With the sixth big actress named after her role, shes back.

 With the sixth big actress named after her role, shes back.

Although there have been many melons before, we still enjoy eating real melons.

Youyi is adapted from the author Priests You Bandits, telling the story of ancient rivers and lakes.

Previously, Zhu Yilong and Jinchen had been posted on the Internet, and there were marketing numbers exploding Zhou Dongyu and Chen Xiao, while the best male and female masters in their hearts were young Zhang Zhen and Zhang Ziyi.

More importantly, there are many women and men who are expected to vote. Although Zhao Liying Wang Yibo is also among the many stories, the voting rate is very low.

For Zhao Liyings partner Wang Yibo, there are still some doubts.

But for Zhao Liying, Youyi as her first postpartum comeback work, career planning is quite shrewd.


After Bandits was changed into a play, it was called Youyi. The title of the play took the name of the hostess, and it was also a proper big hostess play.

This is Zhao Liyings sixth TV play named after a woman.

Zhao Liyings acting career is quite inspiring. She has no one-step good luck. Instead, she is playing the role of playing soy sauce, one by one, and she is now the first woman.

In A Dream of the New Red Chamber, she is a cape smoker with only one shot.

New Return to Zhuge gave her a real name. Among all the curses, only Qinger played by Zhao Liying had a slight appreciation.

And it was her first Bole, the Legend of Lu Zhenqi, that was her first play named after the heroine. Zhao Liyingcais real first appearance in the play also officially began her career as a heroine.

Later, Sugiyama Comes received a good ratings, Zhao Liying-kuang won a group of aunt fans, the idol play Douban score also reached 7.4 points.

Zhao Liying finally became popular.

Flowers and Bones, also named after the heroine, is called phenomenal TV series.

Huo Jianhua became famous again. He also won the fame of Mark. The word Wangfu was once used to describe Zhao Liying.

The fourth play, Carmine, named after the female leading role, has not enough water, but in the same year, a wave of CP powder has been harvested from Qingyun Zhi and Laojiumen by partners.

And the fifth part of Chu Qiao Zhuan, another major female drama, the ratings and popularity once again the first.

She knows where her focus is and what her strengths are, so that her confidants can stand on their feet.


Looking at Zhao Liyings top five major actresses, three of them are costume operas, a modern opera and a Republic of China opera.

Ancient costume drama is her best field. Her way back to life is to continue to consolidate her position as the leading lady of the ancient costume drama.

There are different ways for female stars to come back.

Zhao Liying has also been to Variety Art and Fashion Week before. However, she has always been in the field of TV dramas, and her reputation is relatively good. Her comeback is cautious.

There are also many female stars who have a sad history of their postpartum comeback. Yao Chen has not been filmed for several years. Meizhuang actress Liangxi said that after giving birth, the child is cruelly beaten by the reality. Ma Yilu was criticized by the audience in Beisheng Guang Does not Believe in Tears because of her postpartum figure. She had to write a piece Pan Yun to every professional backside. Grandma: Go fight back.

Not daring to rest is the first thought of female stars and even women after childbirth.

Zhao Liyings resurrection speed is also quite astonishing. Six months later, she first took pictures to have dinner with director Zheng Xiaolong to discuss cooperation.

After all, she plays Chu Qiao Biography, and the author once made an announcement on Weibo. She needs to do everything herself.

For a working woman, being a mother requires ten times more effort in her career to prove herself.

For the popular actress, in the entertainment circle where there are more monks and fewer porridges, the status needs to be stable, and it needs to rely on works and certain exposure to prove itself.

Now it seems that she is going to come back again. I wonder if she can keep the same fever as before her birth.

Source: Sun Yilin_NK5261, Editor-in-Charge of Manuscript Editorial Department