Ministry of Foreign Affairs: U.S. politiciansindulgence and support make the rioters in Hong Kong fearless

 Ministry of Foreign Affairs: U.S. politiciansindulgence and support make the rioters in Hong Kong fearless

At a regular press conference on that day, a reporter asked: some members of the United States sent a motion to Congress on the 10 day, demanding that companies in the United States should be forbidden to export tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets and other police equipment to Hongkong, because the way the Hongkong police treated the demonstrators had been criticized. What is Chinas response to this?

I dont know if the U.S. lawmakers want to keep all these riot equipment in the U.S. for their own use? Hua Chunying said.

She said that the right and wrong, the right and wrong, the black and white are clear about the recent events in Hong Kong. More and more mainstream international media have reported the real situation of Hong Kong through field interviews. Some Russian media showed demonstratorsweapons, such as umbrellas with knives and incendiary bombs, through several high-definition photographs. It is reported that some people commit terrorist crimes under the pretext of freedom and democracy, and that behind-the-scenes gangsters are the root cause of the riots in Hong Kong, while the so-called freedom of the press in Hong Kong has reached an absurd level.

I would like to ask these members of the United States where the rule of law you advocate is when extremist violence brutally attacks and injures the Hong Kong police and paralyses public transport facilities such as airports and subways. When thousands of Hong Kong police officers and their families were illegally exposed to personal information and threatened by crazy cyber bullying, where were the human rights you advertised? Where are the freedoms you preach when those who disagree are pursued, beaten, besieged, restricted and hurt by masked black men? Hua Chunying said.

Hua Chunying said that on the one hand, individual U.S. parliamentarians glorified violent crimes as striving for human rights and freedom, on the other hand, they stigmatized Hong Kong police for excessive use of violence by tolerating humiliation and restraining law enforcement. This is the greatest blasphemy against freedom, democracy and human rights. It is a blatant contempt for the mainstream public opinion of Hong Kong to stop riots and restore order. It also exposes their extreme hypocrisy and naked double standards.

She said, how did the American police treat the demonstrators? Many people still remember the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011, the riots in Baltimore, Maryland in 2015, and the recent demonstrations in Portland. In the future, if something like Hong Kong happens in the United States, will these members of the United States be so kind? Lets wait and see.

It is the indulgence and support of some politicians on the US side that makes the anti-China and rebellious Hong Kong elements so unbridled and fearless. Hua Chunying said.

I remember not long ago, Yang Guang, spokesman of the Hong Kong and Macao Office of the State Council, quoted a few words from Chairman Mao Zedongs Man Jiang Hong in 1963 at a press conference on the current situation in Hong Kong. Today, I would like to continue the following two sentences of those words: Ants exaggerate great powers because of their fate, but its not easy for a centipede to shake a tree. Hua Chunying said.

Hua Chunying stressed that Hong Kongs affairs are Chinas internal affairs and should not be interfered by any foreign government, any foreign organization or any foreign individual. Anyone who tries to play with fire on Hong Kong-related issues will only end up burning himself up and eating bitter fruits! We advise some Americans to stop pretending to sleep or committing muddy acts, immediately stop condoning violent crimes and interfering in Hong Kongs affairs.

Lin Zheng Yuee: Unyielding tenacity will help Hong Kong out of its predicament

On November 11, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Lin Zheng Yue-e, said that there had been some turbulence in Hong Kong society recently, but he believed that the city would emerge from the predicament with indomitable resilience. It is hoped that under the implementation of the one country, two systems and the basic law, with the joint efforts of the government and the people of Hong Kong, the society will return to rational discussions and a long-term prosperous and stable social environment will be beneficial to us. I believe we can do so.

He Chaoqiongs United Nations Voice for Hong Kong: Condemning Violent People as Victims

[He Chaoqiong, United Nations Voice for Hong Kong: Tell the World the Truth of Hong Kong] On September 11, local time, He Chaoqiong, President of the Hong Kong Federation of Womens Associations from All walks of life, attended the 42nd meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva and made a speech. He Chaoqiong called for an end to violence, saying that violent extremism would only leave irreparable scars on Hong Kong. More and more Hong Kong people have come out to stop the riots and protect Hong Kong! Support please turn!