Online love? The kind that cheats money.

 Online love? The kind that cheats money.

You may have fallen into the Southeast Asian Pig Killing Plate.


What is a pig tray?

In fact, the process of fraud is not complicated, that is, to disguise a high-powered personality first, to find candidates in the major online platforms of marriage and dating, to win each others favor and trust, to take customized scripts and love each other, step by step to control his body and mind, so that it falls into the abyss of love.

People who are blind because of falling in love are called pigs. Cheaters are called dog pushes, and the establishment of love relationship is called pig raising.

In the process of enjoying love, the victim is willing to fall into the butchers knife of the cheater, and can not find the butcher after being slaughtered.


Behind the Growth of Crime

The Grey Industry Chain Hidden Perfect

2018 is a year when pig trays are rampant. According to the incomplete statistics of victims, the number of victims in the country has exceeded 1,000, the amount of deceived is over 100 million, and the data is still rising.

Because it involves cross-border, the domestic police are more difficult to pursue, coupled with the fact that it is difficult to file a case for gambling, some people have lost their homes and property, some have committed suicide, and others have experienced mental disorders after the double betrayal of love and money.

That kind of despair can hardly be saved.

Behind the growth of crime, there is a perfect grey industrial chain, and a set of rigorous operational routines has been formulated.

Whats more terrible is that these traders have just packaged themselves into regular enterprises to recruit.

Every employee needs at least one weeks professional training before taking up his or her job. The company will issue an 80-page Latest Pig Killing Strategy, which is only part of it.

The whole process can be described as perfect from setting up packaging to chatting skills, to establishing feelings, breaking into key points, and finally to long-term fishing.

They all say that cheaters are not terrible, but they are afraid that cheaters are cultured.

In this Pig Killing Strategy, we record in detail the personality characteristics and psychological weaknesses of different target groups, the coping plans of every detail in the process of building trust and cultivating feelings, a large number of technical terms and elaborate high-quality scripts.

In order to prevent confusion of roles, some companies will put the words boyfriends cell phone and girlfriends cell phone on each work phone.

According to this set of routines, a short and poor man can easily hook up with older single women and young men in big cities, and the empty and lonely man is more comfortable.

Among the fraudulent targets, women are more than men, and older single women are the most.

Male cheaters embezzle avatars, mostly for tall, handsome, mature elite men, but also to cater to the preferences of single older women.

Although the operation of packing the circle of friends seems very common, there are always some people who will be successful.

Many people will surely ask, how can people of this age be deceived?

Basically, people who fall in love and get confused by online gambling are almost incapable of identifying. They will not only invest all their savings, but also overdraw all their credit to make loans.

For piglets who refuse to cooperate, cheaters will also play emotional cards to exert pressure and force you to follow suit.


Womens Dreams

Become a soft spot in the eyes of criminals

The key to this problem lies not in the word hegemony, but in the word president. What does the president represent? Its not good to change your dignity and money into a manager or a clerk or a village head.

There used to be a novel reading website to make statistics. The top eight keywords in the top eight novels with the highest number of female clicks were tyrannical president, powerful family and famous family.

The plots of these stories are all dreamlike Marissu, who is usually a rich and handsome president who crazily pursues a girl with ordinary stature and general family background and education.

It is precisely because many ordinary girls are in love with the rich and handsome one day, and he loves all kinds of beautiful women around him unreasonably, and only loves your dream, so fantasy of rich and romantic love, in the eyes of cheaters, becomes the weakness of girls.

Once there is demand, it means there is a market. Those cheaters who eat people take advantage of the weaknesses of some girlshearts to prescribe the right medicine.

In todays Internet age, its impossible to judge whether a person is a dog or a machine talking to you on the other end of the mobile phone.

Material desire, let your heart beat the cost, has even been low enough to require only a few delicate circle of friends photos, a few words of sweet words in the soft ribs.

The cruelest thing in the world is to give people sincere hope first and then push them to the abyss.

Nevertheless, please remember: love and communication are thousand and one. Keep reason first.