Seventeen years old, 7,000 yuan a time: How many girls were killed by fake delicacy

 Seventeen years old, 7,000 yuan a time: How many girls were killed by fake delicacy

Recently, a freshman girls help-seeking post went on fire on the Internet.

First of all, when she was in high school, she paid thousands of extra tuition fees and went to college, but it was not very generous.

Secondly, the students around them all seem to have money and good things to use. Why cant she use it and have to eat in the canteen at the end of the month?

This post was quickly mocked by netizens and was once the second most popular one. Although my sister has been out of the campus for several years, its not normal for her to go to the University canteen. Whats wrong with the canteen?

Besides, listen to her tone and admire the students around her. Isnt that naked comparison and vanity? In the microblog survey, most people think that the cost of living is between 1000-2000, a little more can be given to 2000-3000, more than 3000 is less, and most of the netizens in the message area think 1500 is just enough.

But in order to pursue good skin care, and beautiful clothes and bags, then even 4500 yuan is not enough. Desire is an endless black hole.

Many people point out that girls lack money education before they think that you should give me money if you have money.

u3002 I have seen a news before that a mother in Henan Province claimed that her husbands 50,000 yuan funeral expenses had disappeared. The unexpected money was stolen by her 10-year-old son.

More chilling is that the money is not only her husbands funeral expenses, but also her life-saving money, because she has rectal cancer.

Similar news emerges in endlessly. Every time I see it, my sister is very worried. The parentshard earned income, the children dont know and dont understand at all. The root is that the parents dont give money education to their children.

Robert Kiyosaki, a famous educator, once said:


In order to get what you want, there are many things you dare to do without a bottom line.

Egg removal is not as safe as the black agent said. Its far more terrible than you think.

The puncture needle for operation is about 35 cm long and 2 mm thick.

Taking eggs with such needles can not be said to be non-invasive by the black intermediary, and the trauma to ovaries is inevitable.

Even bacterial infections, if serious, may lead to lifelong infertility!

These young girls took the risk of selling luan, not because they couldnt open the pot at home and couldnt afford to pay tuition fees, but just to buy a new mobile phone, maybe a luxury jewelry bag, or go to cosmetic surgery...

In addition to selling luan, there are all kinds of online loans.

There is a heart-warming saying in the movie Life at a Fast Speed:

The collapse of adults starts with borrowing money.

Earlier this year, a 21-year-old girl jumped off the 17th floor and ended her flower-like life.

When his father was sorting out her remains, he found that she had been on loan for three years.

Her daughters notebook closely recorded the repayment bills, the number of monthly repayments, the amount of repayments are clearly remembered.

Until she finished her life, she owed 170,000 yuan!

Its been three years since the girl took the repayment pressure alone. Alipay has only 7 yuan left. The bank card is only 1 yuan, and the girls father is in tears.

Once the door of desire is opened and people do not know how to control it, they become slaves of desire.


HSBC has released a shocking set of data:

The debt-to-income ratio of the post-90s generation in China has reached an astonishing 1850%. Their per capita debt to various lending institutions and credit card issuers exceeds US$17433 (about 120,000 yuan on average).

After several years of work, the income level of the post-90s is about 7,000, but there are up to 120,000 debts.

That is to say, they have consumed their incomes in advance for the next three years.

Because of various loans, credit cards and other consumer incentives, many post-90s are heavily indebted before their wages are paid. After their wages are paid, they repay directly, because their incomes cannot meet their expenditures, and they can only be repaid in installments.

Why are young people so keen on consuming ahead of time?

In the current information explosion, there are too many channels to inform young people:

You have to live delicately and qualitatively. You have to have what others have. You cant lag behind and not be too LOW.

In order to pursue a delicate life, we need to make an appointment on the Internet, go to the Internet Red Hotel for dinner, the office fruit must be Cheli, and there must be no less popular slogans...

My sister once asked a girl who likes to buy luxury goods with the wind. She asked why she had to borrow money online to buy luxury goods. Cant she buy them when she gets paid? Besides, they are not necessaries.

I didnt expect her to say this: Im okay, just shopping, my friends have borrowed money to travel to Europe.

Look, theyre all in the sun. I cant have nothing.

Behind the enviable circle of friends is the unfinished credit cards and online loans.

We are all like that, she said.


What kind of person deserves refinement?

Think of the writer Yishus remark:

A truly rich man in his heart never shows off what he has. He never tells others what books he has read, what cars he has driven, where he has been, how many clothes he has, or what jewelry he has bought, because he has no sense of inferiority.

Today, 95-year-old Mr. Ye Jiaying has donated 35.68 million naked to the first microblogging hot search.

This number is huge for most people.

With so many donations, she is still living in almost poverty in her 90s.

Eat the simplest meals, wear the simplest clothes and live alone.

But she wont feel this kind of life bitter, she said firmly:

With poetry as companion, no one is required to accompany.

After donation, family: 0.

From the original village boy of Lamma Island, he struggled to become an international superstar Zhou Runfa. In the 1980s, there was a saying that no one knows: no more red than Zhong Chuhong, no more hair than Zhou Runfa.

Todays stars are particularly keen on dressing up, all kinds of street photographs, airport photographs are expensive, but Fage is very stingy about his life, what cheap to use, wearing dozens of T-shirts and dozens of slippers, only 800 yuan a month.

People in Hong Kong made fun of him: If you want to meet Hong Kong stars, you can go shopping in the Central Luxury Shop, and if you want to meet Zhou Yunfa, you can go to the subway, bus stop and food market.

It is such a stingy person who can donate all his accumulated wealth step by step.

As he said ten years ago:

Money is not mine, I just keep it temporarily!

For me, I dont need too much money to live on my own.

My dream is to be a happy and normal person!

Fifteen years after his 60th birthday, he had a plain birthday cake on a disposable tablecloth in a humble restaurant.

Many netizens have said that this is too cold, too sad, completely without the style of Uranus superstar.

But Fage said:

The most delicious thing in the world is the light joy.

Young people should strive and strive to create a real delicate life for the future, instead of pretending to be delicate by borrowing.