The End of the Counterfeiter shows the emergence of another party of the most real crime?

 The End of the Counterfeiter shows the emergence of another party of the most real crime?

Shadow and light character lines are full of plot reversal and keep looking at more and more

The End of the Counterfeit Money as the first criminal detective drama with the theme of counterfeit money crime, it is very sophisticated from the plot rhythm to the character line setting. In this weeks plot, besides the tripartite character lines that appeared before, another important figure Jiangyuans appearance expanded the character lines and pushed the plot to a climax. Jiangyuan appears to be the head of Jiangshi Group, but he has close cooperation with Jiuye, the biggest leader of counterfeit money suppliers. At the same time, he also had innumerable links with the Tang and Song Dynasties, and this connection, but also before the Tang and Song Dynasties renamed the plot and after the plot fully fit together. The two-way connection of Jiangyuan makes the characters in the play complicated and the plot more full. But what role will his appearance play in counterfeit banknote cases and what relationship will he have with Tang and Song Dynasties?

The other side of the mask in Tang and Song Dynasty is not ordinary.

It is worth mentioning that Tang and Song Dynasty, the villain of The End of the Counterfeiters, is one of the greatest highlights in the play. Unlike the fierce single villain, Tang and Song Dynasty is an ordinary person. In daily life, he considers his wife and daughter everywhere, and is a good husband and father. Moreover, the face of charity and the identity of his brother-in-law freed him from the suspicion of being Wang Xiangbei, the polices youngest sister-in-law. However, in the face of charity, he made counterfeit money, fell and killed people step by step because of the greed for money. At the same time, he also has a calm anti-reconnaissance thinking, using all forces to get rid of his suspicions, the villains to the extreme. In the interpretation of Haoping, the old opera bone, Tang and Song Dynasty, a very contradictory character is very vivid, a change of eyes will show the characters contradictory personality perfectly.

Gu Tao, the villain of the other play Good Start and Good End, is also quite different from the usual villains. Although you are the first drug lord in the vicissitudes of life, but he is very affectionate and loyal to his brother once identified. In times of danger, Gu Tao sacrificed his life to save the last Kick. Such emphasis on love and righteousness also makes many netizens forget his villain identity.

Unlike the traditional sense of the opposition, ordinary version plus just version of the opposition, so that the end of the counterfeiter and good beginning and good ending two plays more attractive to the audience. At the same time, with the help of the details of the two plays and the acting skills of the actors, the audience can more intuitively see the hard core theatre, which is exclusive to Aiqi Art, and more look forward to the unfolding of the plot after that.