When she entered the palace at the age of 16 and was closed at the age of 20, she was discarded twice and reset twice. She was the strangest queen in history.

 When she entered the palace at the age of 16 and was closed at the age of 20, she was discarded twice and reset twice. She was the strangest queen in history.

But the magic is that, with the spirit of Buddhist system which can not be contested, she has harvested the legendary life of inaction wins success.

She lived through four dynasties, two times abandoned and two times reset. She spent most of her life in the cold palace, but in her later years she was in danger and ordered to help the Zhao and Song Dynasty transition from the Northern Song Dynasty to the Southern Song Dynasty.

This alternative Buddhist queen was the first empress of Emperor Zhezhong of the Northern Song Dynasty, known as Empress Yuanyou Meng in history.

Queen Mengs first appearance on the historical stage was a low-key appearance as a Buddhist girl.

At that time, she was only 16 years old, and together with more than 100 girls from the same official family, she was called into the palace for election.

At first, Queen Meng did not expect to win the prize. After all, in terms of appearance, she is just a middle-class person, in terms of talent and skill, she has average qualifications, and in terms of temperament, she is too quiet and restrained.

Empress Dowager Gao likes her dignified appearance, tranquil personality and not humble and unflinching manner. So she tried to exclude the public opinion and left her as a quasi-queen to adjust.

After marriage, Queen Meng continued to carry forward the spirit of Buddhism.

She is gentle and magnanimous, never quarrels with her concubines, and treats the contradictions and conflicts in the back court with a calm attitude.

Unexpectedly, this lazy Buddhist practice won the good reputation of virtue and virtue for Queen Meng, and made her receive unanimous praise both inside and outside the court.

Unfortunately, in the rebellious Sao years, Song Zhezhong did not like this unrivalled Buddhist queen. It was only because of the dignity of his grandmother, Empress Dowager Gao, that he reluctantly maintained a ice husband-wife relationship with his newly married wife.

Without the support of Empress Dowager Gao, Queen Mengs good days soon came to an end.

Queen Mengs biggest mistake was to block other peoples way.

This other person is Liu Jienu, the beloved concubine of Song Zhezhong.

Liu Jienu was born in a humble family. She first entered the palace as a maid.

But she is a beautiful woman with bright skin and graceful body. Whats more, she can sing and dance well and have excellent talent and skills.

Therefore, since the beautiful lady entered the palace, Song Zhezhong was captivated and spoiled.

Within a few years, she was promoted from beauty to Jie Hao, and finally to virtuous concubine.

The first is to ignore Queen Meng.

After the ceremony, Queen Meng sat down and rested. All the concubines and concubines stood behind, except Liu Jierong.

She stood under the curtain with her back to Queen Meng intentionally. Even when the woman next to the queen shouted out, she stood still.

You know, in ancient times, it was a crime of great disrespect for a concubine to turn her back on a queen. Liu Jie-rongs manner is in blatant contempt of the queen.

But in the face of Liu Jiehous deliberate provocation, Queen Meng just laughed and refused to pursue it.

This can be tolerated, indeed enough Buddhist Department!

But Queen Mengs tolerance was in return for Liu Jieyus inches. She then tried to sit on an equal footing with Queen Meng.

At this time, Liu Jiehao came out of the moth again. She asked for the same cushion as Queen Meng.

This action aroused public indignation.

Funny thing is, when everyone stood up to welcome the Queen Mother, I dont know which attendant quietly replaced Liu Jieyus cushion back to the original.

His adoptive mother listened to Mrs. Xuan and the eunuch Wang Jian in order to please the queen, so she invited the nuns to the palace to pray for her practice.

For this reason, Liu Jiehang colluded with eunuchs Hao Sui, favorite minister Zhang Long and others to frame Queen Mengs secret witchcraft.

Song Zhezong then ordered a thorough investigation of the matter.

For a while, around Queen Meng, more than 30 people, including eunuchs and palace maids, were arrested and jailed, and then tortured for being unable to endure cruel torture.

Soon after, Queen Meng was abolished and moved to Yaohua Palace outside the city on the grounds of confusing evil words by the side and flattering the Tao by the Yin.

Since then, Queen Meng has fallen from her mothers worship to a female Taoist priest in the dust, and her legal name has been truthful.

Liu Jieyu finally succeeded and took the place of Queen Meng. In 1099, she was made queen.

From ancient times to the present, the love of word games in the upper classes has never changed. On the surface, it is the monastery of moving to Yaohua Palace. To put it plainly, it is the cold palace.

Fortunately, Queen Meng has always been a Buddhist youth.

Apart from the loss of personal freedom, it is a piece of cake for her to eat the pure life of fasting Buddha in Yaohua Palace.

While Queen Meng was calming down, the outside world had already turned upside down.

Before the first month of 1100, Song Zhezhong died of excessive indulgence at the age of 24.

Because of childlessness, Song Zhezhong was succeeded by his half-brother Zhao You after his death. He was historically known as Song Huizong.

This year, Queen Meng was 28 years old.

But Queen Meng did not intend to let her go even if she did not fight with the world again.

Empress Liu used her old skill again and colluded with Cai Jing, the Minister of power, so that she wrote a joint letter with a cadre of ministers, forcing Song Huizong to abandon Empress Meng again.

So, less than two years after the restoration, Queen Meng was beaten back to the original shape and returned to Yaohua Palace to continue to be a female Taoist priest. Moreover, this woman Taoist priest once, is more than 20 years.

Queen Liu, who won again, was not proud for too long.

In 1113, because of dissatisfaction with Empress Lius style of governing and domineering, Huizong of the Song Dynasty abolished her title of Empress Yuanfu and forced her to hang herself.

That year, Queen Liu was only 34 years old. Of course, thats another story.

Lets talk about Queen Meng.

Spring after spring, only the gradual wrinkles on her face and the starry white hair on her ears reminded her to change in time.

Unconsciously, more than twenty years are fleeting. Queen Meng also transformed from a plump young woman into a dry and dull old woman.

When Queen Meng thought that the world had forgotten her, she was shocked and broke her calm life.

Originally, in the first month of this year, the Jinbing attacked and captured Bianjing in a hurry.

Then the Jin soldiers went straight into the palace, captured Emperor Tai Shang, Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty, Emperor Song Qinzong of Song Dynasty, father and son of Emperor Song Qinzong, and nearly 3,000 members of the Royal family, and escorted them to the capital of the Kingdom of Jin to Beijing.

In this turmoil, only two of the Zhao and Song imperial clans survived.

One was the ninth son of Huizong in Song Dynasty, King Kang Zhao Gu, who happened to be on business at that time; the other was Queen Meng.

Therefore, Queen Meng was arranged out of the city, temporarily living in the house beside the Xiangguo Temple.

Unexpectedly, Queen Meng was blessed by misfortune and became the fish that leaks the net under the iron hoof of a golden soldier.

However, after the Jinbing took Huizong, Qinzongs father and son away with a number of relatives of the emperor, Zhang Bangchang, the Prime Minister of the dynasty, who was designated as the pseudo-emperor of Chu by the Jinbinglu, was quite aware of himself. He rushed to the Xiangguo Temple with a horse and a horse and welcomed Queen Meng back to the Yanfu Palace.

Zhang Bangchang also listened to the suggestions of other courtiers, restored the title of Queen Meng Yuanyou, and asked her to listen to the political curtain.

As a result, Queen Meng abruptly jumped to the top of power from a cold palace that had long been forgotten by the world and became a key figure in determining the life and death of the Zhao and Song Dynasties.

Many years of cold palace life, coupled with the tranquil temperament of casual peace, at this time Queen Meng has long looked down on honor and disgrace.

Moreover, this year, she was 54 years old. In her twilight years, she saw that life was just fickle. How could she be greedy for power and wealth?

After listening to the government in the capacity of Empress Dowager, her first important purpose was to select reliable candidates and go to Dongping House with a copy of the imperial edict to welcome King Kang Zhao Gu as the emperor.

In April 1127, Zhao Gou and his party arrived at Yingtian Prefecture in Nanjing. Empress Meng arranged royal officials and eunuchs to greet them with imperial courtesy.

On May 1, Zhao Gong became emperor and rebuilt the Yuan Dynasty to Jianyan. He was historically known as Song Gaozong, which marked the formal establishment of the Southern Song Dynasty.

On the first day of Emperor Gaozongs reign, Queen Meng immediately restored her Buddhist identity and quickly withdrew the curtain and returned to politics.

The emperor was very happy. He had great respect for Queen Meng and respected her as Empress Dowager Longyou.

It is reasonable to say that Queen Meng, who retired successfully, should enjoy her old age, but she did not.

Although he took over Jiangshan of Zhao Song Dynasty, Gaozong of Song Dynasty was cowardly and fearful of life and death. He could not make such a big stall.

Fearing the iron hoofs of the golden soldiers, he accepted the suggestion of the Master Harmony School, abandoned the Central Plains and moved southward from Nanjing to Yingtianfu Road.

First, the army fled to Yangzhou, and then, under the pressure of the Jinbings footsteps, rushed across the river to Linan House.

At the beginning of 1129, because of dissatisfaction with Gaozongs insistent weakness to the Jin soldiers, the generals of the Southern Song Dynasty, Miaofu and Liu Zhengyan, secretly launched a mutiny to force Gaozong to abdicate the throne, transformed Zhao Jun, the young prince, into emperor, and coerced Queen Meng to listen to politics. History calls Miao Liu Mutiny.

Confronted with the aggression of the savage rebels, Queen Meng showed her courage.

She calmly acted with affection and reason to the rebels, indicating that the strong enemy was on the side. At this time, her dying old lady embraced a three-year-old child to listen to the government. Who in the world would obey the orders?

But these martial artists simply did not listen to her advice. At the same time, in order to save his life, Song Gaozong quickly abdicated to the crown prince.

In desperation, Queen Meng had to go out again at the age of nearly sixty.

She adopted the strategy of Premier Zhu Shengfei, while falsely obeying, embracing the crown prince to listen to the government curtain, listening to the rebels, many times to comfort, to paralyze their minds;

On the other hand, he secretly summoned Han Shizhongs wife, Liang Hongyu, and asked her to send a message to Han Shizhong to King Qin as soon as possible.

Liang Hongyu deserves to be a heroine among women. She galloped around the stars and nights, and soon conveyed Queen Mengs wishes to her husband, Han Shizhong, who is far away from Jiaxing Palace.

Soon afterwards, Han Shizhong and other civil servants and military generals gathered forces to fight the rebellion, and Song Gaozong was restored.

On the day of Song Gaozongs return to the palace, Queen Meng was very happy. She said that her responsibility had finally been fulfilled and she had withdrawn the curtain to return to the government.

In the last few years of her life, Queen Meng did not lead a truly stable and comfortable life.

At that time, the foundations of the Southern Song Dynasty were not stable, and the Jin State was always in a state of war.

So Queen Meng defended the rear with the respect of Queen Dowager. She traveled around Jiangsu and Zhejiang for several times and experienced danger.

Under the panic, Song Gaozong led his officials and bureaucrats to flee to the sea through Zhejiang Province, while Queen Meng and his concubines and concubines, a group of more than 10,000 people, fled to Hongzhou, Jiangxi Province.

Shortly after arriving in Hongzhou, the Jinbing pursued her, and Queen Meng and her party could only continue to flee to Jizhou by boat.

It was not easy to get to Pianzhou, but the officers and soldiers fought with the local people, resulting in the siege of Queen Meng and his concubines. Finally, it was fortunate that the general and the leader came to rescue them before they were able to get rid of the siege.

However, the long-term Exodus made the elderly Queen Mengs body rapidly weaken. Shortly after she returned to the palace, she was sick because of high blood pressure, and eventually died in the spring of 1131 A.D. at the age of 59.

I am grateful for Queen Mengs bright and open life, noble character without desire, and two times of curtain listening to politics, supporting the building will fall, living and dying together with the Zhao and Song Dynasty in the wind and rain, and moving forward and backward. During her illness, Song Gaozong always wears his clothes and serves around.

After her death, Song Gaozong worshipped filial piety as his stepson. Not only were there more than 50 people outside the family of Empress Twain Meng, but he also gave her the highly praised title of Empress Zhaoci, who devoted herself to the empress. Three years later, he honored her as Empress Zhaoci, who offered her a sacred sacrifice to the empress.

Looking back on Queen Mengs life, many people say that it was the times that made her legendary.

But after careful consideration, who can say that she did not accomplish herself?

The great thing about Queen Meng is that she has a simple and pure peace of mind, which is very valuable for the women who are accustomed to collusion.

May we, like Queen Meng of the Buddhist Family, live each day with an ordinary mind, no matter what the circumstances are. After all, it is also a great wisdom to live in the world and be at ease with circumstances.