IPhone 11 Pro initial experience: you can not see the innovation behind the tucks.

 IPhone 11 Pro initial experience: you can not see the innovation behind the tucks.

In fact, if so, after attending the new product launch and quickly playing three real iPhone 11 series in the experience area, you might as well share some personal views with you.

To answer this question, we have to mention Jobspersonal release of the iPhone 4 in 2010, which has been rated by the outside world as the most influential product in the 12 years of the iPhone and the smartphone industry as a whole. Many people now look at Apples launch of the iPhone and want to see the exciting changes that happened when they upgraded from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4. The overall evolution and upgrading from design, experience and performance gives people a fresh feeling from the inside to the outside.

But the reality is that with the rapid evolution of smartphones and the growing influence of Apples iPhone itself, its hard to make a breakthrough like that. Not that Apple does not have that technological strength, but now Apple will never allow core products such as the iPhone to slip away at the user experience level, not to change for the sake of change, but to make steady progress and break through innovation is the kingdom.

Although this generation of iPhone11 new products is almost no difference in the design level compared with the previous generation, Liu Haipings design style has been used for three years and the three photo combinations of bathing bully are not fresh. The Tucao is also normal, but in fact, this generation of iPhone11 series is displayed on screen, the hardware performance represented by A13, the new double shot / Three-camera experience, battery life and other core links closely related to user experience have major upgrades. In addition, the iOS ecosystem that Apple has built and gradually improved over the years, based on the hardware of the iPhone itself, is the core weapon against the attacks of Android manufacturers. Many people dont agree with the product design concept of the iPhone, but they cant live without the smooth experience of iOS.

These levels of change and innovation cant be felt after you play the real phone without touching it. After all, just looking at the released pictures will give you a preconceived feeling. Thats why in recent years every generation of the iPhone has been diss in the first time after it was released, but after the first sale, its still very popular. The users who should buy it are still in the market. After experiencing the real machine, we will start with the order without hesitation.

In short, about innovation, users want too much, not Apple is unwilling to give, but to ensure that the users core experience, how to do trade-offs. In addition, Apples iPhone in recent years has focused on improving the details of the products. For example, Liu Haiping, who first appeared on iPhoneX, has been known by friends and Tucao, so far, has been out of date in the era of full screen. But hiding the FaceID in line with the powerful A series bionic processor is still under the current technical conditions. Experience the best unlocking and payment solutions, and you know that portability, stability and security are industry benchmarks. Of course, the premise is that you can accept Liu Haipings design style.

After playing the iPhone 11 series, its still a smoothly pleasant feeling.

Back to the three new iPhone 11 products released this time, because they are the corresponding upgrades of last years three new iPhone products, and the screen size has not changed, so the overall grip feeling is not too obvious difference, but the two products of the iPhone 11Pro series, due to the use of stainless steel metal frame + matte glass collocation, passed. The new optical coating treatment feels smoother to touch than last years XS series, especially for those who prefer small screens, believing that the 5.8-inch iPhone 11Pro will be your best choice.

In addition, this generation of the iPhone 11Pro series introduced a new dark night green, rushed to the experience area to hold it in the first time after the launch, and I first felt doubtful whether I had made a mistake. Compared with the fashionable and vivid green of the iPhone 11, the green of the 11Pro series is not so obvious, and the overall look is low-key and calm. Its not as conspicuous as Apples first golden iPhone style in earlier years, but it makes you look comfortable.

It is worth noting that the new concept of peak brightness is introduced in this series of the iPhone 11Pro. There are two peak brightnesses, 800 and 1200 NITs. The highest peak brightness is 800 NITs in strong light environment. When watching HDR photos or videos, the peak brightness will automatically rise to 1200 NITs. The system will switch automatically according to the applicable scenario, without setting up separately. The advantage of doing so is to ensure that users can see the effect, greatly optimize the endurance experience, after all, the screen is a big power-consuming user.

Robust A3 bionic processor is the source of experience upgrade

The A13 bionic processor is absolutely a change in the core of the 11-series of the current generation of the iPhone. Although the process is still 7-nm, the technology is more advanced. The total number of transistors has been upgraded from 6.9 billion on A12 to 8.5 billion on the basis of chip underlying architecture. Therefore, the performance of the A13 bionic processor has been significantly improved on the basis of maintaining six core designs (2 large cores + 4 small cores). At the same time, the power consumption of large core can be reduced by up to 40% and that of small core can be reduced by up to 25%.

In short, the latest A13 bionic processor developed by Apple itself is still the strongest in the industry. It improves performance while optimizing power consumption to ensure sustainability. The official Apple has released the relevant measured data at the launch site. We will further test and verify after we get the evaluation machine to see if we continue to hoist the flagship aircraft of our friends.

Three Photos of the iPhone 11Pro Series Brings Different Plays

Last but not least, photography, the first sight of the dual/triple photo of the real iPhone 11 series, many people have a lot of complaints, including the cameras bathroom hegemony arrangement. Appearance varies from person to person without evaluation, but internal is a real improvement, Apples new dual-camera and triple-camera compared to Friends and Merchants do have many different ways of playing.

Take the most controversial three-camera iPhone 11Pro series for example, 12 million-pixel long focus lens + 12 million-pixel wide-angle lens + 12 million-pixel ultra-wide-angle lens, in which both wide-angle and long-focus lenses support optical anti-shake, from long-focus to ultra-wide-angle field of view can achieve four times optical zoom, immersive switching screen, the switching process is very smooth. Smooth, personally play to feel.

In video shooting, through intelligent HDR and anti-shake function, it can shoot 4K ultra-high definition video up to 60 zhen. In addition, it also supports the realization of 4-fold view through ultra-wide angle, and can ensure that audio recording and scene are consistent while switching zoom in real time. It can be regarded as a new generation of video shooting artifact.

In addition, the iPhone 11Pro series can keep exposure, white balance and color exactly the same, seamless switching in three camera lens calls. This is currently the vast majority of Android flagship mobile phones can not achieve, the common problem is that lens switching has a sense of stagnation, the color performance between each lens is biased. The three-camera iPhone 11Pro series also brings optimized and upgraded night scene mode, portrait mode, and even the 12-megapixel front-end lens can shoot 120-zhen slow motion video besides still supporting 60-zhen 4K video recording.

In terms of the endurance experience, the official released data reference. In summary, there are minor upgrades along with performance improvements, including an one-hour improvement over XR for the iPhone 11, a four-hour improvement over XS for the iPhone 11Pro, and a five-hour improvement over XSMax for the iPhone 11Pro, which at least bodes well for the onlookers.

Of course, the time to experience the real machine on site is very limited. It can only experience the core parts of this generations upgrading simply, and the more detailed evaluation can only wait for the real machine to show to you further.

Why does the new iPhone 11 series fail 5G

5G is an unavoidable topic for this years new iPhone 11. Although the official announcement did not mention anything, this year is the first year of 5G commerce after all. At the same time, many friends are also following up with the launch of water-testing products on the market. Therefore, for those who wait and see the change, it is naturally urgent that the iPhone 11 can also support. 5G, whether it can be used in a short time, after all, it is better to have it than not. Unfortunately, this years new iPhone is not supported. Its not clear when it will be, and its expected that it will be next year as soon as possible.

In fact, the attitude of the iPhone towards 5G this year was almost unanimously agreed in the industry before the launch. It is generally believed that this time node really can not find the reason for 5G at the iPhone conference. Therefore, such results are also expected and cleaned up after the conference.

First, Apples prudent product update strategy for the iPhone. For the iPhone, which is updated only once a year, the sales volume of a single product is too large and the user coverage is too wide. Every time a major new function is introduced into a new product, it needs to be considered repeatedly. 5G is naturally good, but now 5G mobile phones do not solve the core user experience problem well. Now almost all 5G mobile phones can be bought on the market. A remarkable feature - thickness. With the addition of 5G baseband, it is necessary to redesign the antenna design and components inside the fuselage in order to improve signal performance, and it is totally unacceptable for the iPhone to increase the weight and thickness of the fuselage with large batteries in order to ensure its endurance.

Apple will definitely not rush to test 5G with its core iPhone products, nor will it, like other business partners, take the lead in launching a 5G mobile phone based on an existing product, which is not in line with the prudent product update strategy of the iPhone. Once there is a large area of user complaints, it will be the golden signboard and the iPhone. Apple itself has too much influence.

Third, the problem of Apple 5G baseband chip. On the baseband chip, Apple and Qualcomm, the two giants, are no longer talking about their long-standing grievances and resentments, at least two of which are now working together. It is said that after spending a lot of money to collect the original Intel baseband chip business, in addition to continuing to maintain strategic cooperation with Qualcomm, Apple is also trying to promote the development and production of its own 5G baseband chip, which also takes time. As for which baseband chip the current generation of the iPhone 11 series uses, I believe it will be available in a few days. Final results are revealed.

Old Rules: Final Sharing Point Purchase Reference Suggestions

After a general understanding of the features of this new generation of the iPhone 11, we return to a practical and serious topic, whether to buy or not? Xiaobian personally feels that it has to vary from person to person. If you agree with Liu Haipings design concept and accept the price, you can buy it. But if you already have an iPhone XR or XS series on hand, its not too good to start with. After all, the experience of the previous generation is still excellent, and the new iOS 13 system is still running smoothly, but if you are an iPhone 7 or an earlier user of the iPhone, you can consider it.

Whether to consider switching is actually a core principle, according to the actual situation, we must not follow blindly. Of course, it is strongly recommended to go to the Apple Experience Store and touch the real machine before making a decision. For those who are poor in money, they may not stay up late to watch live broadcasts. They may not hesitate to order new dark night green. After all, the three-camera iPhone 11Pro series of this generation is still very eye-catching in their hands and can be recognized at a glance by the crowd.

The three iPhone 11 series correspond to last years three products, and the size of the corresponding storage capacity version remains unchanged. And it is worth noting that the popular dual card dual standby function has finally supported the upgrade of the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11, which is naturally a great good news for the most competitive price of the iPhone 11, and the core hardware performance of the iPhone 11 can ensure that there is more choice space for colorful body color matching.

But if you dont consider the price factor, like a relatively large screen or small screen grip, while the screen display and shooting experience has more stringent requirements, then there is no doubt that the iPhone 11Pro series will be your best choice.

As for the price of the iPhone 11 series, the government also announced for the first time that Apple did not continue to raise the price, but maintained a slight drop in the price range last year. Among them, the price of the iPhone 11 dropped significantly compared with the price of the iPhone XR last year, and the price of the 64GB version of the iPhone 11 dropped sharply from 1,000 yuan to 5,499 yuan this year. In addition, the top version of the 512GB iPhone 11 ProMax is still 1269 yuan, which is 100 yuan cheaper than the top version of the 512GB iPhone XSMax last year, so it can be said that there is almost no change.

It can be seen that the efforts and progress of friends and businessmen really put a little pressure on Apple. In any case, a slight price cut would be good for consumers, and for Apple, while maintaining its brand influence, it would also capture usersrecognition of Apple in addition to boosting sales directly.