Young people despise Grandma Liu and understand that they are middle-aged people.

 Young people despise Grandma Liu and understand that they are middle-aged people.

Comparing with Jia Fu in Houmen Courtyard, Grandma Liu is really a little mustard bean, and even the doorman slaves dont look at her. In the face of obvious identity gap, Qiufeng is so shy to speak out but has to make choices.

Grandma Liu is the original Dream of Red Mansions of a different kind, but in reality it is the epitome of every ordinary person. In the face of huge identity gap, who can really live as strong and calm as Grandma Liu?

Grandma Liu, a woman with the strongest vitality

Life is either laughing at others or being laughed at by others. A rural woman knows the way of social survival, but it is not human to Wang Douger, the son of Wang Cheng, who is an official.

In fact, self-blackness is not a degeneration, but a strategy, a kind of wisdom if foolish.

Grandma Liu went to the Grand View Garden for friendship and brought many fresh fruits and vegetables for the old ancestors, ancestors, wives, young ladies and girls to taste. Actually, Grandma Lius interaction is very good. This is the way people communicate with each other. Sometimes they bring something with them. By the way, they come to see other people and say good words. The relationship will naturally gradually improve.

Learning from the strong is always a fast way of promotion.

Wang Xifeng has been playing tricks on Grandma Liu in order to please her mother. Grandma Liu would like to make everyone happy. People living at the bottom of the society have been accustomed to these attacks, and even feel that they are perfectly normal. They have reached the level of shamelessness. It will definitely kill my son-in-laws dog.

How many people are King Houmen and Sun? The general public is everywhere. Grandma Liu first came to climb relatives, otherwise, everything can be said like that, its no big deal.

Grandma Liu was not foolish enough to enter Jia Fu. Before entering Jia Fu, she wrote an article. Knowing that the second daughter of the Wang family who had met him at that time was married to Jia Zheng, the wife of the Rongguo Mansion and Jia Baoyus mother, she even heard that Mrs. Wang was getting older and more compassionate for the poor and the elderly.

But the dog is saying something sarcastic: Its no use, people may not take care of you. For dogs, the more incompetent a man is, the less he can pull his face.

But Grandma Liu is different. She is the most sophisticated. Knowing that when people are poor, they should humbly strive for life, while dogs are arrogant when they are poor, relying on the achievements of their father in the past. Feel that life is not opportune, feel that everyone owes him, feel that the world has no chance, can only do a roar wife beat children.

In life, are there few such men, blindly letting women show up outside, feeling that they are a man, unable to pull this face.

Grandma Lius words are not literate, but they are poisonous.

There are many such men in life, let him find a way out. He said that there is no backstage, let him find a good school for Wa. He said that it is too difficult to enter school, not for me to wait for someone to enter, let him talk to the leader, he said that he had no face.

This dog is a living reality of many middle-aged men in modern times. The father of the dog was a petty official, but later he fell into poverty. The dog moved to the countryside to work in the farm and raised a man and a young girl. The two brothers and sisters were left unattended. The dog smoked and drank all day, so he had to take Grandma Liu over to serve the family.

Grandma Liu is illiterate, but she is very sophisticated, experienced and has a strong ability to survive.

Dogs cant accept the life of petty officials to the life of poor peasants. All they know is to drink. Grandma Liu scolded him: If you have money, you will ignore your head and tail. If you dont have money, you will be angry and become what kind of man. How big bowl to keep and how big meal to eat?

Grandma Liu really sees life through.

This is really an opportunity. But look at what the dogs say: lest they ignore us. Thats what many underprivileged people say to middle-aged men.

But Grandma Liu is an optimistic and positive countryside woman who wants to try everything. Never give up a little hope, she represents the bottom of the poor people, what kind of poor people can be, not go out to starve to death, even no life, but also what this face to do.

The dog just wanted to pretend to be a grandpa and put all these difficulties on Grandma Lius hands. Its natural for such a man to succeed.

Later, in order to save her sister, Grandma Liu sold land. Many people said that this was Grandma Lius vision. Later, she saved her sister and she married Baner.

Qiaojie can be said to be of aristocratic origin, and from time to time with the aristocratic lineage climbing up the relationship, your family will have aristocratic genealogy, you will also have aristocratic atmosphere. Because talent is the most important, as for housing and land, although important, but not the only, that can be done again.

Therefore, Grandma Liu is the queen of the counter-attack.

Without Grandma Liu, the dog family would have to wait for death. An old man in the countryside knows the truth, but a middle-aged man can not understand it. So women can not read the dream of Red Mansions is also happy. But men cant read it.

Only by seeing through the mist of the red dust can we win the rivers and lakes.

Finally, I conclude with a sentence from Fu Seoul: the studentsgathering is going, there are the director of Obstetrics and gynecology, there are primary school teachers, there are middle school teachers, I cant, but I can prepare for the next generation.

Let me say, go to a party, at least you can see the world. If you dont help others to ignore you, youll go home and wait for them to grow up in the future.

Young people despise Grandma Liu and understand that she is middle-aged. Wash and sleep, good night.