Public Security Commissioner When Police Umbrella is Double-opened: Organizational Rescue as Threatening Capital

 Public Security Commissioner When Police Umbrella is Double-opened: Organizational Rescue as Threatening Capital

On September 10, the Disciplinary Commission of Baotou City issued a news that Xia Jingkui, the former Secretary and director of the Kundulun Public Security Branch of Baotou Public Security Bureau, was separated. His suspected crimes were transferred to the procuratorial organs for examination and prosecution according to law, and the property involved was transferred with the case.

According to the circular, Xia Jingkui lost his ideal and belief, ignored the Partys discipline and national law, privately hid books about Party and state leaders, disloyalty to the Party and dishonesty, confronted organizational censorship, took the rescue and care of the organization as his own capital to hold the organization hostage and engaged in superstitious activities; seriously violated the spirit of the Eight Provisions of the Central Committee and conducted marriages for relatives in violation of the regulations. Gifts, take advantage of opportunities to accumulate wealth, occupy vehicles of other units for a long time, accept gifts from others in violation of regulations; fail to declare personal matters to the organization in accordance with regulations; participate in profit-making activities in violation of regulations; collaborate with criminals and help criminals to collect debts; violate the financial management system, set up and use funds outside the accounts; live in luxury. They are inclined to seek pleasure and pursue low-level interests; use their powers to seek benefits for others and accept other peoples property; use their vehicles for their own use in disguise; provide convenience for criminals to help them escape punishment; use their powers to deal with money and goods involved in cases and interfere in justice.

Xia Jingkui seriously violates the Partys political discipline, organizational discipline, integrity discipline, mass discipline, work discipline and life discipline, constitutes a duty violation and is suspected of bribery, corruption, abuse of power, helping criminals escape punishment crimes, and after the Eighteenth Congress of the Party does not converge, stop, the nature is bad, the impact is extremely bad. Take it seriously.

On June 6, this year, the website of the Inner Mongolia Discipline Commission published an article entitled Umbrella Meng Jianwei on Umbrella, which exposed many cases of Meng Jianwei, a leading cadre at the official level and former deputy director of Inner Mongolia Public Security Bureau.

It is mentioned in the article that under his umbrella, Baotou has bred a number of police umbrellas. Among them, it is mentioned that Xia Mou, then director of Kun District Public Security Bureau of Baotou Public Security Bureau, had long-term contacts with criminals involved in criminal activities, even directly directed and participated in illegal activities such as usury and drug-related activities.

The reporter of Beiqing Daily noticed that this summer is Xia Jingkui.

Source: Guo Ping_B7442, Responsible Editor of Beijing Youth Daily