Primary School TeachersDay Cash Luxury Education Bureau: Non-acceptance of Gifts

 Primary School TeachersDay Cash Luxury Education Bureau: Non-acceptance of Gifts

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Teachers expose TeachersDay gifts, including 10,000 yuan luxury bags (Source: Pear Video)

According to the official blog of Shanxi Education Enrollment Examination, on the evening of September 10, netizens broke the news that TeachersDay is a surprise to surrender to enjoy happiness: luxury brands of primary school teachers, a whole pile of cash on the table. It has aroused heated discussion among the vast number of netizens. On the morning of November 11, Huairen Education Bureau ordered Hongyu Primary School to conduct an investigation immediately. At the same time, an investigation team was sent to the school to conduct a survey. The survey is described as follows:

Mr. Qiao, Grade 5 of Xinhongyu Primary School run by Huairen citizens, sent four pictures in the circle of friends on the evening of 9, with the attached text: The care of the school leaders, greetings from parents, sincere wishes from children, todays greatest harvest, thank you! I wish every faculty member of Xinhongyu a happy holiday! The original intention is to thank the school and parents. Festival greetings were then forwarded by [email protected] grunts, which caused misunderstanding among netizens.

After investigation:

1. In the picture, 7 stacks of 100 yuan denominated cash are the cash withdrawn from teacherssubsidy on Teachers Day in Hongyu Primary School. They are put on the second floor desk of the school. Han Lifang, a teacher of Hongyu Primary School, takes photos after seeing them, but not the teacher receives the gift.

2. About the pictures of famous brand purses and scarves, Mr. Qiao Jifangs sister spent 100 yuan to buy them. They are not luxury gifts for students. (Evidence in kind)

3. About two 500 yuan red envelope pictures, the subsidized red envelope issued by the Department school to teachers is 500 yuan per package, not the red envelope received by parents.

4. About the pictures of a circle of red envelopes, the Department schools grant subsidies to teachers to use the unified red envelopes.

In view of the impact of this incident, Huairen Education Bureau requires schools at all levels in the city to strengthen the construction of teachersethics and style, improve political standing, and strengthen bottom line awareness. Teachers should never be allowed to accept gifts and gifts from parents of students. Once found, relevant personnel should be seriously investigated for their responsibilities.

Primary school teachers expose TeachersDay gifts with lots of cash and 10,000 yuan luxury bags

On September 11, 2019, a primary school teacher in Huairen, Shanxi Province, sunned luxury bags worth 10,000 yuan and a large amount of cash, calling them gifts for TeachersDay. The Dean of the school administration responded that the school gave each teacher a holiday subsidy of 500 yuan. The money is the money of the whole school, not herself. Other gifts may be given by the parents.