Old people in yellow clothes brandish their own single flag as part-time netizens: its shameful to collect money at random in Hong Kong

 Old people in yellow clothes brandish their own single flag as part-time netizens: its shameful to collect money at random in Hong Kong

(Photo Source: Wen Wei Bao)

Hong Kong media, such as Wen Hui Pao and Dian Xin, reported that during the so-called demonstrations held in Hong Kong in the past, news of demonstrators collecting money and doing things came out from time to time. Recently, a man wearing a yellow jacket took part in an illegal demonstration in Devon Square, Kowloon Bay. He stood among the crowd holding the banner of Hong Kong Independence. When an old lady saw it, she immediately went forward and scolded the man for forgetting his book. The atmosphere was tense for a time. After that, the old lady left at the persuasion of two other men, and several Hong Kong citizens took turns to accuse the flag bearer of being a traitor.

Later, it was found that the flag bearer had been photographed waving a single flag on several occasions. When he waved the Hong Kong English Flag in Causeway Bay earlier, he exploded: Im at work, Big Brother! I have a boss, in the back! Wen Wei Bao speculated that it was collecting money to participate in illegal demonstrations.

Reported that some netizens criticized that there is so much work to do, why do they want to be traitors? Others said that those who sell their conscience will be condemned by heaven and it is shameful to collect money and destroy Hong Kong.

In addition, Ta Kung Pao reported that Jiang Liyun, a member of the Legislative Council of the Peoples Construction Federation of China, had disclosed in a radio interview on 16 July that substantial evidence had been obtained and that young people had collected money to participate in the demonstration.

Screenshots of Ta Kung Paos Report

In August, Ta Kung Pao also revealed examples of people claiming to collect money to participate in demonstrations. Reported that a female student said that her sister told her that she had money to collect at Hong Kong airport, so she did not want to go, to the airport, but also raise the sign, but also blindfolded, because they always received other peoples money. After completing the game, the girl had planned to leave happily with the money and never wanted to be asked to check her cell phone. A group of people rushed to hold her hands and feet, pulled her hair, grabbed her cell phone and looked through it. When they found that some groups were not satisfied with the content of the discussion, they threw the cell phone to the ground more violently. The girl said she didnt want to take part in the demonstration any more, but the sister said that if she didnt obey, she would disclose her information and ruin her future.

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