Achievements and Experiences of Radio, Television and Network Audiovisual Literature and Art in New China in 70 Years

 Achievements and Experiences of Radio, Television and Network Audiovisual Literature and Art in New China in 70 Years

Radio and TV literary and artistic workers strive to create works of strength, morality and temperature. They insist that the lens and microphone be aimed at the people and that the people be the main part and the main body of the works.

Based on China and looking at the world, a large number of original contents with Chinese characteristics, Chinese spirit and Chinese wisdom are going to the world, telling vivid and colorful Chinese stories and showing a comprehensive, real and three-dimensional China.

Since the founding of the Peoples Republic of China 70 years ago, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and under the scientific guidance of the Partys literary and artistic principles and policies, Chinas radio, television and network audio-visual literature and art have been forging ahead, pioneering and innovating, and constantly moving towards prosperity and prosperity. Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the radio, television and network audiovisual industries have deeply studied and carried out Xi Jinpings socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, especially General Secretary Xis important expositions on literary and artistic work, strengthened cultural self-confidence, insisted on synchronizing with the times, taking the people as the center, offering the people with fine works, and leading the trend with wisdom and virtue. Shang, has made a series of brilliant achievements, showing a thriving and vigorous development of the vivid situation. Seventy years of development have yielded fruitful results, leaving behind well-known classical works and accumulating valuable historical experience.

Adhere to the Partys overall leadership of literary and artistic work and always move in the right direction

Over the past 70 years, we have steadfastly taken the road of socialist cultural development with Chinese characteristics. Radio, television and network audio-visual literature and art have been moving from weak to strong and continuously to prosperity. In 2018, a total of about 323 TV dramas and 137,000 episodes were produced, 241 TV cartoons were produced, 86,200 minutes were produced, and 75,900 documentaries were produced. With the rapid development of network audio-visual literature and art in the past 20 years, in 2018, network audiovisual institutions bought 2133 new and self-made network dramas. The stock of UGC in network audiovisual institutions reached 1.035 billion, and the total number of network audiovisual programs broadcasted was 2.66 trillion. Our country has become a real big producer of radio and television and network audio-visual literary creation.

Over the past 70 years, radio, television and network audiovisual literature and art have been focusing on the central task and serving the overall situation. They have launched a series of major thematic works in major activities and important historical nodes of the Party and the country to create a strong atmosphere. For example, around the nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, micro-videos such as Huang Da Nian, Soma Blossom, Forget Your Beginning Mind and Keep Forward, Our Five Years and other documentary feature films, animated films such as Dream Wa and Beginning Mind were launched. Around the celebration of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, we launched such animations as Loess High Sky, Big River, Little Woman under Zhengyang Gate, The Only Way, We Passed Together, Pudong Legend, Xiaogang Chronicle, Entering Lankao and other documentaries, Lovely China and Our Relay Run. The network audio-visual works such as We are in Action, Sound in the Land and My Youth on Silk Road sing the theme of the times. Focusing on the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China this year, we are focusing on key projects and striving to create excellent works to create a good atmosphere for the 70th anniversary of the motherland.

Adhere to Ideological Leadership, Promote the Spirit of China and Gather Chinas Strength

Literature and art is the project of founding soul, and Chinese spirit is the soul of socialist literature and art. Over the past 70 years, radio and television literary and artistic workers have persisted in raising the banner of spirit, establishing spiritual pillars and building spiritual homeland. They have made great efforts to create works of strength, morality and temperature, to write history for the country, to make statues for the nation, to make the times clear, and to inspire the national spirit and to unite the forward forces with literature and art.

Inheritance of the red gene, strive to write the history of the party, the history of the country, military history. A large number of major revolutionary and historical works, such as Long March, Yanan Song, Liberation, Changing the World, Mao Zedong, Qi Tong Junior, Haitang Still, Deng Xiaoping in the Historical Transition, Marshal Peng Dehuai and Oriental Main Battlefield, highlight the light of ideal and belief, and highlight patriotism and revolutionary heroes. The spirit of righteousness and true art represent the unremitting struggle of the older generation of proletarian revolutionists to find the way to save the country and the people, the suffering and glory of the CPC in its arduous struggle for national independence and peoples liberation, and the Partys leadership in socialist revolution, construction and reform of the people of all nationalities. It has made great achievements, highlighted the high value and spirit, and effectively stimulated the peoples patriotic enthusiasm for the Party.

Close to the pulse of the times, eulogize the great era with true feelings. Ordinary World and Old Peasants pay attention to social changes and record the changes of the times. In recent years, radio and television Recording the New Era Project has been implemented to guide and promote the creators to devote themselves to the great era, focus on the great era, feel the change of national fortune, set up the tide of the times and start the era. Aerial photography of China, remembering nostalgia, Super Engineering and Materia Medica China resonate with the times at the same frequency, leaving a vivid and inspiring historical image for the new era and new journey.

Grasp the cultural roots and carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture. Radio, television and network audiovisual literary and artistic workers constantly draw inspiration, nutrients, select themes, condense themes from the treasure house of Chinese cultural resources, and display the unique spiritual symbol of the Chinese nation and the lasting charm of Chinese culture. Classical dramas such as A Dream of Red Mansions, Journey to the West, Water Margin, Romance of the Three Kingdoms have remained fresh for a long time. Historical dramas such as Emperor Hanwu, Feng Zicai and Tiantian Liangtian are magnificent and simple. In recent years, a large number of original high-quality programs, such as General Secretary Xi Jinpings Dictionary, Chinese Poetry Congress, National Treasure, Classic Chanting and Spreading, have been launched, which highlight the charm of excellent traditional culture and stimulate the upsurge of cultural learning, such as the Chinese character craze, the poetry craze and the idiom craze.

We should persist in cultivating people by virtue and culture, and practice cultural responsibility and social responsibility. Radio and television literary and artistic workers consciously emphasize taste, style and responsibility, and strive to penetrate socialist core values into their creation. In recent years, the National TV Star Comprehensive Channel has adhered to the direction of public welfare, culture and originality, and has made great efforts to build a communication platform with orientation and culture. A large number of excellent original programs, such as Reader Reader, Waiting for Me and Good Family Style of China, have emerged. Hold the Promoting Socialist Core Values and Building the Chinese Dream theme original network audio-visual program solicitation, selection and Exhibition activities, emerged Road of Public Servants, Red Temperament, I Love You China and other excellent works, striving to make the main theme, positive energy to fill the network space.

Adhere to people-centered, high-quality dedication to the people

Socialist literature and art is essentially the peoples literature and art. Radio, television and network audio-visual literature and art is one of the most popular, influential and popular forms of literature and art in China. Radio and television literary and artistic workers always adhere to the people-centered creative orientation, regard peoples satisfaction and dissatisfaction as the measurement standard, focus on peoples practical creation, hot life and aesthetic needs, and strive to create excellent works popular with the people.

We should take root in the people and take peoples life as the source of creation. Practice the three closeness, carry out the theme practice of going deep into life and taking root in the people, carry out the activities of going to the grass-roots level, changing style of work and changing style of writing, carry out the educational practice of strengthening foot power, eye power, brain power and pen power, guide and promote radio, television and network audio-visual literary and artistic workers to go deep into life and collect dew drops.u201c The first-hand material of soaking the earth and steaming the heat seeks inspiration, digs up themes and creates excellent works from the great practice of the people and the rich and colorful life. The TV series flying chicken feather flying to heaven, documentaries, along the road, taking root from the ground, animated cartoons tunnel war and chicken feather letter and other excellent works are all the results of the creative workers deep life and creative efforts.

We should always aim the lens and microphone at the people and regard the people as the protagonist and the main body of the works. The TV drama Desire tells about ordinary life and triggers the upsurge of watching drama. The TV series The Story of the Editorial Office, Golden Marriage, The Beautiful Age of Daughter-in-law, China on the tip of the tongue and The Field of Hope: The Riverside of Larin focus on the lives of ordinary people and show the life and spiritual state of contemporary Chinese people in an all-round way. TV programs such as China Dream Show and Challenge Impossible let ordinary people onto the stage to perform their best, narrate life experiences, talk about beautiful dreams, and show the optimistic and upward spiritual outlook of contemporary Chinese people. CCTV Spring Festival Gala has become a popular and indispensable cultural feast for Chinese people.

Insist on taking the creation and production of excellent works as the central link and strive to reach the peak

Persisting in Promoting International Cultural Exchange and Telling Chinese Stories Well

Over the past 70 years, radio, television and online audiovisual literature and art have been based in China and look at the world. A large number of original contents with Chinese characteristics, reflecting the Chinese spirit and containing Chinese wisdom have gone to the world, telling vivid and colorful Chinese stories, showing a comprehensive, real and three-dimensional China.

The international competitiveness of broadcasting, television and network audio-visual literature and art is constantly increasing. Since the beginning of the 1990s when TV series such as The Romance of the Three Kingdoms went out, the export scope of Chinese TV series has gradually expanded and the scale has been increasing, covering Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, etc. The content structure has also changed quietly, such as the beautiful era of daughter-in-law, the little separation, the love of parents, the young doctor, etc. Realistic themes and other types of themes have successfully landed in many countries and regions. Today, the export scale of TV series, animated cartoons, documentaries, network audio-visual programs and even program modes is expanding day by day. Chinas radio and television and network audio-visual literature and art have occupied a place in the international market.

Radio, television and network audio-visual literature and art have become important business cards for cultural exchanges with foreign countries. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Silk Road Film and Television Bridge Project has achieved 36 excellent translations in more than 100 countries around the world, and the Sino-African Film and Television Cooperation Project has basically achieved full coverage of Africa. A number of excellent works have been promoted to the mainstream media in African countries and Silk Road countries, such as Doctors Benevolence, Hot Ma Zhengzhuan, Golden Wolfs Happy Life, Apocalypse of Life and other dramas, which have set off an upsurge in the Arabic-speaking areas, Mongolia and other places, and excellent works such as Chicken Hair Flying to Heaven and Wenzhou Family have gone abroad one after another. The door is loved by the public. The more than 30 TV China Theatre has been extended to Kampuchea, Laos, Indonesia, Czech, Egypt, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates, and is expanding to other countries along the belt and road. With the help of international exchange platform, the Audiovisual China-China Television Program Overseas Broadcasting Plan seizes the important time and opportunity to promote more excellent works to be shared with world audiences, and to contribute to promoting the exchange of world civilizations and mutual learning, and building a community of human destiny.

Stick to Promoting Scientific Management and Strongly Guarantee the Healthy and Normalized Development of the Industry

Adhere to the original and clean up the source, and continue to rectify outstanding problems in the industry. In recent years, comprehensive measures have been taken to resist over-entertainment and vulgar, vulgar and vulgar tendencies. We will continue to regulate and control variety entertainment, TV evenings, singing selection programs and reality TV programs with the focus on the TV Star Comprehensive Channel. We will improve macro-control policies for TV dramas broadcasting and ensure that realistic themes dominate the prime-time broadcasting of star channels on TV. Advocate good working ethics and create a good viewing environment. In view of such problems as star-following, pan-entertainment, high-priced film remuneration and audience rate (click-through rate) fraud, the Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of Radio and Television and Network Audiovisual Literary and Art Programs was issued, and comprehensive institutionalized management measures were implemented to achieve over-entertainment and day-to-day entertainment. Price remuneration has been effectively governed, and public welfare and cultural attributes of radio, television and network audio-visual literature and art have become more prominent.

We will improve the management system and standardize management standards, and maintain a dynamic and fair competition development order. To adapt to the development situation, improve access policy, reduce access threshold, fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of all sectors of society to participate in the production and dissemination of radio and television and network audio-visual literary creation. At present, there are 113 television drama production licenses (category A) institutions in China, nearly 27,000 radio and television program production and operation organizations, of which more than 90% are private enterprises, and 588 information network transmission audio-visual program license holders. We should improve the system and norms of full coverage of guidance management, strengthen the same standard and scale of guidance management on and off the Internet, formulate and implement the General Principles for Auditing the Contents of Network Audiovisual Programs, and achieve the goal of measuring the content with one ruler to the end. We should improve the system and mechanism of putting social benefits first and constantly improve the comprehensive evaluation system of programs. Last year, the Broadcasting and Television Program Comprehensive Evaluation Big Data System was constructed and launched, which initially solved the problem of TV data collection that has plagued the industry for many years.

In the new era, under the guidance of the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping, the radio, television and network audio-visual literary and artistic front is bearing the mission of raising the banner, gathering the hearts of the people, educating new people, revitalizing culture and exhibiting image, and striving to create excellent works and strive to climb the peak of literature and art. To achieve the goal of two hundred years and realize the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we have made greater contributions.