No Chaoshan people want to go home.

 No Chaoshan people want to go home.

If you ask a Chaoshan man how to arrange his holidays, his answer must be: go home.

No matter what it looks like outside, Chaoshan people will go home without stopping during their holidays, even if they have no chance to create opportunities. Meet the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Winter Solstice, the Qingming Festival, the Spring Festival, barracks and other traditional festivals, there is no reason not to go home.

Because if you dont go home, your parents will tell you that they are going to eat beef hotpot, rice dumpling soup, stewed geese, beef balls, red peach dumplings, thin shells, salmon taro, high-temperature sweet potatoes, oysters, clams, rice dumplings juice and so on. They will also synchronize live video with you.

Then ask you a question: really dont you go home?

Going home means temporarily putting down the pressure and disturbance at work, drinking Kungfu tea with parents, and chatting about the shortcomings of parents at the end of the day. This is the daily appearance of Chaoshan people returning home. Although it is really annoying to be rushed home to get married or work, this land is not only the birthplace but also the haven for Chaoshan people.

Chaoshan people love to go home no matter how far they go.

Goodnight boy

This is the 1590 day I said goodnight to you.

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