On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a group of amnesty objects were released according to law

 On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a group of amnesty objects were released according to law

After the orderly and efficient work of the relevant departments, a group of elderly, minors and female criminals conforming to the amnesty decision were released according to law on the eve of the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival in China. They have expressed their gratitude to the Party and the state for their great care, and will certainly cherish this hard-won opportunity to be a useful and responsible law-abiding citizen to society and family.

When I learned of my husbands death, I lost confidence in my life and future when I thought that there were still young children left unattended at home. The amnesty decree issued by President Xi gave me hope for rebirth. I thanked President Xi, the government and the prison police officers for running around to collect evidence for me in the hot summer. Liu Mouhong, standing in the court, has not been calm for a long time. The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon. It is something I never thought of to be able to reunite with my family on such a festival. I will accompany my son well on this festival.

In 2018, Liu Mohong was sentenced to two yearsimprisonment for gambling. While serving his sentence, unfortunate things happened in this family. Lius husband died on November 27, 2018, leaving Xiaowei, a 14-year-old son, at his relativeshome alone. Thank you for the amnesty. Let my mother go home. Im not alone anymore. Xiao Wei said that he would study hard and be beneficial to the country and society in the future.

On September 2, 2019, the Intermediate Peoples Court of Changsha City, Hunan Province, heard that Liu Mohong fully met the conditions for amnesty and granted amnesty according to the relevant provisions of the amnesty order.

On the same day, Liu Mohongs brother-in-law also came to Changsha Intermediate Peoples Court. He said that President Xis amnesty decree made us feel the special concern of the Party and the state for women, and made this family, which was on the verge of breaking up, regain its warmth.

Tian Mou, who has just celebrated his 19th birthday at Tiantanghe Womens Institute under the Beijing Prison Administration, has obtained an amnesty ruling from a judge of the Second Intermediate Peoples Court of Beijing. More than a year ago, after losing her love, she began to sink, committing extortion with others, and eventually was sentenced to prison for one year and ten months.

The moment I was caught, my heart was relaxed. In the subsequent pardon education conference held by the Beijing Prison Administration, Tian Mou analyzed himself as follows: although illegal income makes her eat, wear and use better than others, it is still hard to hide her inner emptiness. I know very well that the money is earned at the expense of hurting others, not with dignity.

After comprehensive evaluation, we believe that Tian Mou obeys the management, studies earnestly and has a correct attitude. He can help criminals who study hard to learn in class. He performs well in a comprehensive way and does not violate laws and regulations. Zhang Yongchun, deputy director of Tiantanghe Womens Institute, said.

At the end of June 2019, Tian Mou learned the news of amnesty when he organized a group to watch the news broadcast every night. Im very happy and excited to see that I met the amnesty requirement of `less than eighteen when I committed a crime, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or the remaining sentence of not more than one year. Subsequently, Tian Mou wrote the application. Two months later, she ushered in a turning point in her life: the amnesty application was granted.

Tian told reporters that being pardoned does not mean that the crime was pardoned. The harm done to the country and society in the past should be compensated with a lifetime. Daughters have changed a lot in these days. Grow up and understand. Tians father, who came to pick up his daughter from his hometown in Shanxi, told reporters that the good policies of the Party and the government had made it possible for a family to reunite on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival. He was extremely grateful. I will cherish it more, fulfill my responsibilities as a father, and guide her to the right path of life.

Zhang Mouhai, who also belongs to the seventh category of offenders in the amnesty decision, was sentenced to two years and four monthsimprisonment with a fine of 30,000 yuan, with the deadline of the sentence being 29 March 2020.

Wu Qingdong, deputy chief of the penalty enforcement section of Sanjiang Prison in Hainan Province, told reporters that Zhang Mouhai, the amnesty object, voluntarily returned 70,000 yuan of stolen money from fraudulent crimes to the victim before serving his sentence and obtained an understanding; during serving his sentence in Sanjiang Prison, he pleaded guilty and served the law, obeyed the discipline of the civilian police, abided by various prison rules and regulations, and actively participated in various prison organizations. There are no violations of discipline and regulations in education, study and productive labor.

Zhang Mouhai was very excited after he was granted amnesty: The country is becoming stronger and stronger, the society is progressing more and more. Thank the country and the government for giving me this opportunity, I have long been looking forward to a day back home. Most of all, I want to have a Mid-Autumn reunion dinner with my father, mother, brother and grandmother. Now I especially want to eat the fish made by my mother. Zhang Mouhai said that his family had bought mooncakes and waited for him to come home for reunion.

I miss my relatives every festival. The 77-year-old Wunimou never dreamed that he would be reunited with his family in his lifetime, or when the Mid-Autumn Festival came. On July 15, 2016, Unimou was sentenced to 10 yearsimprisonment for the crime of illegally manufacturing firearms. That kind of despair once gave him the idea of living lightly.

On the morning of September 3, Yuan Jun, President of the Trial Supervision Court of the Intermediate Peoples Court of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, read out an amnesty ruling on Wunimou in Ganzi Prison, Sichuan Province.

Unimou, who had spent more than three years in prison, was thrilled and his voice trembled. He told reporters that after studying the Amnesty Decree of the President of the Peoples Republic of China, when he realized that he met the sixth criterion, he could not believe it. The prison cadres are also very happy for me, and the family and villagers are especially happy to learn about it. Although I have committed a crime, the country has not abandoned me.

Thank Chairman Xi and the Party for their concern for the elderly and disabled criminals, so that my uncle can enjoy the joy of family reunion in his lifetime, and the Mid-Autumn Festival Jiajia can reunite with his family. We will use our own living example to publicize the good policies of the Party and the state and take the lead in abiding by discipline and law. Holding the old man tightly, Unis nephew Uniu closed his eyes with tears.