Zhao Hongbo: Chinese flower skating talents are not optimistic, Russian level is not imaginable

 Zhao Hongbo: Chinese flower skating talents are not optimistic, Russian level is not imaginable

According to the tournament schedule, the tournament includes youth and adult groups. As one of the three traditional Chinese figure skating competitions and the integral competition of the National Winter Games, there are many famous Chinese athletes appearing in this championship.

As for doubles skating, Peng Cheng/Jinyang, Wang Shiyu/Liu Xinyu and Chen Hong/Sun Shuming, who had not participated in the Chinese Figure Skating Club League before, all participated in the competition; the men and womens single skating events brought together Yanhan, Wang Yi, Zhang He, An Xiangyi, Li Xiangying, Cao Qijing, Lin Shan and other Chinese frontline players.

On the whole, every project this year is in full swing. In the previous stage, there are more domestic club leagues, and all the athletes have basically participated in the competition, mainly in the hope that they can get exercise in the competition. Zhao Hongbo said.

Zhao Hongbo was worried about the injuries of the Chinese figure skating team. The injuries of Han Cong/Sui Wenjing last year and this year have somewhat affected some progress. So has Peng Cheng/Jin Yang. Other athletes have participated in several competitions.

Talking about the reserve talent reserve of figure skating in China, Zhao Hongbo said frankly that it is not optimistic and still needs to continue to increase efforts. In Russia, some girls have five levels of three-week jump at the age of 8, which we dare not imagine. Zhao Hongbo said.

Zhao Hongbo said that at present, China has signed strategic cooperation agreements with many top training teams in the world. He hopes that through cooperation, excellent athletes and potential athletes can go out for training and learning and come back to represent the country to a certain extent. (end)