After the girls blind date, she said to the man, I know why you are not married at 35 years old.

 After the girls blind date, she said to the man, I know why you are not married at 35 years old.

As long as we work hard, as long as we are diligent and ambitious, we can not depend on other peoples lives, and we need not rush to use marriage as a springboard or end up in marriage. Of course, ideological emancipation is also increasing, so that the pressure of their delayed marriage is gradually reduced.

But if a man marries late and gives birth later, it may be said that a woman is afraid that marriage will delay her career, because it usually takes several years to have children after marriage. Men are relatively free from this problem, so sometimes career marriages can be taken into account.

Of course, some men are afraid of the constraints of marriage, or they really dont have much time to manage love or marriage, so they choose to marry later.

But there are also some men, because they can not find a suitable marriage partner, so they can only be arranged by family and friends, constantly dating, constantly understanding the opposite sex, but ultimately still the older the older.

This kind of situation, first of all, may be that the mans own conditions are normal, but family background and conditions are not the main reasons for singleness, even the appearance is not.

Some people are single. No one really likes him. Speaking of women now are sober and realistic, but there are also many women chasing and believing in love.

And this love needs two people to be comfortable and happy together, get along well with each other, at the same time, feel the advantages of this mans tenderness or caring for others.

If this man, apart from his poor economic condition, poor self-condition, bad personality, will not come, that is, the so-called emotional intelligence, then no one will look up to him to accept him, that is, the matter of reason.

And such a person, in fact, there are many around, netizen Ah Zhi blind date, met one. After the conversation, she also felt that the man made herself very uncomfortable.

Ah Zhi, 25 years old, looks okay. When she heard that her date was 10 years older than her, she didnt want to go. Of course, she was urged by her parents.

Parents think that their own conditions are general, Ah Zhi has no formal job, but only to work for others, so can not delay, and then drag down for fear that she will not marry out.

And the object of Ah Zhis blind date, work is relatively stable. After meeting, Ah Zhi has no topic. Men are discussing the status quo of Ah Zhi from beginning to end.

Because first asked her about her job, and then some disdain, began to talk about education Ah Zhi, such as: You look good, you can do the network anchor ah, when the net red is very profitable, your job now has no future...

Ah Zhi went all the way, listening to him continue to say: Otherwise you can take the civil service exam, this stability, the family also have face... Since then, he has repeatedly listed the good of civil servants, which has been considered by Ah Zhi.

Afterwards, Ah Zhi said, I am very busy and tired at work. I dont have much time to study.

The man said, Be busy, enrich, young people dont feel tired. If you dont struggle now, you wont make money and you dont make progress, you will regret it later. My first requirement for finding a partner is that the other party is financially independent and does not need my support. Now men and women are equal, and I am not afraid to marry a strong woman...

Throughout the meal, men have been only concerned about their own food, only about their own opinions and reasoning.

Ah Zhi felt uncomfortable and insisted on finishing the meal and said to the man, I dont think we are suitable, and I can guess why you are 35 years old and still unmarried!

The man asked her what she meant. She didnt say anything but said goodbye and went home. In Azis opinion, mens EQ is too low and annoying.

She said that she was not lazy, would not be married to be idle, would not work, but at least hope that the people who married themselves, have the sense of taking care of themselves to rely on, rather than urge themselves to struggle to make money.

If you are really a strong woman, why do you look at such a man and marry him?

Indeed, this mans problem, first of all, is that he has a low EQ. It must be unpleasant to talk to someone like this. But at the same time, the deeper problem, hidden under his low EQ, is what this man is not so important.

That is his performance, which shows that he is mostly an unreliable marriage partner. That is to say, his view on marriage is to live in partnership and pay for each other, so he demands that the woman should also be financially independent.

Such a man, if he marries him, will be despised by him and disliked by him when his children are not paid. He doesnt think its a mans business to support his family. He doesnt feel so responsible.

Even want to marry a strong woman, that will invisibly improve the quality of his life, naturally is a good thing.

But what are his strengths and strengths that make the strong women like him? Maybe he hasnt thought about it. Is it because he admires strong women or likes to urge his women to make more money?

Obviously, a man like him should be a broker, not a husband. I may not be very good, but I fantasize about looking for a particularly good and capable woman.

Although he is right about the idea of equality between men and women, women can also make money and support their families.

But men should have a sense of responsibility and responsibility first. Even if they are not able to do so, they should at least have the consciousness and psychology of protecting and caring for their wives, children and family members.

Instead of looking for a woman to share the pressure and burden of life with herself, even if the other side earns more than herself, in order to relieve the pressure and burden of herself.

Fortunately, this mans psychology is shown in his speech.

It would be even worse if he was just beating around the bush, or if he had such an idea in mind that he deceived those women who he thought were capable, coaxed them into being his own targets and then used them.

So its appropriate to go back and say that he has a low EQ. At the same time, the reason why he is single and can not find the right person is obvious and inevitable.