Independent Game Creation Company PLAYISM Tokyo Video Game Exhibition 2nd Bullet 4 New Works Game Introduction

 Independent Game Creation Company PLAYISM Tokyo Video Game Exhibition 2nd Bullet 4 New Works Game Introduction

Exhibition of new work 1 Ministry of Broadcast for live trial

The reality show of escape from prison is about to begin.

Ministry of Broadcast

Nintendo Switch/Steam decided to go on sale this winter!

This is the story of a country separated by walls.

In order to meet the family freely, the protagonists goal was to win the government TV show The Wall Reality Show, but soon realized that the program was not simply a win.

This work is produced by the developer of the Czech Republic. It is a mini-radio play on a 2-D pixel platform, just like the name of the game Ministry of Broadcast.

The protagonist needs to run, jump, fall and run all over the beautiful world of pixels. There will be many traps to prevent players from moving forward, including easily broken roads and falling, a large number of traps and so on. Tips are needed to solve problems in the game. We should also be forced to make ruthless choices when we are desperate. Players have to choose the best solution.

In the dark and anti-utopian game world, cynical and mysterious and delicate animated pixel images provide a balance point for the game, so that players feel like they are playing a new anti-utopian movie full of humor.

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Exhibition of New Works 2 OMORI Provides on-site PV

Which world is more real? Its entirely up to you.


Spring 2020, Japanese version and other language sales decisions!

OMORI is made by RPG Master MV. JRPG works of surreal psychological terror are reflected in fantastic dreams.

OMOCAT, the LA emerging development group that launched commodities in Japan, also successfully produced games for the first time and was close to completion of development after Kickstarters successful crowdsourcing in 2014.

Both are equally tender, and both are equally secretive, shuttling between the two worlds.

People who meet for the first time, or meet for the first time to fight the enemy. In the journey of memory, hide the truth you dont want to know, but seek the truth you dont want to know and embark on the journey.

One day you have to decide which world to live in, and the choice is yours.

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Exhibition of New Works 3 Subnautica Deep Sea Trek for on-site trial

The Pyramid of the Legendary Survival Game

Finally, PlayStation 4 decided to sell in Japan on January 16, 2020.

Subnautica is a game of survival in the marine world, exploring the beautiful and dangerous ocean alone. The masterpiece in the game of survival is considered one of the best works. PlayStation 4 finally landed in Japan.

Setting in the future world, after a spaceship crash, the players astronaut falls into the ocean of an alien planet. While trying to survive, the player tries to explore the cause of the spaceship crash and find a way to leave the planet.

When we reach the ocean planet, we continue to explore the vast ocean and find ways to escape from it.

Colorful coral reefs and spectacular volcanic caves are the most dazzling and beautiful. But players have to make sure they need basic oxygen and food to survive. As the adventure progresses, unknown creatures and companions can be gathered, and bases and submarines can begin to be owned. However, there are still dangerous creatures on the planet that have never been seen before, and these creatures will launch surprising attacks. Can players escape this dangerous ocean planet safely?

PLAYISM decided to launch PlayStation 4 in Japan. The physical edition will be booked at JST 15:00 on Wednesday, September 11 in retail stores across the country. In the first special edition, 32 pages of survival guides for beginners are attached to the disc.

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BrightMemory BrightMemory is on display for live trial.

Individual Development Works by Chinese Developers

Blooming Beautiful and Brilliant Combination Action FPS

BrightMemory EA Edition

Japanese and English Edition Release Decision in 2019

BrightMemory is produced by a young Chinese developer. The most amazing thing is that game making is also completely self-taught. Its vivid pictures and exciting actions fully show the gameplay, which has become a hot topic in the world.

In the cities of the future in 2020, SRO found a pair of legendary relics in an investigation of criminal activities involving illegal cultural relics. It was found that the relics consisted of special structures of multi-layered structures, and a peculiar substance was found among them that could wake up dead creatures.

Third-party terrorist organizations (SAI) want to get the material to wake up dead organisms. They use the latest technology physical and chemical transmitter to steal relevant information from SRO Research Institute, and change the coordinates of the transmitter placed in the research institute.

The protagonist, Shuya, accidentally started the transmitter in his struggle and used his own equipment, the Destroyer, to absorb the power of transmission in the transmitter to arrive at the Arctic fringe, an air continent that has been hidden for thousands of years. There are a large number of ancient creatures and corpses that have been resurrected by the diffusion of exotic substances.

In the game, Shuya not only uses its only transmission power to crush SAIs plan, but also goes to different places to explore and discover, get key clues to crack layer by layer, until the last level of the mystery is thoroughly solved, it finds that there is a greater secret behind the event...

This work is a super refreshing FPS game with gorgeous and varied attacks.

Developer Feiyan Islands Personal Studio has been fully self-taught Unreal Engine 4 since the age of 15. Develop the BrightMemory game on its own. Recently, the latest RTX ray tracing technology has been more skillfully integrated into it, with unparalleled personal development quality.

In addition, BrightMemory: Infinite is also under development. PLAYISM will own global copyrights outside the China area of BrightMemory EA and BrightMemory: Infinite, and decide to sell Japanese and English versions of EA this year.


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The following games will also be displayed and tested in PLAYISM.

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