China Super League Best in August: Hengda Wins Three Awards Paulinio Wins Best Player

 China Super League Best in August: Hengda Wins Three Awards Paulinio Wins Best Player

From Aug. 2 to Aug. 15, the Chinese Super League staged three rounds of exciting matches, and 16 teams dedicated 23 football feasts to the fans. In August, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao still played a song of triumph and continued to lead the scoreboard. Beijing Zhonghe Guoan, who ranked second, was unwilling to lag behind. Under the leadership of the new commander-in-chief, Renessio, he rose to catch up. In addition to the wonderful Championship show, the performances of the players also left a deep impression on the fans. Duan Liu Yumen, a young general, shot brilliantly in front of the gate. Chen Jies ultra-long flying chop made people feel inspired. Zhang Luns repeated rescue thrilled people. Wu Lus two consecutive flutters made the hall full of applause.

With the wonderful ending of August, the best monthly selection of the Chinese Super League has also come. According to the official scoring system, we strive to objectively select the best candidates for each award. Finally, through the active participation of fans in the vote, Guangzhou Evergreen Taobao won three best, Cannavaro was elected the best coach, Paulinio won the best player title, Yan Dinghao took the best U21 player award into his arms, Zhang Luke from Tianhai, Tianjin, won the best goalkeeper award in August.

In August, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao played well, with two strong rivals, Li Ke, and the teams unbeaten record also continued. The storm of youth under Cannavaro is getting worse and worse, and the seven champions are quietly recovering. Cannavaros hat trick of the best coach of the month is the best proof of his coaching ability.

Paulinio, as the core of the team, is undoubtedly capable of attacking and defending both ends of the team. In addition to the excellent performance on the pitch, as the teams eldest brother and captain, Paulinio constantly helps young players grow on the pitch. As an excellent foreign aid representative of the Chinese Super League, Paulinios exemplary strength is irreplaceable.

As the representative of Chinas new generation of excellent goalkeepers, Zhang Luns ability has been highly praised. Although the teams current record is not good, but Zhang Luzhens defense is reassuring, the success rate of 79% of the three matches is the best illustration. With the magic of August, Zhang Lu won the best goalkeeper of the Chinese Super League monthly for the first time.

In August, Yan Dinghao was slightly disappointed. In addition to failing to score, it was injured in the match against the strong opponents. Although only 128 minutes, Guangzhou Evergreen Taobao, a rising star in the front court, has won the support of many fans and the title of best U21 player in a row. At the same time, I hope Yan Dinghao will recover soon and return to green stubble.

With the coming out of the best awards, the best lineup for August comes out, and this time the best lineup is still in the 4-4-2 format. Zhang Lulu, who won the best goalkeeper in August, and Paulinio, who won the best player in August, were automatically selected as the best team in the month. According to the official scoring system, nine players were finally selected as the best team in the order of scoring. The list of the best team in August is as follows:

Forward: Sosa, Anatovic

Avant-garde: Duan Liu Yu, Paulinio, Cai Huikang, Yang Liyu

Guards: Jin Taiyan, Yu Dabao, Liu Yang (Tianjin Teda), Tomorrow

Goalkeeper: Heron Zhang