it easier to shoot videos!

Appearance is more delicate and order aesthetic feeling is created by balancing concept

The origin of aesthetics is balance. Reno series follows this concept to create an orderly aesthetic feeling. In addition to inheriting the 20:9 panoramic screen without bangs, dolphin fin side-rotation lifting structure and symmetrical central axis design, OPPOReno2 is also more refined in detail control: smooth mobile phone edge, linear layout of all chin openings, optimized side-rotation lifting structure receiver, four-camera coordination and so on, all let O. The PPOReno 2 fuselage is almost perfect.

Color design is the key to be mentioned. In the past, the monochrome gradient, the condensed gradient of OPPO fuselage, and the fog-light overlay of Reno fuselage have received unanimous praise from the vast number of users. This time OPPOReno2 uses the technology of condensation and dotting. Through the three-dimensional gradient color with deep feeling, it gives more light and shadow changes, which makes the whole fuselage more agile and mysterious besides exquisite colors. In addition to the popular mist powder, OPPOReno2 also launched two new colors - deep-sea night light and ocean heart.

Show Progress and Look at the World with a Healthier Eye

When we face mobile phones every day, the screen is the most we deal with. In order to give users a more comfortable experience, OPPOReno2 is equipped with a sunny panoramic screen with higher brightness, more accurate color and more eye protection. The latest light-emitting materials in the industry make its daily brightness up to 500 nit, 16.2% higher than the previous generation; when strong light is detected, the screen can be re-activated and brightness up to 700 nit, that is to say, when you use your mobile phone outdoors, you no longer need to worry about not seeing the screen clearly.

In addition, OPPOReno2s color range covers 100% of the DCI-P3 wide gamut, making the color quasi-industry acme, with a contrast of 1.4 million to 1, and even high-dynamic images can be clearly displayed.

In order to make users use mobile phones healthier, OPPOReno2 makes the screen into a global low blue light. The harmful blue light decreases by 41.6% compared with Reno. The newly upgraded low light, no strobe and low blue light can effectively alleviate visual fatigue and carefully protect the eyes. Such technology makes it the first mobile phone in the world to pass the global eye protection certification of Rhine TU V in Germany. Mr. Holger Kunz, Executive Vice President of Rhein Group, Germany, acknowledged OPPOReno2s efforts in the field of mobile display and expressed his intention to cooperate further in order to bring more health experiences to consumers.

Smoother System for Mobile Phone to Improve Quality of Life

On the hardware side, OPPOReno2 carries Gaotong Paragon 730G, which is the first mobile platform of Qualcomm with independent NPU chips - eight-core high-performance processors, with VOOC flash charging 3.0 and 8GB+128GB high-speed memory combination, fast processing speed, no game jamming, so that mobile phones can carry more resources. In addition, GameBoost2.0, 4000mAh large batteries, and graphite + gel + copper tube liquid cooling three heat dissipation technology, fully meet the needs of large game use, from the details to bring users more comfortable game experience.

In terms of software, the upgraded ColorOS 6.1 makes travel and entertainment easier and more comfortable for users. LinkBoost Network Acceleration Engine and dual WiFi technology help users enjoy faster Internet speed in public places; OPPO wallet can help open community entrance guards, brush bus cards, complete bank card payment; AKA4377a HiFi music chip and Dolby panoramic sound, create 360 degree immersion audio and video experience.

The price of OPPOReno2 8GB+128GB Netcom version is 2999 yuan. The new machine will be launched online and offline on September 12. Users can buy it in OPPO Experience Store, three major operatorsbusiness halls, Gome, Suning, Dixintong, Leyue and other chain stores. They can also buy it on OPPO official website, Tianmao, Jingdong and other online platforms.

In addition to OPPOReno2, OPPO also released the first wireless noise reduction headset OPPOEncoQ1 on site. OPPO EncoQ1 adopts ANC dual active noise reduction technology to maximize the width and depth of noise reduction; in terms of sound effect, OPPO EncoQ1 has three immersive stereo sound effects modes: music mode, film mode and game mode; in terms of sound quality performance, it is equipped with 11.8mm high resolution large moving coil unit with PEEK+PU composite vibration membrane, with rich sound level. Full, and support AAC audio format, sound quality analysis is better; in experience, seamless flexible neck ring design can improve wearing comfort, runway round headphone head is ergonomic design, and conforms to the shape of the ear concha; in addition, OPPOEncoQ1 can provide 15 hours of ultra-long music voyage when starting noise reduction. To meet the needs of users throughout the day.

The price of OPPOEncoQ1 wireless noise reduction headset is 559 yuan, which will be launched online and offline on September 12.

Source: Zhongguancun Online Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056