No Wall Media in the New Campus of Xian Jiaotong University: Should Cry Out

 No Wall Media in the New Campus of Xian Jiaotong University: Should Cry Out

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On the South Bank of Weihe River in Xixian New Area, the new campus of Xian Jiaotong University has been built, and there is no wall in the new campus. With the opening ceremony of graduate students in this campus, the news that there is no wall in the new campus of Xian Jiaotong University has also aroused heated discussion on the Internet.

According to the data provided by a public opinion monitoring agency, 57.9% of the netizens advocated that universities should build fences; 22.5% advocated no fences; and 19.6% advocated a neutral position. According to the data, most opinions on the Internet do not support the universitys wall demolition.

But even in such an atmosphere of public opinion, President Wang Shuguo of Xian Jiaotong University firmly expressed in an interview with the media that he not only hoped to dismantle the physical fence, but also hoped that there would be no academic fence, and that students would have no fence in their hearts to better integrate into society, which was his ideal university.

Compared with the objection of netizens, I think that President Wang may be under more pressure in the school. Although tens of millions of people have passed away, this courage to adhere to the belief is admirable. In order to improve the standard of running a university in China, it is necessary to be open-minded. To cultivate the spirit of openness, we need to dismantle all kinds of tangible and invisible walls and physical walls, which may be only one of the links, but its symbolic significance can not be underestimated.

The high walls and lofty gates are the most common scenery of most universities and the most familiar features of the public. Colleges need fences. They can give many reasons, such as strengthening management and building safe campus. Advocates can also cite countless vivid examples.

But behind this proposition, the concept of management-based is still at work. Why cant we change our thinking and establish an effective order in an open environment? This is the higher level of management. If managers are always confined to stereotypes and accustomed to the simplest and easy way of management, they may as well dismantle the fence first and force the motivation of managerial reform.

There is also a view that the establishment of fences in Colleges and universities can effectively prevent the erosion of teachers and students by unhealthy social atmosphere. But frankly speaking, its a very idealistic idea with no grounding gas. Regarding the University as a sterile zone is not only lack of factual basis, but also contrary to the initial intention of the university.

University is a small society, there are some in society, and there will be some in campus. If the goal of university is to train a group of students of ivory tower who do not eat human fireworks, it will be tantamount to blocking their way of dealing with the world. Studentscorrect three views, ability to distinguish right from wrong, integrity and good character need to be cultivated in a real and open environment.

Some netizens also said that without the fence on campus, the playground must be crowded with grandparents who dance in the square and pull gyroscopes. This may well be true, but I think not only the playground and sports facilities should be allowed to be used by the neighboring community residents, but also the University Library and self-study room may be open to the community residents. This will certainly increase the difficulty of management, but university resources have public attributes, and serving the surrounding residents should also become part of their social responsibility.

I very much agree with President Wang Shuguos view that there are many invisible walls not only between universities and surrounding communities, but also between disciplines, majors, administration and teaching, and between leaders and teachers and students. To shape the open spirit of universities, we need to start with the removal of all kinds of tangible and intangible walls. Xian Jiaotong University has undoubtedly done a good demonstration.

Source: Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper: Chengyu_NBJ11143