Chen Qingling: Lan Zhan is drunk and steals chicken. He just wants to live like Wei Ying likes.

 Chen Qingling: Lan Zhan is drunk and steals chicken. He just wants to live like Wei Ying likes.


No wonder, the only requirement of Lans family rules is to stay away from Wei Wuqian. Unfortunately, its too late for Lan Zhan. Wei Ying once told Lan Zhan that Yunmeng has many delicious things and interesting things. Lan Zhan ran to the lotus pond regardless of the fact. How else would he know that the lotus pond had its owner? It is impossible for Lan Zhan to understand so carefully even though he has a good ear and a good eye. Again, he really came to Yunmeng.

Look, what did the drunken Lan Zhan do? In the middle of the night, he ran out to find Wei Ying who returned at night. Wei Ying is talking about the past with Wenning. How can he leave himself drunk in an inn? Blue Zhans appearance, the success of the frighten Wenning. Then, they played with Wei Ying. First of all, I want to do something that has not been done for a long time - stealing chickens! And two cocks!


Lan Zhan stumbled into the farmhouse and headed straight for the chicken cage. Fortunately, the masters house was asleep. Otherwise, would you faint directly if you saw the light-bearing Emperor Lanzhan and Wei Wuenvy, the ancestor of Yiling? Those chickens all have their owners, and Lan Zhan steals them by doing so. He asked Wei Ying with a silly face, Are you fat or not? Like a child who wishes to be praised. Okay: Fat, good fat. How awesome you are!

Here you are. Here you are. Do you remember that time when they caught Luhua chicken with Jiangcheng and Nie Huaishang? Because Lan Zhanwei Ying and tender talk about Yintie things, so there is no time to catch Luhua chicken. This time, stealing cocks is a wish for it? Mozao was not photographed. These are the good things Wei Ying did when he was a child. Wei Ying was also regarded as a glorious history, and was remembered by Lan Zhan.


Blue Zhan was so drunk that he stole chickens and carved letters. Blue Forget Machine came here for a tour, Wei Wuyan also came here for a tour. Afraid of the people in the world, I dont know that Duke Lan and Wei Wuenvy mix together. This is his willingness, but also the result of day and night thinking. He has a good face and likes rabbits, but he refuses to say anything. You see, Wei Ying laughed like that --- you can see how difficult it is for Lan Zhan to admit the truth.

If awake, would Lam Zhan say I regret himself? Definitely not. In fact, all night long, Lanzhan also stood on Wei Yings side. Its just that the situation has changed and its too late to say anything. Lan Zhan does not want to miss Wei Ying at any time, and even hopes that he can live like Wei Ying. Wei Ying likes the way he likes. But it is only through drunkenness that we dare to do it.