17,000 yuan of anti-cancer drugs suspected to be sent to the party concerned: has received compensation from the express company

 17,000 yuan of anti-cancer drugs suspected to be sent to the party concerned: has received compensation from the express company

The hospital bills show that the total cost of 4 boxes of Ivermos tablets is 17,227.2 yuan. Respondents Map

Mr. Lin introduced that he was from Anhui Province and had worked in Shanghai for more than 10 years. In 2016, her daughter was diagnosed with kidney cancer and has been taking iverolimus tablets ever since. In 2017, he learned that it was convenient to buy the medicine in Anhui Province for reimbursement, so he entrusted relatives in Anhui Province to help buy the medicine and send it to Shanghai.

On August 23 this year, Mr. Lins cousin bought four boxes of Evimus tablets at a public hospital in Hefei, Anhui Province, and sent them to Shanghai by China Express. The hospital fee bill provided by Mr. Lin shows that the total cost of four boxes of Ivermos tablets is 17,227.2 yuan.

Details of the order show that the courier was collected on behalf of the courier on the evening of August 26. Respondents Map

Details of the waybill show that on the afternoon of August 23, China Express received it from Hefei Baohe Development Zone. That night, the express left Hefei Transfer Station and sent to Shanghai Pudong Center. At about 7:00 on August 24, the express arrived in Fengxian, Shanghai. At 23:00 on August 26, the system showed that the dispatch was in progress, and 6 minutes later, it showed that the express had been received on behalf of the courier, with the contact information of the courier. But Mr. Lin said that he had not received the express, so he complained to China Express.

Originally, it was also sent by Chinese mail, and they all received it. Today (September 11) afternoon, Mr. Lin told reporters in the Beijing News that the courier delivered on August 23 has not been found so far. Customer service staff of Zhongtong Express Hefei Baohe Development Zone communicated with them this afternoon and paid 17227.2 yuan.

The chat record provided by Mr. Lin this afternoon showed that the other side apologized and said that an emergency team had been set up to trace the whereabouts of express delivery, promising to pay compensation if no drugs were found in two days. Subsequently, Mr. Lin expressed his wish to pay in full on that day. At about 14 oclock, the other party transferred 17227.2 yuan to Mr. Lin through Wechat.

Later in the evening, a reporter from Beijing Newspaper confirmed to the customer service outlet of Zhongtong Express on the whereabouts and compensation of express delivery. The other side indicated that the matter had been dealt with.

17,000 yuan of suspected anti-cancer drugs lost in Zhongtong: full compensation will be paid at the lost site

The 17,000 yuan worth of anticancer drugs was suspected to have been lost by express delivery from Zhongtong, and the patient discontinued the drugs. Zhongtong Express said that it would pay according to the original, and is still tracing the specific location of the lost items.

On September 10, Mr. Lin reported to the Peng Mei News that the package containing anti-cancer drugs sent from Anhui to Shanghai by Zhongtong Express had been lost. Drug prices exceed 17,000 yuan, but China Express is only willing to compensate 3,000 yuan.