Look ahead at the launch of the iPhone 11: Dont stay up late

 Look ahead at the launch of the iPhone 11: Dont stay up late


In terms of naming, the new iPhone may be the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11Pro, and the iPhone 11ProMax, with sizes of 5.8 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.5 inches, respectively. It is still Liu Haiping.

In terms of configuration, the new iPhone will be upgraded to A13 processor, and the battery capacity will increase to more than 3000 mAh.

In addition, the iPhone 11 may add lavender purple and dark green.

The most important change in the iPhone 11 series is the cameras. The original single-camera XR will be upgraded to dual-camera, while the original dual-camera two models will be upgraded to three-camera bathroom. It is said to be a combination of 12 megapixel long focus lens + 12 megapixel wide angle lens + 12 megapixel ultra wide angle lens.

The same thing is that ROM is still 64GB, 256GB and 512GB3, with Lighting interface at the bottom.


According to Bloomberg, the iPad may launch two models in September or October, including the iPad Pro and the 10.2-inch iPad.

The new iPad Pro is not expected to undergo major design changes and will upgrade cameras and chips. There are also rumors that the iPad Pro camera will also be upgraded to Bath Master three-camera, but the real situation is not yet clear.

The new iPad will be upgraded from 9.7 inches to 10.2 inches, with thinner borders and support for Apple Pencil.

The new product, which may continue to be called the iPad, will remain priced at $329 (about 2,340 yuan).


The new MacBook Pro will feature a completely new design with a 16-inch screen and a 15-inch fuselage, a narrower border and a resolution of perhaps 3072 x 1920.

In addition, the new MacBook Pro may use Intels 9th-generation Coffee LakeRefresh chip.

Most notably, the new MacBook Pro may have a completely new keyboard, with longer keystroke and better durability due to the use of fiberglass to strengthen the structure of the keycap.


AppleWatchs fifth generation has little difference in appearance from its predecessors, mainly in terms of material and core configuration upgrades.

It is reported that the new Apple Watch processor will be upgraded to AW5 chips, and there will be major changes in material, including the first use of titanium metal shell, and the introduction of a long-silent version of the ceramic shell.

IOS 13 Official Edition

The official version of iOS 13 may be launched in September this year. At the previous WWDC conference, Apple announced many improvements and new features of iOS 13, including improved face recognition speed, new dark mode, sliding input method, etc., as well as great improvements in privacy and security.

According to past practice, this autumn conference will be held on September 10, and new products will be launched on September 20, while the new system is usually launched two days before the formal launch of new products, that is, the official version of iOS13 may be launched on September 18.

Game Subscription Service AppleArcade

Apple Arcade, a game subscription service, is said to be launching more than 100 exclusive games, which were released at Apples Spring Conference this year and are not yet online.

According to the foreign media 9to5Mac, Apple Arcade will probably be launched at the same time as the official iOS 13 version at a subscription fee of $4.99 per month (about RMB 35), plus a one-month free trial period.

In addition, it has been reported that almost all AppStore countries and regions can subscribe to this service.

Streaming Media Service AppleTV+

Apple TV + is a streaming media service for Apple, which includes movies, sports, entertainment and other videos, and does not contain advertisements to support family sharing.

It is understood that Apple has invested more than $6 billion (about 42.4 billion yuan) in Apple TV + to produce original movies or TV programs.

According to foreign media, the subscription fee for Apple TV + may be $9.99 per month (about 71 yuan).

Some sources said that Apple TV + will be launched in November, and maybe more information will be available at the fall press conference.

Bluetooth Tracker

According to a recent exclusive report by MacRumors, a foreign media company, Apple is developing a Tile-like Bluetooth tracker that can help users track their personal belongings, such as keys and wallets.

This Bluetooth tracker needs to be used in conjunction with the FindMy application in iOS 13 and may also use AR technology.

Apple analyst Guo Mingpi said that the Bluetooth tracker will use UWB or UWB technology to provide very accurate positioning accuracy.

In addition to the main products and services mentioned above, the accessories matched with the new products will naturally be updated.

It is expected that this year will be no exception. Apple will launch an iPhone case, an Apple Watch strap and an iPad protective case, and color matching will probably coincide with the autumn season.

However, the above information is basically explosive, and has not been officially confirmed, but also depends on the September 11 launch of Apples new products in autumn.

Source: PCPOP Responsible Editor: Han Yibing_NT3945