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Maybe there are few secrets about Apples new products, especially the iPhone series. This time, the new 11 series has no 5G, no new design and still has Liu Haiping, but it does not seem to hinder the attention and influence of the new iPhone in users and industry. [Link to the original

Apple releases iPhone11 and other new products foreigners comment Tucao summary

At last, Apple has failed to avoid vulgarity and, like most Android manufacturers, has made mobile phone presentations more like camera presentations. Here, the media collated the comments of foreign media, foreign celebrities, fruit powder and ordinary melon eaters on the conference. Lets take a look at what they said. [Link to the original

Amazon was investigated by US anti-monopoly agencies to determine whether it was destroying the competitive environment.

A research team from the Federal Trade Commission of the United States has begun to learn about small businesses selling products on Amazon to determine whether Amazon uses its market influence to undermine the competitive environment. Three businesses said several lawyers and at least one economist had been conducting inquiries, which usually lasted for about 90 minutes, including a series of questions. [Link to the original

Whats worth buying? Official response: actively repairing

Since the afternoon of November 11, many netizens have feedback in Weibo and Weixin groups. What is worth buying websites and clients are unable to access. After 18 p.m., Zhongxin Jingwei Client has tried to open the website and client several times, according to which it can not be accessed normally. The client prompted It seems that the network is not stable, please try again later. About two hours after the downtime, at about 19 p.m., Guanwei responded to what was worth buying, saying that it was actively repairing. Follow-up repair progress will be announced in time. [Link to the original

Tesla Shanghai Power Plant 220KV Complementary Strategic Project officially started

Shanghai announced the 10th news that the Shanghai Port Administrator Committee said that the strategic 220 kilovolt power supply project of Tesla Shanghai Power Plant was officially started. The 16.7 kilometer long cable arrangement has been completed today and is expected to meet the transmission conditions by the end of this month. [Link to the original

Hong Kong Stock Exchange intends to merge with Lun Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Li Xiaogas Lun Hong Kong Marriage is of great significance.

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Chief Executive Li Xiaoga-fawen said that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00388) issued a merger statement to the London Stock Exchange Group. Although the statement is concise and limited in content, it has far-reaching significance and can be described as a word worth a thousand gold. Because it embodies the great determination of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to embark on the international acquisition journey again in its more than 20 years of development history. [Link to the original

Huawei responds to the first domestic public offering of bonds: ample cash

Recently, some media said that Huawei planned to issue 3 billion yuan of bonds. In response, Huaweis official response was that the company operated steadily and had ample cash. [Link to the original

WeWorks valuation is low and Softbank, the biggest investor in the IPO, is still hurting.

According to foreign media reports, sources said that although the markets low interest in its shares led to a shrinking valuation, WeWork, the office-sharing service startup, was still pushing ahead with its initial public offering (IPO) plan, which hurt Softbank Group, the companys largest shareholder. [Link to the original

Yu Chengdong preheated Huawei Mate30 after Apples conference. Netizens said, Steady

This morning, Yu Chengdong released a new photographic feature of Huawei Mate30 series, There are still many beautiful scenes hidden in the shadows behind the light for us to discover! On September 19, lets explore the beauty of darkness with Huawei Mate30. The video shows powerful dark shooting. However, unlike previous comments, netizens shouted in unison in the comments: steady. [Link to the original

Apple first went to Huawei because it snatched 5G Huawei and went to Apple mode.

Huawei, Chinas No. 1 company, has always regarded Beyond Apple as an important milestone. Huawei is also secretly competing with Apple, gradually moving towards the apple model, and even has a tendency to fail. Especially in the 5G era, Huawei has not only self-developed 5GSoC, but also gradually launched its own ecosystem. At this time, Apple was absent from the carnival of the early 5G. [Link to the original