Packett responded to Zhou Qis angry netizens: imaginative

 Packett responded to Zhou Qis angry netizens: imaginative

Some netizens questioned Picketts statement. Why did the team doctor not know about Zhou Qis injury, but went to check it alone? More think that this is to help Zhou Qi play poorly to defend.

Packett then explained, writing in his personal media: Friends, did we say that the team doctor did not know the physical condition of the players? Did you say the coach didnt know? Is the imagination so rich?

Pickett believes that injury is not the reason why Chinese mens basketball team is not playing well, but we need to respect Zhou Qi. Our national team players, that did not hurt? The real problem is not there. The system needs to be reformed. It takes time. We dont want people to understand, but can we respect each other at least?

Pickett finally still supports Zhou Qi. Still support my brother Zhou Qi, still support the Chinese mens basketball team, there are still difficulties ahead, but there is hope! Come on, brothers! Wearetheone!