How can Huang Leis daughters get rid of the three-minute heat?

 How can Huang Leis daughters get rid of the three-minute heat?

Many parents also realize the importance of interest in life, but they often rejoice in temporary interest. When their children encounter boredom and challenges, they do not give encouragement and support. They watch their children jump from one interest to another, and ultimately, they do not form a self-circulation of interest. - 3 - What exactly do you do? 1. There is a need for a landing plan.

What parents should really focus on is that when children encounter boredom and challenges, they can guide them to go deeper and persist. In this case, they must have a plan of action that can be landed. For example, children like to draw, then, we should consider the teacher for systematic learning, reading books on art theory, continuous painting exercises, see painting exhibitions, and so on. Only by consistently implementing this plan can we make sustained progress. 2. Continuous excitement is needed to overcome boredom and challenges, and an essential skill is to create continual excitement, which is to say, to be able to self-hey. The so-called self-hey, is to transform negative feelings, can amplify positive feelings, in the absence of external stimulation, can directly adjust themselves to a very exciting state. To cultivate persistence, self-heeding is absolutely a good medicine. Teacher Yang Jie is a special self-help teacher in education. Since I was very fond of playing with children, I wanted to overcome all the difficult problems in education, open up roads, bridge water, think constantly, go through a long process of inquiry, and occasionally have an insight or new discovery. I was so excited that I could not help myself. I was so excited in my heart that I cried warmly: Oh, my God! There is also such a way of four or two kilograms, I give a delicate response, actually produced a huge echo on the child.

For example, she once spent five days improving the procrastination problems of her friends and children.

For a long time immersed in the great excitement, so that Mr. Yang Jie has a firm determination to continue to overcome the problem. Looking back now, its pure self-hey. The people around us have no idea that Mr. Yang Jie once had such a mental journey in his heart. Mr. Yang Jie is also very grateful, it is such self-heeding, let her education interest self-circulation, lasted for decades, to this day is still enthusiastic. She also condensed 12 years of counseling experience and all her love for education into a course entitled How to Develop Motivation in Children. Since December last year, we have been chasing Mr. Yang Jie for this course, and all the way to Beijing. I would like to share the course with you earlier, but Mr. Yang Jie has been polishing the quality of the course till now. Many large platforms have looked for Mr. Yang Jie, but she refused to commercialize, refused to over-package, all cooperation and other textbooks written, so it was four years. Parents who have listened to Mr. Yang Jies curriculum have realized the changes of their children after practice and said with emotion, Mr. Yang is so god! She really hit it! Teacher Yang always feels like a happy spirit who can shuttle freely in the childrens spiritual world at any time, bringing back the invisible scenes of our parents blindfolded by dust. She helped me open a door to the childrens inner world. I firmly believe that, following Teacher Yangs ideas and methodologies, and steadfastly moving forward, children will surely be no better than that! This time, Yang Jies heavy course how to train the inner power of the child has unreservedly shared the essence of her family education consultation in the past 12 years: how to use the sense of magic line so that every family can have a dynamic and rich child. Let children be better themselves_