Ma Yun cried: Goodbye Jianghu, some time later.

 Ma Yun cried: Goodbye Jianghu, some time later.

Yesterday, Ma Yun cried.

On Teachers Day, he retired.

The wind in knight-errant is clear and the chairman of Alibaba in reality has finally withdrawn from the rivers and lakes.

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After tonight, Im going to start a new life. The green hills will remain unchanged and the green waters will flow for a long time to come.

For Ma Yun, who is full of vitality, 55 years old is still in his prime.

Its hard to admire the fact that youre too young to quit in a hurry. Its easy to hold wealth in ones hand, and its too difficult to let it go without paying attention to it. It took him 20 years to build Alibaba.

But he said Ali never belonged to Ma Yun alone.

He believed that the world today was in the hands of young people and that they would do better.

Quietly leave Ma Yun does not intend to completely withdraw from the river and lake, he just has more important things to do.

He will devote himself wholeheartedly to charity and education and become his spokesman for rural teachers.

Being a teacher who gets 91 yuan a month is his happiest thing.

Ma Yun, a short man with a martial arts dream, was once asked by his idol Jin Yong: How should life be spent?

Jin Yong answered, Make a scene and leave quietly.

A proper exit is a pattern.

Ali not only belongs to Ma Yun, but Ma Yun always belongs to Ali.

Ma Yun said, Ive never touched money. Im not interested in money.

We laugh.

We also laughed.

I cant laugh. I feel heartbroken.

When a person carries the burden of the whole family on his shoulders, he can take a rest occasionally.

But when a man carries a whole business empire and hopes for 100,000 people;

Is he free to take a breath?

Cant stop, because once the stone rolls down, it will hit thousands of creatures.

Lei Jun works 12 hours a day and only takes three minutes to eat.

Ma Huateng was still replying to the email at 3 a.m.

Wang Jianlin got up at 4 oclock and traveled around several cities. He arrived at his office at 7:10 p.m. to continue his work. He did not sleep for 9 days and 9 nights.

The legal retirement age in China is 60 years for males and 55 years for females.

Ren Zhengfei is 75 years old and dares not retire.

Its not that you dont want to stop, you have to go on.

Being in a high position and quitting properly requires courage and wisdom.


The song sings: Fame, success and wealth are what everyone wants to have. Who expects freedom at the moment?

Because of his high position, he has great responsibility and no freedom to retire.

Of course, it still takes courage to quit.

In the Spring Festival of 2001, he watched TV at home, and three stations showed him as a young boy.

But after seeing his role, he put off all his work to play a play.

Although angry, the broker still compromised his persistence.

After all these years, Im still circling, he said.

A theatre pays tens of millions of dollars and the highest daily salary is 1500. This time he retired for better development in the future.

But at the peak of his career, he still chose to stop.

Running to Qinghai in personal name as a volunteer to participate in public welfare activities.

Garbage collection, tracking wildlife shooting, endure high rebellion and harsh environment.

This time he retired in order to find his original intention.

He always felt that he had done nothing but received too much praise for what he deserved.

Hu Ges retreat is smart and admirable.


Even as ordinary people, we still have the freedom to retreat.

To worry about mortgage and car loans, to support a family.

To work overtime, to squeeze the subway, to face tough leadership, to deal with difficult customers...

You can shop with friends on weekends and bake a cake slowly with the video.

A group of people can eat, drink and sing late at night...

We have so many little fortunes.

If we cant get out tonight, we should have a good sleep first and get up early tomorrow.

It doesnt matter if we cant take this project. Theres another one.

Work really can not go on, you can choose to resign.

According to statistics, contemporaries change 10 jobs on average before they are 40 years old.

Looking at this alone, we are much freer than Ma Yun Men, right?

Adults are not easy to live, but as Ma Yun said:

When we are at the best of the century, dont complain. When you are optimistic, there are always opportunities.

Take a look and continue to fight for your good life.


A proper exit is a pattern.

A kind of

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