Tu Lei scolded the wailing lady guest: All good things for no reason hide traps

 Tu Lei scolded the wailing lady guest: All good things for no reason hide traps

A video clip of Tu Lei cursing and crying at the girl on the tremble became very popular.

A female college student and her girlfriend went to Shanghai to work during the summer vacation. The company owner was very enthusiastic about them. He personally drove to pick them up, invited them to dinner, and arranged a two-room and one-room house for them.

They spent a very moist summer vacation under the care of their boss, but only then did they realize that the boss had a crush on the girl student.

Forced by helplessness, that is to say, in the middle of half push, she fell in love with the boss.

But after they finished their work and returned to school, they could no longer contact their bosses.

It was only then that she realized that the boss was a married man and that she had never been more than a novelty.

After being cheated, the girls were hit hard. They had no mind to read any more. They had to leave school and go home.

After listening to her story, Tu Lei commented on such a passage:

Its too important to be reserved, which is so casual.

Get you two rooms and one hall, so that you can live comfortably, look at the stars, look at the moon, look at the pool. Is he your father?

Are you reserved or not? Being reserved is not only a matter of giving or receiving relatives from men and women, but also more embodied in not taking advantage of small gains in life and not easily accepting other peoples idle courtesy.