47-year-old pregnant woman bleeding after taking contraceptives for 6 days

 47-year-old pregnant woman bleeding after taking contraceptives for 6 days

Ms. Zhu of Pingxiang is 47 years old. She was pregnant more than a month ago. This is great news for Ms. Zhu. However, just a few days ago, the practice of a local hospital made Ms. Zhus family unacceptable.

At the end of August, she contacted a doctor in Pingxiang Hanhe Hospital. The doctor prescribed some medicines for pregnant women. Ms. Zhu took the prescription to the pharmacy of Hanhe Hospital to collect the medicines. The problem was also here.

It was at this time that Ms. Zhu found out that she had taken the wrong medicine. Until September 8, when the reporter interviewed, Ms. Zhu was still waiting for the results of the hospitals examination at Pingxiang Maternal and Child Health Hospital. Reporters learned that according to the Prescription Management Measures promulgated in 2007, pharmacists must make four checks and ten pairs in dispensing prescriptions. Prescriptions and drugs are two of the four checks, and pharmacists must check the name, dosage, specifications and usage of drugs. So how did the pharmacy dispensing drug in Hanhe Hospital make a mistake?

Hospital President Huang Xiaoling told reporters that the staff who issued Yousiming to Ms. Zhu was also a pregnant woman, and the person in charge of four checks and ten pairs was not present that day.

Huang Xiaoling told reporters that after the incident, they visited Ms. Zhu and made corrections in the hospital. For Ms. Zhus family, the most important concern is to take this contraceptive, whether there is a potential fertility risk. In this regard, the dean said that she was also consulting some literature, consulting some relevant experts, but as for the impact, he was not sure.

Ms. Zhus family suggested that the hospital must organize experts to carry out risk assessment of Ms. Zhus birth. On the morning of the 9th, Ms. Zhus family told reporters that the hospital had cooperated and was still negotiating on relevant details. In addition, Ms. Zhus family also complained to the local health department about the situation.

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