14-year-old girl died of burns imitating Nethong: Dont let blindly follow the wind to destroy you!

 14-year-old girl died of burns imitating Nethong: Dont let blindly follow the wind to destroy you!

The blogger in the video placed the cut Cola jar on the iron rack, then put corn and oil in it, heated the jar with an alcohol lamp and made popcorn when the corn was heated and expanded.

Following the steps in the video, the two girls found a barrel of alcohol with a concentration of more than 90% at home and started making popcorn.

As a result, the alcohol exploded and both girls were burned.

Zhe Zhe is 96% of the body burns, has been in ICU treatment, and the other girl called Xiaoyu, although not life-threatening, but the face, two arms and legs were burned in many places.

Experts analyzed the reasons, saying that Zhe Zhe and Xiao Yu were likely to burst into flames when they poured alcohol for the second time, while alcohol and tongue of fire fell on two people at the same time, which would lead to tragedy.

Firefighters have done a series of experiments before, reducing the process of alcohol deflagration after improper use.

At first the firefighters were ready to pour alcohol, and the moment the alcohol fell on the charcoal fire, the flames soared.

In the course of the fire, the tongue splashed on the fire blanket on the table and the plastic duckling swimming ring.

In 2014, when a female college student and a classmate had a barbecue, the waiter just poured a little alcohol into the burning oven, which caused the university students to be engulfed instantly by the fire and burned 80% of their whole body.

According to Zhe Zhes father, the barrel of alcohol that Zhe Zhe and Xiaoyu took at that time was about 2 kilograms. After the accident, the whole barrel of alcohol was burnt out.

Official blog China Fire also relayed the news, strongly appealing to everyone not to spread dangerous behavior in the video, let alone to imitate.

While the car was still driving in the video, she suddenly opened the door and got out to dance. She also made difficult movements.

Then he took out the ribbon and waved it.

After the video was sent out, there was a lot of cursing on the internet.

Although there are lessons from the past, there are still people competing to imitate.

Directly at the traffic lights in the evening, embarrassing dancing begins, which is almost no different from neuropathy.

Its not enough to dance on the road, and some people are using ropes to pull a moving car.

A kind of

An 18-year-old girl in the United States had an accident during the recording process.

As soon as she drove the door, she fell to the ground, hit her head directly on the ground and lost consciousness.

The fall resulted in a fractured skull, brain hemorrhage and ear clots, which were later sent to hospital for rehabilitation.

Eventually, the woman was scored 2 points and fined 50 yuan.

This kind of imitation, which is confusing and does not distinguish right from wrong, is really making a pattern of death.

A few days ago, there was a popular game on the Internet. Thin people passed through props of different widths to prove that they were thin.

As a result, when many people imitate, they are too confident about their own body and make a lot of fools out of it.

In order to prove herself, a girl in Zhejiang Province took the balustrade of her dormitory as an experiment. As a result, half of her entrance was stuck and she could not enter or retreat.

What makes people speechless is that because of the urgent situation, when the roommate reports to the police, she is embarrassed to say that she is stuck in the drill railings, but that someone is stuck in the house, very dangerous and needs rescue.

After receiving the alarm, the police immediately dispatched four police officers and four firefighters, plus a fire truck rushed to the scene.

The good-hearted policemen and firefighters, amused and angry at the sight, finally rescued the girl with tools.

Another silly thing that makes people laugh and cry is that it happened in Hebei Province.

He rode his horse and flew down the motorway.

As a result, in the process of playing treasure, he fell to the ground, fainted on the spot, and then was sent to the hospital.

Imitation is human instinct as a social animal.

Many times, the most terrible thing in the world is not selfish and rude people, but people without brains.

To imitate ones own life is to pay IQ tax.

For example, in this somersault video, the action is very difficult.

Father Feifei, who watched the video, thought it was interesting and took his 2-year-old to play with him.

As a result, the childs head landed and the spinal cord was severely damaged.

Sadly, the incident did not alert the public, and later used this action to play tricks.

From parent-child version to girl version and couple version.

Some people hit the ground directly on their heads, and others had back scratches.

After the death imitation of turning over relatives, they played a new trick.

The action is shown below.

It did not take long for the sophomores of four colleges in Changsha to imitate this behavior on the playground.

These uninteresting and shallow people do not harm themselves enough, and they begin to kill others.

Similarly, after a short video taped door became popular on the Internet, some people began to imitate it.

The whole person often fails to notice because of the dim light and falls to the ground directly against the tape.

In order to satisfy ones own selfish desires, all kinds of shallow pleasures based on the pain of others, really low exploded.

To be honest, some short videos on the Internet are very strange and varied. Many people want to imitate them, but they are really dangerous.

For example, barbecuing with an electric iron has been popular for a long time.

However, when the electric iron is used, the temperature of the bottom plate can reach 700 C. If the electric iron is surrounded by combustibles, it is very easy to cause fire.

After the video of hot pot cooking with water dispenser became popular, many marketing slogans encouraged others to try.

This behavior is even more confusing in the following picture. A parent covered his babys face with clothes while his hands and feet were pedaling because his breathing was not good.

I dont know the parentsbrain circuitry at all. Its really easy to asphyxiate the baby.

The most terrible thing is to sprinkle alcohol on others and light it.

Someone once said a sentence: On how bored Chinese people are when they are full of food.

I think this sentence is precise and sophisticated. These follow-ups imitate dangerous videos, which are really low-level.

Safety of life is the most important thing. Everyone must not take it lightly.

Advising those who like bad tastes to do everything in their power.

But if you want to play with your life, please dont accompany me.