Just for mother deceived three people.

 Just for mother deceived three people.

At the beginning of Home on the Slope, we see an ordinary family:

The full-time mother, Sand, takes care of her daughter, who is going to kindergarten, and handles the family affairs in good order. The husband, who supports the family at work, leads a quiet and peaceful life.

But in this calm, it is the hard work that Lishazi endures alone.

In order to take care of the children, Lishazi quit his job and returned home. Although he had been thinking that he could go to work when the children were older, this idea could not be understood by his husband.

For husbands, it is their duty to take care of the family.

Its also because of this idea that the husband cant see the hard work of his wife and children, so he acts as a shook-hand cabinet.

They neither help their wives with housework nor take care of their children.

And this phenomenon not only happens to the Lishazi family, but also to the Amito family.

The so-called weekend break to help take care of the children is only when the children cry, let the wife quickly take the children aside;

He didnt know his wifes hard work, but thought that everyone else had come by like this.

Everybody is like this blocked the mouths of all mothers and blindfolded the eyes of fathers.

Once the father hears the child crying, he will call his wife to solve the problem.

When children have more trouble, they shout more, not to take care of them.

Because they made up their minds that all they had to do was leave it to their mother.

But every mother is not a superman.

Its always a difficult thing to have children.

When a person does his best, the most terrible thing is to stand by and watch.

So when your mother is tired, dont forget to give her a hand and tell her, Its hard.

In the picture book My Mother is Superman, two children were asked to paint their mothers on Mothers Day.

Marta said, My mother can speak many languages, do yoga, braid...

Paul said, My mother has a great memory, she can keep out the wind and rain, and she can cut her hair...

They think their mother is omnipotent and the best in the world.

In the childs wonderful imagination, the mother is not ordinary at all, but seems to be full of superpower, is a superman of all abilities.

Although, the picture book looks like a heartfelt laugh, it feels that childrens childrens fairy tales are very interesting.

Because mothers always want to show their best to their children, the best is to be able to bear all the hardships in their childrens lives, so that children can only see the quiet years.

What worries the child, she will selectively hide, afraid of being seen by you.

I saw a video before, which showed us many mothers.

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Worried about her daughters poor food, told her to eat well and take good care of her, but one of them eat casually;

For the sake of her daughters not worrying, although her eyes were uncomfortable, she kept saying Nothing, nothing;

Even if the illness is serious, in order not to affect the childs work, one person to do surgery alone, but also comfort her daughter these are small things;

In order not to delay her daughter, she hurt her leg and never let her daughter see it.


In fact, each of us has a successful mother.

Behind the success is the heart of a fist and a son.

To be a mother is just to be a curse on her mothers head

In What Is Mother, Muxin says: Mother is pregnant with children.

This is the oldest mysterious ability in the world.

The day the baby was born