The landlord was sentenced to two yearsimprisonment after more than one years real-name report of sexual assault by the landlord on the girls micro-blog

 The landlord was sentenced to two yearsimprisonment after more than one years real-name report of sexual assault by the landlord on the girls micro-blog

On May 18, 2018, Xiaoting, an 18-year-old girl, reported in her real name on Sina Weibo that she had been violated by a landlord building. Her micro-blog caused a great stir on the Internet, with some people supporting it and others scolding it. Her own experience and other peoples doubts have had a significant impact on Xiaotings life. She is depressed, restless, and even self-abuse, but she always insists on speaking for herself, and must ask for a statement.

Reporting sexual assault in real name

Want to arouse social attention with death

I am Xiaoting, born in 2000, working as an intern in Hangzhou. On the 8th, I moved to Hangzhou and was raped by the landlord. On the evening of May 18, 2018, Xiaoting posted a long microblog, reporting sexual assault in real name. In her micro-blog, she described the incident in detail, and posted a chat record with the landlord Lou Mou (that is, the person who sexually assaulted him), a friend of Lou Mou, a father of Lou Mou, and a picture of Xiao Tings arm covered with wounds after her self-mutilation.

Xiaotings microblog

May 8, 2018, for Xiaoting, is the most painful day, but also the most lingering memory. That day, Xiaoting, 18, was sexually assaulted by a landlord. Under Xiaotings strong resistance, Lou Mou attempted rape.

Xiao Tings cousin called the police after receiving the news of rescue. Xiaoting recalls that Lou Mou went to the police station when she learned she had called the police. The police detained Lou Mou in criminal detention. On the 8th day after the alarm, Xiaoting was notified that the DNA test results were no better than those of the suspects.

On May 17, 2018, Xiaoting learned that Lou Mou had been granted bail pending trial the day before. After hearing the news, Xiaotings panic, anger, helplessness, the picture when she was violated, and all kinds of bad memories that Lou Mou searched for her through various ways, constantly emerged in Xiaotings mind. The next day, she decided to report it online in real name.

At that time, my mood had collapsed. I didnt want to live, so I wanted to publish it before I died, at least to let everyone know the true face of him. Xiaoting told Ziniu that she had not consulted with others before posting Weibo. Xiaoting intends to arouse the attention of society by death, at the cost of her own life. Xiaoting did not consider the impact on her life after the microblog was released. After taking sleeping pills, she did not even consider whether she would have the next life. When the editor was finished, she clicked Send decisively.

The micro-blog caused a great disturbance on the Internet, with more than 70,000 forwards, more than 20,000 comments and nearly 60,000 comments. After the release of the real-name microblog, many netizens supported Xiaoting, appealing to everyone to forward, or to provide her with suggestions to deal with the incident; others questioned Xiaoting and gave her a victims conviction: how can so many people on the road catch up with you?

On May 19, 2018, Gongshu District Bureau of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau issued a police alert on the incident: No fighting marks were found at the scene of the case. After physical examination of female victims, the victim was completely dressed and had no obvious trauma. After that, the police took biological samples of the corresponding parts of the female victims and sent them to the police for examination. After the preliminary examination, it is no better than the one in the middle of the criminal suspect building. On May 16, due to the expiration of the period of criminal detention, Gongshu District Bureau changed the criminal compulsory measure of a suspects building to obtain bail pending trial according to law.

Lou Mou was detained in criminal detention on May 30, 2018 on suspicion of compulsory indecency, and was arrested in accordance with the law on June 8, the same year. The Peoples Procuratorate of Gongshu District, Hangzhou, charged a building with rape and filed a public prosecution with Gongshu District Peoples Court on February 11, 2019.

It was found to be correct.

Stick to it anyway

Its not an easy decision to report sexual abuse in real name on Weibo, especially for a young girl.

Xiaoting Weibos real-name report also puts herself under tremendous pressure.

A lot of people around me advised me to give up. Xiao Ting told Ziniu News that her family and friends were worried that her reputation would be affected by the real-name report, and they thought that after all, rape attempt and suggested that she delete the micro-blog and never mention it again, only if it never happened.

I am a victim! Why cant you say that? Xiao Ting was more and more sad when she thought of your persuasion.

Xiaotings parents divorced when she was young. She lived with her mother and had little contact with her grandparents. She did not expect that a man should have been in the countryside with her picture everywhere to look for her, and succeeded in finding her grandmother. Xiaoting rushed back overnight, and the man had left. She found out in the supervision of the supermarket that this man was the father of Lou Mou.

When she was in Hangzhou, Loufu had looked for her many times, so she recognized her at once. People in my hometown looked at me with pity and suspicion because he told people everywhere that I had committed a mistake.

Xiaotings mother also did not support her daughters approach. My mother talks to me almost every day. Forget it. Stop worrying. Xiao Ting said that her mother was conservative, worried that she would not be able to live normally in the future, and that she would be attacked and retaliated in the future. She was often persuaded by the result of attempt.

I had a quarrel with my mother, and it was a terrible quarrel. I never mentioned it again after that. Because the mother did not understand, it became a taboo topic between mother and daughter. As for the follow-up progress of the case, Xiaoting also had no communication with her mother.

All around me are similar voices. I can only shut myself up in a small room. Nobody can see me, and nobody can listen to me. Xiaoting told Ziniu News that she was a very stubborn person. As long as she believed that she was doing the right thing, she should insist on it anyway.

Depression, anxiety, self-abuse

Its painful but never regretful.

Xiao Ting is very firm. Her attitude towards this matter is never-ending. She must have a result. She hopes that Lou Mou will be punished by law. At the same time, Xiao Ting lives very painfully.

In the picture of her real-name report, there is a picture of her wounded arm. This is the result of Xiaotings self-abuse. In fact, since the assault, her arm has barely been intact.

Xiao Ting, who suffered from emotional collapse, has suffered from self-mutilation many times.

In fact, I either want to commit suicide, or I cant help it, I cant control myself. That terrible memory made Xiaotings life off track and has not returned to normal so far. Every night before I go to bed, I have to sit there for a long time, and the pictures always appear in my mind.

Xiaoting said that the violence and humiliation suffered at the time of the incident lingered in her mind; after the incident, her friends and relatives were perplexed by her real-name reporting behavior, the threat from her father and mother, and the advice from neighbors and others, which made her painful.

Xiaoting often loses control of herself. She went to see a psychiatrist and knew that her spirit had been affected by the incident. She suffered from depression, anxiety disorder and self-abuse. I can feel that I may be a little distorted psychologically. Sometimes I would be extreme, totally uncontrollable, even inexplicably angry and sad, and then I would cry, cry and want to laugh. The whole person is particularly depressed, and its so hard to hold back that he cant help venting his emotions through self-mutilation and transferring his mental suffering with physical pain. Xiaoting told Ziniu journalists about her state. I really cant control myself. Xiaoting repeated.

For more than a year now, Xiaoting used the four words muddled to summarize her life. Xiao Ting returned home from Hangzhou. Several good friends heard about her experience and made a special trip from Sichuan and Northeast to Shandong to visit her. Under her micro-blog, she was constantly left messages, concerned about her and encouraged her. Faced with those bad voices, Xiaoting tried to make herself an ostrich, not to listen or not to see. She kept telling herself, Im right.

At present, Xiaoting is still using corresponding drugs to alleviate her depression, anxiety and self-abuse. Drugs are still needed every day to sleep properly.

However, Xiaoting told Ziniu News that she never regretted it. I dont regret it, because I think I did it right. If I cant give myself a real justice, I dont think I have any meaning in my life. This is my own business. If I give up myself, who will protect you and help you? Xiao Ting said.

Xiao Ting was interviewed

Waiting for more than a year

Finally, a result has been achieved.

Hangzhou is a sad city for Xiaoting. After the incident, Xiaoting returned to her hometown in Shandong. She told herself that she would never go to Hangzhou again, and even heard the word Hangzhou she would be afraid.

Now I think it over. I cant deny a city just because of one thing. Xiaoting believed that the decision never to go to Hangzhou was based on the idea that she wanted to escape after the accident. Im not wrong. Im the victim. I shouldnt be the one who wants to escape. Xiao Ting forced herself to face up to this experience. After her mood was a little calmer, she tried to return to Hangzhou again and try to start her own life again.

Xiaoting told Ziniu News that she was engaged in the clothing industry. From this point of view, Hangzhou and Guangdong are better choices, but Guangdong is far from her hometown.

On September 6 this year, Xiaoting received a telephone call from the Gongshu District Peoples Court of Hangzhou City. She learned that the case had been sentenced. She was convicted of rape at one trial of the building and sentenced to two yearsimprisonment.

Justice will be late but never absent! Lou Mou has been sentenced! Rape! Two years!!! I really weep with joy! I dont know how to express my feelings now. All the grievances I have suffered are worth it. After answering the phone, Xiaoting couldnt help sharing the news with you on Weibo.

On September 10, Xiaoting received the judgment of the case from the Peoples Court of Gongshu District, Hangzhou. According to the evidence obtained and the testimony and confession of the relevant personnel, the court held that Lou Mou violated the will of women and used violent means to force sexual relations with her, and that her behavior constituted a crime. Because it involves personal privacy, Xiaoting can only show the verdict on the last page of the verdict: a defendant who commits rape is sentenced to two yearsimprisonment (the term of imprisonment is calculated from the date of execution of the verdict, if he is detained before execution of the verdict, one day of detention is converted to one day of imprisonment). That is, from 9 May 2018 to 21 May 2020.

As it is still within the appeal period, the judgment has not yet entered into force. Whether Lou Mou will appeal is still unknown.

Xiaoting said that the voices of support on Weibo gave her courage. Whenever you cant stand it, you will feel that you are not alone in your efforts when you see the words encouraged by netizens. Public opinion is indeed a double-edged sword. If you choose to expose yourself in a fair way, you will inevitably have to bear pressures that others cannot imagine. I began to see people cursing me, cursing my friends around me, cursing me, from the initial anger to the later blind. Where there are voices of approval, there must be voices of opposition. Thank you also for letting me believe that there are many good people in the world. Every day I can see your personal letters. I thank you for your encouragement and comfort all the time. It gives me great motivation and makes me believe that my choice is right. Xiaoting wrote.

Source: Ziniu News Responsible Editor: Guo Ping_B7442