Yin Ziwei, the most handsome villain in Good Start, Good End, is on fire again!

 Yin Ziwei, the most handsome villain in Good Start, Good End, is on fire again!

From the first episode, however, you know that Gu Tao, who seems to be in power, is just another drug lords hand. Many important things are decided by this lord, who appeared in a mysterious figure in the early stage and always aroused the curiosity of the audience.

Recently, the mysterious boss officially appeared. His name is Masjie, a prominent figure in the drug industry. Traditionally, drug lords are generally big gold chains, gold watches, five thirds thick, with a fierce face, but Yin Ziwei plays a different role in Masjie.

He has a good-looking, elegant temperament, a clean white suit, handsome and handsome. People who dont know think he is the hegemonic president of an idol play. He appeared most of the time in the Buddhist hall, his expression is always a pious and peaceful look, gentle manner, absolutely the most Buddhist drug lord!

Yin Ziweis appearance pushed the whole plot to a climax. The meeting with Gu Tao was absolutely one of the most exciting dramas in the whole play. When Gu Taos old nest was upended and his face was gray, Masjie knelt down in front of the Buddha statue and prayed, without any emotion at all.

Faced with various reasons that Gu Tao sought, Mass gave up the gentle wind and rain to analyze the problem in general, and could not see any meaning of criticism, but the words of four or two kilograms, minutes to let it feel ashamed. Finally, Mass gave a straight cut to point out that the biggest problem lies in: there is an inner ghost in the team, people can not help sighing, the big man is big. Man, always look at the problem at a higher level;

In the recent plot, the discussion between Masjie and Gu Tao about the formation of the army once again aroused heated discussion. Gu Tao regrouped his heart and urged Margo to form his own army. But the wise Masjie immediately rejected the proposal and said, Do you think that a group of people wearing the same clothes and holding the same guns is the army? Who really knows you?

In fact, Masjie has already made every step of the plan, facing the impatient Gu Tao, Masjie also gently teaches: Step by step, you want everything, nothing. It has to be said that such a gentle and self-contained villain is really charming, directly refreshing everyones understanding of the villain!

In fact, the reason why Yin Ziwei can play the villain so vividly is closely related to his experience. Yin Ziwei was born in Hong Kong in 1975, immigrated to Los Angeles with his parents in 1982, and majored in philosophy when he was in college. He was a proper high-ranking person.

In 1998, Yin Ziwei and Wu Yanzu co-starred in his first film, Love of the Beautiful Youth, which made him popular in the Performing Arts circle. Since then, Yin Ziwei has starred in or participated in Chill, Hes Coming, Close Your Eyes, Four Heavenly Kings, New Police Story and The Absolute Goddess Steal all over the country.

It can be said that Yin Ziwei is a rare actor with both positive and evil temperament. This time, the Buddhist drug lord is still amazing and praised by netizens: the most handsome villains are on fire again! So what kind of surprise will Yin Ziwei bring us in the TV series Good Start, Good End? Lets wait and see.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Chen Shaojie_b6952