The man was arrested 16 years after he killed an 11-month-old boy with a wooden stick and absconded.

 The man was arrested 16 years after he killed an 11-month-old boy with a wooden stick and absconded.

Advice from door to door

Since the launch of the Yunjian campaign, Xuanwei Public Security Bureau has successfully captured a fugitive who has absconded for 16 years with the assistance of Huize police.

The case of brewing blood for my sister

On April 7, 2003, Xiao Moxiong, Xiao Moufu and Xiao Mouqing, three brothers of Xiao Jiacun, Mingde Village Committee, Lefeng Township, Xuanwei City, arrived at Xiao Mouyings sisters home. On that night, Xiao Mouying and his brother-in-law Chen Mouhua had a quarrel because of family conflict, and then they had a quarrel. Xiao Moxiong, 26 years old, was in his prime. When he saw his sister fighting with others, he picked up a stick on the ground and joined the battle group. In the quarrel, Xiao Moxiong killed an 11-month-old boy on Chen Mous back with a wooden stick. Seeing the boys head injured and blood flowing all over his face, Xiao Moxiong realized that he had made an accident and fled the scene of the case quickly.

Pursue the murderer with all ones strength

After the case happened, the Xuanwei Public Security Bureau immediately launched a major case detection mechanism, composed of the Criminal Investigation Brigade and the competent police force of Lefeng Police Station, and made every effort to carry out case detection and make every effort to hunt down criminal suspects. Because Xiao Moxiong is a local villager with strong skills and strong survivability, and does not communicate with others on weekdays, he can get less valuable clues. As a result, the investigation work of the case has not made substantial progress for a long time. The policemen who handle the case have repeatedly turned over the files to search for the traces of suspects, but have no results. Xiao Moxiong was not captured, the families of the victims suffered tremendous grief at the same time, but also brought tremendous pressure to the public security organs, the stranding of the case is like a huge stone pressed on the heart of the police.

Perseverance and perseverance

Over the past 16 years, the police of Lefeng Police Station have changed crop after crop, but they have not abandoned the pursuit of Xiao Moxiong. They have made several trips to Puer, Wenshan, Weining and other places where they may abscond. Since the launch of Yunjian campaign, the police have gone to Xiao Moxiongs house many times, carried out legal propaganda and patient persuasion to his relatives, and actively mobilized the masses to provide clues. At the beginning of August, through screening and analyzing the clues, the police found that Xiao Moxiong was most likely to abscond in Huize County.

Synthetic Combat Suspects Dropped into the Net

On September 5, the police of the pursuit group rushed to Huize County. With the strong support of the police station in the jurisdiction, they captured Xiao Moxiongs video data through a whole days arrangement. Through massive search, query comparison, data analysis and other methods, the police locked Xiao Moxiong temporary residential quarters. On the evening of the 5th, the police of the hunting group squatted at the entrance and exit of the district in turn, but no trace of Xiao Moxiong was found. Was it a misjudgement or did the suspect find another escape? At 9 oclock on September 6, just as the police were preparing to adjust their arrest measures, a suspicious middle-aged man appeared at the entrance of the community and arrested the police decisively and quickly to control it. What are you doing? The man questioned, We are Xuanwei Public Security Bureau. Hearing the reply, the man sighed, I knew it would be this day.

Desperate End of Heaven and Endless End of Misery

According to Xiao Moxiongs statement, after the incident, he quickly ran home and took some money. He dared not ride in public. He traveled day and night, and ran over to Dahuize County. Because of fear of being caught, Xiao Moxiong kept his name secret and worked as a temporary worker. He often changed his place of residence and lived a full and hungry life. Over the years, I have lived like a bird with a frightening bow, fearing that the sound of the siren would frighten me into a cold sweat... Speaking of his escape experience, Xiao told the police that in order to survive, he carried bricks, sand and cement on the construction site, worked in vegetable markets and small restaurants, and sometimes lived by picking up garbage. The older and the less daring he is, the more he dares not come out in the daytime. He feels like a rat and looks at the world. Its sneaky. Xiao confessed that he felt relaxed and reassured when he was caught.

At present, Xiao Moxiong has been detained criminally and the case is being further processed.

Source: Liable Editor of Pearl River Network: Liu Yuxin_NBJS7825