The Great Crocodile Storm sends out a fatal reciprocal warning that the beasts will take turns to fight

 The Great Crocodile Storm sends out a fatal reciprocal warning that the beasts will take turns to fight

Netease Entertainment reported on September 10 by netizens as the thriller version of Beauty and Beast of Crocodile Storm, today exposed the fatal reciprocal hand-painted posters and warnings, the picture of heroine Haili almost to be overtaken by crocodiles, reduced to crocodile food, life and death line, particularly shocking. The film, produced by Paramount Pictures, will be released on the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 12. At that time, the audience will experience a unique film-watching experience of full-range high-energy on the screen.

Life hangs by a thread! Stormy beasts take turns in battle

The exposure of the beautiful wind hand-painted posters full of tension, cold color outlines a dangerous situation. Hayley was caught in a flood whirlpool, trying to swim to the escape exit, but the crocodile underneath was fierce, showing its fangs and teeth, pursuing hard to close to bare feet! _____________

In another picture, the two sides are very close. Crocodile killing, Hailis eyes show despair, but there is no way back behind the corner, so breathtaking scenes, people can feel the silent terror in the empty space.

In addition to being surrounded and intercepted by crocodile enemies, Haili is also facing the life and death test of natural disasters. Hurricanes destroy the world, flooding is about to submerge roofs, underwater killing aircraft everywhere, everywhere in disorder to block the line of sight, looking for an exit is more resistance. The double attack of disaster and lethal beast makes the secret room escape danger. Such ups and downs of the plot, coupled with shocking visual scenes, will certainly give the audience a pleasant sensory impact.

Thrilling excitement! Meatfight giant alligator Jedi counterattack

The movies biggest attraction is the desperate struggle between the helpless Hailie and the giant crocodile. Although she is a swimmer, the underwater race between Haili and the crocodile is still a contest of great strength. The injured girl with bare hands is torn and dragged by cold-blooded animals several times different in size. The cruel pictures make people frightened. The claustrophobic space aggravates the sense of suffocation in danger. The audience was also inspired by Hailis spirit of never giving up in the desperate situation of fighting wit and courage against crocodiles and enduring severe pain to rescue her trapped father.

Kaya Scudario, the heroine of the Mobile Labyrinth series, has never been to the gym. In order to get closer to the image of female alligator fighter, she has trained her muscles and learned swimming skills. Its probably the hardest job Ive ever had. Sometimes I come home with wounds and mud on my back, Kaya said.

Crocodile Storm is produced by Paramount Film Company, directed by thriller director Alexander Agar, and starred by Kaya Scudario, Barry Pepper and Ross Anderson. It will land on the national courtyard on September 12.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Du Jiayue_NK6020