Wang Feis daughter spends 100,000 yuan in shopping for 2 hours: The most advanced way to show off her wealth is to raise such a child.

 Wang Feis daughter spends 100,000 yuan in shopping for 2 hours: The most advanced way to show off her wealth is to raise such a child.

Wang Feis daughter, Li Yan, uploaded a screenshot of her chat with friends some time ago. My friend asked her why she changed the name of Weixin to Li 100,000. Li Yan answered that there was a news before that she spent 100,000 yuan on shopping for two hours, so she changed her name with self-mockery. Its commendable that he responded to the false news before without losing his EQ. Li Yan, 13, has become more confident and generous in recent years. She is versatile and likes playing the piano. She has been studying for 5 or 6 years. She likes painting. On Wang Feis birthday the other day, she also painted a picture of her mother. She went on a show on T-stage, naturally without stage fright, and the typhoon in the atmosphere is stronger than many adults. She likes to share her experience of making-up on live broadcasting, which is called Li by netizens. Teacher: She took a cover photo of the magazine and said confidently in the face of other peoples mockery about her appearance: I think Im really beautiful! Her self-confidence is generous, lively and cheerful, which is closely related to the family education of Wang Fei and Li Yapeng. I saw an interview before, and the host asked Wang Fei, Did you ever think of giving up Li Yan when you knew she had cleft lip and palate? Wang Fei did not hesitate to reply: This is impossible, I think she is very beautiful, very beautiful. Li Yapeng wrote a handwritten passage to Li Yan: God has given you the scar, I want to make it your glory. Li Yans growing up, they gave her unreserved love and support: cherish her daughters painting talent, open art exhibitions for her, wear her creative clothes together; every year with a thick textbook, accompany her to the Ming Tombs Reservoir for scientific observation; take her daughter to travel around the world, take her to art exhibitions. Reading cultivates her aesthetic ability... Ive read a sentence like this: Children who grow up in a loving family have a strong sense of self-confidence and security that I cant imitate all my life. I think so. 02

Blogger Ronnie Hugh has had an unpleasant experience. One day, his mother asked him why he didnt want to sing now. He recalled an incident that happened in junior high school. He went to KTV with his relatives and ordered a song he had practiced for a long time. He thought he was really good at singing, but when he finished, his mother did a very strange act. His mother, with a mischievous smile on her face, said loudly and loudly, Thats a terrible song. At that time, he was stunned and everyone looked at him happily. Later, every time he seldom sang, his mother would say something hurtful. Youve fallen too far back, The voice is as sharp and thin as a child... and must be heard by him. After he told his mother about it, his mother immediately denied, I havent done anything like that. Im sure I havent. Later she gave herself a round show: Then I was just kidding, why should you take it seriously? In front of so many people, its really hurtful to keep a kid out of the stage. How many parents have been bad judges for their children all their lives. When children do well, they are not encouraged, but respond with criticism, attack and indifference.

Like the famous director Jiang Wen, there has always been an impenetrable obstacle in his heart. He always flatters his mother, but never gets a word of approval. He tried hard to get into Chinese opera and rushed home to tell his mother excitedly. Mother threw the admission notice aside and said to him, Dont talk to me about your washed clothes. Later, he became famous and bought a house for his mother, who had never lived there. Jiang Wen was particularly hurt and said, I dont know how to make her happy to see what Im doing. The influence of native families on people is far more profound than imagination. Striking education is easy for children to habitually deny themselves and fall into inferiority complex. The best education is to give children enough respect and understanding. Let children feel encouragement and warmth, they can grow up to be sunny and confident. Last year, a comparison chart caught fire. This is an orphan abandoned in China who lives in Guizhou welfare home. The experience of being abandoned made her shy and confused. The small round eyes were filled with tears and looked very painful. Fortunately, an American couple crossed the ocean to adopt the timid little girl. They personally decorated a pink princesss house for the little girl and gave her a home. They spent a lot of time with her, with enthusiasm and patience, so that she was no longer unfamiliar with them. Their two sons, too, loved the new sister and gave her the best companionship. The family learned to draw together, cooked cookies together, went on a picnic in the forest, and went to the beach to play together. They gave 100% support to their little daughters hobbies and made her versatile. The child who grew up in love had a smiling face that had not been bullied by life. Her tragic life, but also because of the warm companionship of her adoptive parents, has become no longer gray. Adler said, Lucky people are cured in childhood all their lives, while unfortunate people are cured in childhood all their lives. A familys highest level of ostentatious wealth is to raise such sunny and confident children. 04

In the variety show Escape from the Secret Chamber, there was a period in which five of the most harmful words were posted on the wall of the room. These five sentences are the aphorisms of many parents. I believe most of the children are familiar with them: When did I promise you that I would keep you and what would you do with you? Parents would not want you to tell you so long ago. You must not listen to us all for the sake of seeing these five sentences. Yang Ming said solemnly, I will never treat my children in my life. Say that. As Susan Foward wrote in Poisoned Parents, the impact of parental strikes is more than just the present. It runs through the years, like a needle deep in the hearts of children. This sentence is not exaggerated at all. Children who grew up in their parentsbad reviews have been shaking off the brand of inferiority in their hearts all their lives. Only when children grow up in the love of their parents can they accept their imperfections and have an unparalleled sense of security. Finally, I end with a poem by Diane Lehmanns: If I could raise my children again, I would build my self-esteem before I decided to build a house. I will draw more with my fingers and less with my fingers. I will look at the watch with less eyes and the world with more eyes. I stopped playing serious roles and played them seriously. I will go to more fields and see more stars. I no longer pursue the love of rights, I will follow the power of love. Encourage each other.


Let children feel encouragement and warmth, they can grow up to be sunny and confident.

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