17,000 anti-cancer drugs are suspected to be lost in Zhongtong: full compensation will be made and the lost sites will be checked

 17,000 anti-cancer drugs are suspected to be lost in Zhongtong: full compensation will be made and the lost sites will be checked

A staff member of Zhongtong Service Point in Jiulong Bay, Baohe District, Hefei, Anhui Province, told Peng Mei News on November 11 that the parcel had been confirmed to have been lost at Fengxian, Shanghai, by inquiring about the logistics information of the package and checking it with the higher authorities. A staff member of Fengxian Branch of Zhongtong Express said that at present, the headquarters of Zhongtong Express has intervened in investigating and dealing with the incident.

A staff member of China Express Media Services Department said on the same day that the company will compensate the original price according to the amount on the invoice of the goods involved, and the compensation is expected to arrive in one week. At present, the company is still tracing the specific location of the lost items.

Mr. Lin said the drug Ivermos was given to his daughter, who had kidney cancer. We are from Anhui Province, where we can enjoy preferential treatment for purchasing medicines. Therefore, we always ask relatives to buy medicines in Anhui and send them to us. Mr. Lin said that at present, her daughter had withdrawn medicine for five days and her stomach began to ache.

Mr. Lin said that on August 23, Fan Xiaoxia, a cousin living in Hefei, Anhui Province, helped him buy four boxes of anti-cancer drug Ivermos tablets in a public hospital in Anhui Province at a total price of 17227.2 yuan. In the afternoon, Fan Xiaoxia sent the medicine from Hefei to Shanghai by Zhongtong Express. But three days later, he still hadnt received the package.

Details of the waybill show that on August 23, the package arrived at Hefei Transit Department; at 7:35 on the 24th, the package arrived at Fengxian, Shanghai; at 23:29 on the 26th, the package was being dispatched; after about 6 minutes, the package was received on behalf of the company, with a telephone number, saying that if there is any problem, it can be contacted.

This object area is really my area, I see only the logistics information to be arrived, but the object is not in my hands, the company handled. The company has a requirement to record the delivery that does not arrive every day. The dispatcher said.

Fan Xiaoxia admitted that the goods were not insured at that time. She said that when she first sent her mail to this outlet, some staff members had said that there was no insured business. Since then, she has sent couriers here and never lost them, so she didnt care about it this time.

On November 11, a staff member at Zhongtong Service Point in Jiulong Bay, Baohe District, Hefei said that they had insured prices, but did not stipulate the value of mail items to customers. So on that day, only the attributes of items were confirmed, and the prices of drugs were unknown. The two sides did not talk about the insured prices of items. The staff member also said, She often sends couriers here, and there has been no loss of parcels before.

Article 27 of the Interim Regulations on Express Delivery, newly implemented on May 1, 2018, stipulates that if express delivery is delayed, lost, damaged or short in contents, the liability for the insured express delivery shall be determined in accordance with the insurance rules agreed between the enterprise engaged in express delivery business and the sender; for the uninsured express delivery, the liability shall be determined in accordance with civil law. The relevant provisions determine the liability for compensation.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056