Sunrise Flag to enter the Olympic Stadium? Korea: A letter has been sent to the IOC to protest.

 Sunrise Flag to enter the Olympic Stadium? Korea: A letter has been sent to the IOC to protest.

Korean marches protest against Japan (Korea News 1)

Overseas Network, September 11, has long been considered a symbol of Japans militarism, Rising Sun Flag, which may appear in the positive form of fuel and cheer tools at next years Tokyo Olympic Games, which makes South Korea very angry. South Koreas Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said Wednesday that it had submitted a written letter to the IOC asking it to ban the entry of the Sunrise Flag into the sports arena.

According to Asahi Shimbun and Yonhap News, South Koreas Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism sent a letter to International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach on November, saying that South Korea was deeply disappointed and worried that the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Tokyo Paralympic Organizing Committee allowed spectators to carry the Japanese flag Sunrise Flag and asked the IOC to ban it.u201c Sunrise Flag.

Park Liangyu, Minister of Culture and Sports of Korea (Yonhap)

The letter pointed out that the rising sun flag symbolized the Japanese imperialistsaggressive war against Asia since the end of the 19th century. Recently, Japanese right-wing groups have also used the Rising Sun Flag in demonstrations against foreigners. This banner will remind South Korea, China, Southeast Asia and other countries and people who have suffered aggression of the history of pain and humiliation. FIFA has also banned the use of the Sun Flag.

South Koreas Ministry of Culture and Sports emphasized that the Sunrise Flag was allowed to be brought into the Tokyo Olympic venue, which ran counter to the Olympic spirit of pursuing love and peace. The ROK asked the IOC to play an active role and ordered the Tokyo Olympic Committee to take corrective measures to prohibit the appearance of the Sunrise Flag in the stadium.

According to previous reports, South Korea has made clear that it should be banned on the announcement by the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games in 2020 that spectators should be allowed to bring the Sunrise Flag into the arena. Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee responded Wednesday, saying that the flag of the rising sun is widely used in Japan. The flag itself is not political propaganda, and it is not intended to be banned as a carry-on item.

The Sun Flag should not appear in the Olympic Games, Kim Ren-chu, spokesman for the South Korean Foreign Ministry, said at a regular press conference Thursday. On the Japanese side, it should be very clear that the Rising Sun Flag is regarded by the surrounding countries as a symbol of militarism and imperialism in the past, and the Japanese side should face history with modesty. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea will continue to cooperate with relevant departments in order to correct the situation.

The Rising Sun Flag, also known as the Japanese Army Flag, is the flag used by the old Japanese army and the present Japanese Self-Defense Force. During the Second World War, Japanese soldiers carried the rising sun flag for burning, killing and looting, thus making the rising sun flag as a symbol of aggression and militarism. Historically, Japan annexed and colonized the Korean Peninsula, so the Korean people especially care about the rising sun flag. South Korea has been dissatisfied with Japans use of the Sunrise Flag on international occasions, and has banned the flag at home.

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