Feng Tang: When you are young, you are happy and when you are old, you are thorough.

 Feng Tang: When you are young, you are happy and when you are old, you are thorough.

It is difficult to quantify literary standards, but there is a golden line in literature. A work has reached or failed to reach. For outsiders, if it is hidden, it is clear to those who have eyes.

Above the golden thread, you can have a barren oil cloud, a few long winds, or a flowing water today, the predecessor of the bright moon, each flower blossoms in various colors, each flower into each eye.

The article has a long history, gains and losses, the vast majority of people who criticize my narcissism can not say one, two, three or four, I am too lazy to refute one by one. To deal with the troublesome things in the world, only two things need to be clarified, one is its my ass and the other is its your ass.

I work all year round. Although I love women, I have no time to satisfy any women. Cant get it, cant stay it, cant help it, cant help it. The only way to cure injury is to take the wound as a pen, write a few lines of poetry, blood dried up, and put it down in my heart.

No one remembers who was Emperor Wendi of the Han Dynasty or the second Prime Minister of Peter the Great, and how much money Shen Wansan or Liu Wencai had, but many people remember Li Bai, Li Shangyin and Li Yu.

Remember bright Moonlight before bed, facing the sea, spring blossom, spring forest is flourishing, spring water is born, spring breeze is ten miles, not as good as you.

03 Novels in the novel nonsense, can not be lawless 17 years old, to express forever more than can express, so there is Joy.

He once said, I want to be a novelist. I owe God ten long stories. I owe God ten long stories. I owe God immortal stories. Buddha said that when he saw Buddha kill Buddha, he killed his ancestors. In his stors, I talked nonsense, and there was no lawlessness.

Thirty years have passed, and five long stories and two short stories have been published. Those swelling in the heart, writing can not be finished.

Be honest and open to writing, how much can you write, see how many human darkness and light can be written, alleviate the inner suffering of oneself and others.

04 Take a picture, take a camera, walk down the street, walk in the world

The girl in the street is as beautiful as grass and trees. Suddenly she opens up unconsciously. Suddenly you see something. Suddenly you think of something and want to say something. These sexy and poetic meanings are either beyond the scope of the words, bloated out of the words, or fleeting.

When I find time to calm down, hold down the pen and paper, the words are waiting in my mind to pour out. They have sunk in the distant time in another shape, like clouds, dew and ice sticks.

At this moment, I think I should take a photograph, always carry a camera in my bag, go to the street and walk in the world.

05 The simplest happiness of the book is that a pen and a piece of paper is enough for me to practise Yan Zhenqing for three years from the age of seven to ten. After that, I have never touched a brush at all. I have no confidence in my brush writing. In Tokyo, I asked Akira, did anyone scold your brush? Aramu said, The people who scold me dont understand it.

Middle-aged is not as fierce as young people, easy to use the brain on palpitation and confusion, brush writing can gather energy and concentration. Writing defeats time, and handwriting gives warmth. I hold my pen, King Afar Xizhi, and refuse to fight.

06 Theres a lot about money. Its not about money.

The purpose of earning money can be simply summarized into three kinds: for the sake of food and clothing in the near future, for the sake of food and clothing in the lifetime, and for the sense of achievement and power brought about by money.

We are all dust, and the achievements of the past are not immortal. Middle age does not mean the end of life, it does not mean that we can only recall the past.

Even with worldly success, we should realize that there is no inevitable link between happiness and it.

The world is so fierce, others have so many hells in their hearts, and there is no bastard in their hearts. How can we go on?

Fame is like a hat. Hats, no hats, are an experience, need to experience, are all for play.

Money can be less than others, name can be smaller than others, and life can be shorter than others, but the heart must flow more softly than anyone else, and the head must think more clearly than anyone else.

The inevitable thing about impermanence is that overnight, when we live, we grow old. We grow old and middle-aged. In our youth, we read books, we walk, we do things, we consult the old hooligans, we try to avoid becoming a second-force teenager.

Life is full of impermanence, nothing is absolutely indispensable, nothing is irreplaceable.

About growing up slowly, like to skip the essence of the phenomenon, a day of tea, a night of wine, an undisguised novel, an aimless meeting, a group of friends who do not talk about business, with beautiful objects to kill the time will not be able to stay.

People still need to be self-reliant: not easy to get sick body, enough income, love of nurturing heart, strong to rotten small universe.

Feng Tang said that life is short and only spends time with good-looking and interesting people and things, using interesting words to understand the rich truth.

He firmly believed that he had to be a writer. How does youth pass, even if it seems to pass, without writing it out, without repeating it? This time, again, he decided to write to youth.

Youth is imminent, youth at this time, youth past, youth has passed away, youth forever. Spring breeze ten miles, not as good as you.