Apple conference launched into a netizen Tucao conference: bath bully and forgive green Qi Fei

 Apple conference launched into a netizen Tucao conference: bath bully and forgive green Qi Fei

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In the early morning of September 11, Beijing time, the launch of Apples new products in autumn 2019 was officially launched. This time, everyones Tucaos bath bully induction cooker camera really came.

Although before the conference, the invitation letter was tucking up by many people, hitting the watermelon frost.

And the new products have been spotted by round after round of espionage photos and explosions, but this release will still attract many netizens to watch all night.

At a conference held at 10 a.m. local time, Apple unveiled a series of new products: the new iPad comes with an A10 processor and a 10.2-inch screen, the Apple Watch Series 5 screen never goes out, the iPhone 11 multi-color dual-camera, the iPhone 11Pro three-camera with fast charging...

Among them, the shooting capabilities of the iPhone 11Pro and ProMax have been enhanced, with an unprecedented configuration of three cameras, 12 million wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle and long-focus lenses, combined with two-fold optical zoom.

Image Source: Apples official website

On the basis of gold, silver and deep air ash, a new dark night Green has been added.

Come on, look closely.

Is it a familiar feeling?

Thats right. The bathing camera has been recognized by everyone.

Its really impossible for a bathroom bully.

And look at this gas cooker. Its big and round...

Stir-fry, stew, all ready.

What would you like to eat for you?~

Summer has not gone, mosquito awareness can not be lost...

Imagine waking up in the morning and accidentally picking up your mobile phone to shave.

According to this trend, netizens speculate, Lets show you the next few years of the iPhone directly.

Hope to achieve 360 degrees bathing hegemony without dead corner oh...

So, is this a mobile conference or a camera conference?

But Tucao went to Tucao, after all, add a few cameras, the cost is not white flowers, iPhone11Pro pricing is also higher: iphone11pro from the price of 8699 yuan, iPhone11ProMax from the price of 9599 yuan, the highest 12699 yuan.

Come on, lets review the way the iPhone is paid.

Netizens suddenly realized that the color of Apple wallpaper was the familiar kidney color.

Considering your wallets, Apple has also released a popular version of the iPhone 11, which starts at 5,499 yuan.

The iPhone 11 carries two cameras that support a doubled optical shrinkage and immersive interface.

Even without a camera, it cant stop the imagination of netizens.

We also kindly sent a nickname of the new light green --- Forgive Green...

Sure enough, if you want to live well, you have to bring a little green on your body.

Source: Responsible Editor of Observer: Qiao Junjing_NBJ11279