Qing Yu An

Lingbo cant pass Hengtang Road.

But to see, to dust.

Who and Degree in Brocade Time?

Yueqiao Flower Courtyard, Lock windows and Zhuhu.

Only spring knows where.

Flying clouds are rolling in the evening.

Coloured pen new topic broken bowel sentence.

A river of tobacco, a city full of flying flocks,

One day, the poet came across a beautiful woman, and he imagined what kind of life she would live. The poet wrote with beautiful pen and ink, graceful and soft, with beautiful charm.

Tashahang Chenzhou Hostel

Song Qin Guan

Fog lost terrace, moon maze crossing.

Taoyuan is hopeless.

Kekans lonely house is closed in spring and cold.

Dusk in the azalea voice.

Send plum blossoms by post, fish pass the ruler.

There is no multiplicity of hatred.

Chenjiang is fortunate to be around Chenshan.

Who is going to Xiaoxiang?

The fog was hazy, the terraces were indistinguishable, the moonlight was dim, and the ferry was invisible. Looking to the horizon, the ideal peach blossom, nowhere to find.

This is what Qin Guan wrote when he was living in Chenzhou. Under the beautiful words, there is a sad expression. In such bitterness, the last two sentences burst out: Chenjiang is fortunate to go around Chenshan for whom to go down to Xiaoxiang? On the surface, these two sentences seem to be situational lyrics. After the Chenjiang River went out of the mountains, it went to Hengyang and flowed eastward into Xiaoshui Xiangjiang River. But in fact, once the poets were enlightened, the mountains and rivers seemed to be alive, with peoples thoughts and feelings.

Akuna matata

Song Zhou Bangyan

Lighting aloes, eliminating the heat.

Birds whir and peep at the eaves.

The sun on the leaves dries and sleeps in the rain.

The surface of the water is clear and round, one by one the wind lifts the load.

Hometown far away, when to go?

He lives in Wumen and has been on a long journey to Changan.

Do fishermen remember each other in May?

Xiaohu boat, dream like Furongpu.

Birds chirp in the morning, calling for a sunny day. The sun shines on the lotus leaves and dries the rain of yesterday. The lotus flowers on the water are clean and round. The lotus leaves are facing the morning wind. Every lotus leaf stands out of the water.

This word is from the lotus in front of us to the lotus in our hometown. The travelers strong nostalgia tells the lotus, and his conception is particularly ingenious and unique. With wind and lotus as the center after the rain, it introduces homesickness to express homesickness. The meaning is relatively simple.

Tread on Shakespeare

Mei Cang, Xiqiao Liuxian, Waiting Hall.

The wind is warm and swaying.

Departure is fading away and infinite.

Long distances are like spring water.

An inch of tender intestines, filled with pink tears.

The height of the building is not close to danger.

Pingwu is full of Spring Mountain.

Pedestrians are even outside Chunshan.

This word from the upstream son to the upstairs woman, from the real scene and imagination, up and down layer by layer, with a divergent structure to express parting grief echoes, meaningful. This technique of writing from the opposite side through one layer brings a strong aesthetic effect.

Golden Gate Wind Rises Suddenly __________

Feng Yansi of the Five Dynasties

The wind blows and wrinkles a pool of spring water.

In the path of leisurely inducing mandarin duck fragrance, there are red apricot stamens in the hands.

The duck leans on its head and the Jasper scratches its head.

All day long, I look up to you and hear magpies.

The spring breeze rose and wrinkled a pool of blue water. The woman is idle, teasing the mandarin ducks in the pond in the flower path, and folding the apricot stamen to crush it gently. Standing alone on the railing beside the pond to watch the fighting duck, the Jasper hairpin on his head sagged down. Originally, he was missing the people who had not returned. When he missed the beautiful sentences, it was really intoxicating.

The poet is good at expressing feelings through scenery and rising from things, which contains personal grief. Written in a clear, delicate, euphemistic and implicit way. This well-known Huaichun Ci was very praised at that time. Especially when the wind blows, a pool of spring water blows crepe is a well-known phrase of ancient and modern times.

Affection always recurs in poetry, life and death, sorrow and joy, only willing to hold the hand of son, and son hoary head.

Shen Congwen said: I have traveled many bridges, seen many clouds, drank many kinds of wine, but only loved a person of the right age. May you smile like a flower, may he be gentle as before, and may all love be treated tenderly by the years.

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