Female Teachers Lost Couplets in Guangxi: Identity Card Clothes Without Friends to Care for Parents

 Female Teachers Lost Couplets in Guangxi: Identity Card Clothes Without Friends to Care for Parents

Details of a 22-year-old female teacher in Sichuan who lost her connection in Guangxi: she left her ID card and clothes unattended and asked her friends to take care of her parents (Source: Netease Video)

Longqile, a 22-year-old teacher from Sichuan training institute, has been traveling alone to Weizhou Island in Guangxi for 10 days. Her mother told Nandu reporters that she wanted to accompany her daughter before leaving, but Longqile said there were friends there who had arranged. After Longqile lost his connection, his family did not find their contacts with local friends when they inquired about the call records. Police at Weizhou Island Police Station said that Longqile left the hotel only with his mobile phone and umbrella, and his ID card and clothes were left in the room. Long Qile also told her friends online that she would take good care of her parents and pets and that she would go to sea jumping with her netizens. At present, search and rescue is continuing.

The last telephone call to netizens for the female teachers of training institutions who lost their connection in Weizhou Island

The owner of the reclusive Inn said that in-store monitoring showed that Longqile left the house alone and never came back. The inn is cooperating with the police investigation.

Mr. Zhang learned from the police that Long Qile had telephoned his mother before he lost his connection and wanted to go out for a walk. Later, Longqile called his colleagues and netizens. Her colleagues and netizens said they talked with Longqile about food and travel experiences.

A 22-year-old institutional female teacher was witnessed sitting on the roadside crying for 10 days after she lost her travel alone.

Longqiles mother told Nandu reporters that the last place where Longqile appeared was at a fork in the lower beach of Blue Bay. That place is a bit far to walk, if you take a ride, you can go there. Someone there said that she met her. She was sitting on the roadside crying. Why did she cry? We still dont know.

22-year-old female teacher traveling alone has lost her family for 10 days: she once said she wanted to jump into the sea

On August 31, a 22-year-old girl went to Weizhou Island, Beihai, Guangxi to relax. She has been lost since the evening of September 1. The girls uncle said that when she was a teacher in an educational institution, she was a little depressed and joked with her friends about going to jump into the sea before she lost her connection. Monitoring pictures showed that the girl went out alone on the night of her loss of connection, with only one mobile phone in her hand.