OPPO Reno2 Evaluation: Stabilizer + Night Vision Equivalent Video Invincible

 OPPO Reno2 Evaluation: Stabilizer + Night Vision Equivalent Video Invincible

Unique Side Rotation Lift Lens True and Full Screen Self-cultivation

OPPOReno2 series continues Renos unique design, simple atmosphere, more durable details. For the sake of the layout and aesthetics of the internal components of the whole machine, OPPOReno2 series eliminates the protrusion of the camera, and the corresponding thickness is slightly increased, which makes it more solid and heavy to grasp. At the bottom of the fuselage, we can see that Reno2 uses the Type-C interface and retains a 3.5mm headphone port, which is very convenient.

OPPOReno 2 Fuselage Back Design

OPPOReno2s back design is quite bright. The back of the fuselage adopts symmetrical central axis design. Four rear cameras are in the middle. The lower part is innovatively embellished with an O-Dot, surrounded by a green aluminium alloy O-ring, which presents in OPPOs iconic color and prevents lens from wearing during placing.

OPPOReno2 Fuselage Back Details

In color matching, OPPOReno2 has three kinds of color matching: deep sea night light, ocean heart and mist powder. In our hands, this is the deep-sea night light. The fuselage is black as a whole, but under the light, we can see the blue light and shadow flowing, just like the light spot in the deep-sea, with mysterious beauty.

OPPOReno2 Screen Design

OPPOReno2 uses a 6.5-inch panoramic screen with a very narrow frame design. The front-end cameras side-rotation lifting design makes the front screen bang-free, no holes, and a wider field of vision.

It is worth mentioning that OPPOReno2 has also added DCI-P3 gamut, which has richer color display. Watching video with OPPOReno2 can bring better experience. Here we use displayCAL to detect the screen of OPPOReno2. In the settings, we set the screen color mode of OPPOReno2 to be vivid. From the result graph, we can see that the gamut coverage reaches 99.4%, the color volume of sRGB reaches 146.4%, and we can see that the screen color difference is controlled to an average of 0.15, which means this. Block screen color display can be more comprehensive and accurate.

In addition, OPPOReno2 also uses a completely new design of DC dimming technology, which reduces the harmful blue light by 37.5% compared with Reno, and also protects the eyes and alleviates visual fatigue. It should be noted that OPPOReno2 is the first mobile phone in the world to pass the global eye protection certification of Rhine TU V in Germany.

As a characteristic of Reno series, here we focus on its side-rotation lifting structure. OPPOReno2s side-rotation lifting structure can continue the previous generations design, which integrates front-facing camera, front and rear flash, receiver and microphone. It can spin out 11.8 degrees and lift more than 200,000 times, and has three anti-drop protection measures of detection-instruction-recovery.

OPPO customizes the transmission structure and gap of stepper motor. Seven-tooth gear box, plastic gear and lubricant are used. Buffer spring and speed-down stage are added in the transmission to achieve the purpose of reducing noise. We measured the ejection and recovery of the whole side-rotation lifting structure. The whole process was very smooth and seamless, and there was no sound in the whole process, and there was no sense of vibration in the hand. The camera raised and lowered in a low-key manner.

Front Camera Rises

In order to ensure the beauty of the fuselage without fingerprint openings and faster unlocking, OPPOReno2 carries the photo-sensitive screen fingerprint 3.0, which brings the screen fingerprint unlocking technology to a new height. At the same time, the success rate and speed of wet hand unlocking are very fast, which is really convenient. Of course, as a way of unlocking, fast unlocking is not the most important, security is, so OPPOReno2 fingerprint unlocking added a new filter, can deal with more prosthetic attacks, security improvements.

Unlock with wet hands

Lets reckon that OPPO Reno2 fuselage is integrated with side-spin lifting structure, 5-fold hybrid optical zoom camera module, liquid-cooled heat dissipation, under-screen sensors and photo-sensitive screen fingerprints and 4000mAh batteries, but OPPO controls the fuselage thickness to 9.5mm, which is really very difficult. On the basis of guaranteeing functions, OPPO Reno2 is still persistent in the beauty of appearance, which is in line with the consistent pursuit of OPPO.

Four-camera full-focus image system records all the good things in the world?

Posterior Four Photographs with Five-fold Optical Zoom and Zoom Telescope

Lets look at OPPOReno2s rear four-camera lens, 48 million subject + 13 million focal length + 8 million wide angle + 2 million black-and-white style.

Among them, the 48-megapixel main camera uses Sony IMX586 photosensitive element, 1/2.0photosensitive area, which is probably the basis of OPPOReno2s excellent shooting quality. In addition, OPPOReno2 is equipped with F/1.7 super-large aperture, using four-in-one pixel aggregation technology under dark light conditions to enhance night light sensitivity, and equipped with OIS optical anti-shaking, to solve the problem of hand shaking of human photography. Lets take a look at the night photo of OPPOReno2.

Everyone knows that it is very easy to get noise when taking pictures at night with mobile phones, but the night sample of OPPOReno2 is extremely pure, even in the darkest part, there is no obvious noise. In terms of tolerance, OPPOReno2 also controls the weight of highlights and darkness very well, without too bright or too dark.

Nowadays night scene mode has become the standard of mobile phone photography, and OPPOReno2 has further upgraded on this basis, so there is the extreme night mode. Extreme night means extreme dark light. For low-light scenarios, OPPOReno2s extreme night mode further enhances the capture of light, which is more conducive to restoring more dark details in night shooting. Dont talk too much and put on airs.

Look at the sample picture. In general mode, the right side of the sample is dark because of insufficient light at night. It can only see roughly the outline, which is also the performance of most mobile phones in extreme light. By contrast, when the extreme night mode is turned on, the original dim dark details become clear and visible, while the brightness of the picture is further enhanced.

Extreme Night mode is not simply to enhance the entry light when shooting, and to make the night shoot as bright as daytime is not the purpose of Extreme Night mode. Actually, after the extreme night mode is turned on, the details and quality of the picture are further improved, and the photos processed by the extreme night mode are more in line with the original image visible to the naked eye.

After the extreme night mode, lets take a look at OPPOReno 2s long focal lenses - 13 million long focal lenses with 1/3.4photosensitive area and F/2.4 aperture. OPPOReno2 can achieve 5-fold optical zoom and 20-fold digital zoom. OPPOReno2 cooperates with three cameras with different focal lengths by using Fusion image fusion technology. Within 2 times, the subject is responsible for the view and zoom, and the non-destructive zoom can be basically realized based on the big bottom sum algorithm; 2-5 times the hybrid optical zoom can be achieved with the cooperation of the subject and the long focus lens, and up to 5 times the digital zoom can be achieved with the long focus lens.

With 8 million wide-angle cameras, the maximum wide-angle is 116 degrees. When the ultra-wide-angle mode is turned on, the viewing range increases. At the same time, OPPOReno2 supports the distortion problem of wide-angle lens. Through the correction of algorithm and the optimization of hardware, the wide-angle distortion control is perfect.

In addition to long focal length and wide angle, OPPOReno2 can accurately identify 2.5 cm ultra-short range scenes, and achieve a clear effect of micro-shot. Short range wide angle + autofocus lens is clear, long distance natural virtual, shallow depth of field effect, accurate focus.

Decathlon video shooting steady

It seems that too many photos have been taken. Lets talk about the video here. The main function of OPPOReno2 is super video anti-shake. As I said at the beginning, people are not satisfied with the high quality of pictures now. With the rise of tremble and Vlog, people are demanding more and more short videos. Obviously, using mobile phones is more convenient than carrying cannon to shoot. However, it is very difficult to achieve a stable character when using mobile phone to shoot.

To solve this problem, OPPOReno2 video super-jitter prevention was born. OPPOReno2 uses video HIS hybrid anti-shake technology, and supports OIS optical anti-shake + EIS electronic anti-shake. The sensitivity of gyroscope is increased by more than 200%. It can detect the mobile phones motion state more quickly and compensate the picture quickly. With the addition of video super-anti-shake function, it becomes accessible to shoot stable and smooth video blockbusters at random.

Video Super Jitter Prevention

In addition to super anti-shake, OPPOReno2 achieves front and rear positioning to support the effect of image background dummy, and the effect of dummy can be adjusted, making the image as the main body the most prominent in the whole picture. The realization of the virtual function is to simulate the effect of the virtual image by making a fine matting of each frame image and processing the background spot by GPU. Lets take a look at Reno2s virtualization through a video.

It can be seen that after the opening of the virtual function, the whole picture makes the characters more prominent, the human eye will unconsciously focus on the human body, so that the background pattern retains the contour without making noise and competing for the master, so that the whole picture is very complete. In detail, even though the front and back scenes are similar in color, the performance of boundary processing is still good, and there is no obvious phenomenon of misidentification when the characters are dynamic.

Namely Record SoLoop One Key Completes Later Editing

Most importantly, OPPOReno2 can not only shoot good videos, but also help you quickly fix the later stage. OPPOReno2 is equipped with self-developed intelligent editing software SoLoop, which can automatically match music, including different rhythm points of editing, transfer. Supporting intelligent subtitle function, it can recognize the voice dialogue in the video, automatically generate Chinese subtitles, the recognition accuracy can reach more than 90%, support manual addition of subtitles, that is, shoot-and-create.

Video editing

I believe many people find it difficult to add subtitles to video clips. In fact, its not difficult, but its a bit troublesome to match the video with your own hands. SoLoop can recognize speech intelligently and add subtitles, which saves the trouble of manual addition. And the accuracy is quite high, there are almost no errors.

After testing the video function of OPPOReno2, it feels that this can be said to have completed the one-stop shooting and editing service, covering all aspects of video, and the video shot is very clear, and post-processing is easy. To shoot a Vlog or tremble, it takes only a little time to get it done, and a few minutes to get a big picture.

ColorOS 6 Mobile Phone Knows Life Better than You

Lets talk about the mobile phone system again. OPPOReno2 carries the ColorOS 6 system of Android 9.0. The system was first proposed at the 5th Anniversary Conference of ColorOS last year. It joined Breeno Intelligent Voice Assistant at OPPO Developer Conference, which brought different experience.

ColorOS 6 system is mainly called Intelligent without Borders. Based on the modern system, the system interface removes the boundary line between many options, and quotes the concept of progressive color to make the animation more delicate. Intelligent assistant Breeno has also undergone a new upgrade, not only to listen, but also to learn and understand the users habits, and put forward suggestions for mobile phone settings in the current scenario.

Breeno can do the right thing in the right scenario, provide proactive application advice, and organize your important information such as itineraries, flights, etc. into cards. For example, as soon as you enter the cinema, Breeno will automatically pop up a silent reminder, get on the bus and automatically get the navigation route. When you get home, you can automatically access the switch of the intelligent device and play your favorite music with the Bluetooth sound. Come to the unit to fill in the recent attendance, consult Breenos information list to get the information of recent activities.

Breeno voice

OPPOReno2 standard multi-functional NFC, now supports 150 + cities of the countrys metro public transport, while supporting non-encrypted access cards and OPPOPay, go out without cards, can brush mobile phones, and more charges/flow recharge, lending, international Internet access, open membership and package functions.

Finally, there is another important practical function that we must say two more words here - dual Wi-Fi technology.

It is believed that many people have encountered a bad WiFi signal scenario. It is easy to arouse modern peoples anger to look at the loaded pages in circles. To solve this problem, OPPOReno2 carries OPPOs new mobile communication technology LinkBoost, which greatly improves the network signal and speed experience. Double Wi-Fi network acceleration technology allows mobile phones to connect two Wi-Fi, 2.4 G + 5G at the same time, and double-channel to achieve double overlap of network speed. SLA polymorphic network accelerates 2.0, Wi-Fi and 4G are online at the same time, reducing network latency. At the same time, special optimization is carried out for high-speed rail, elevator and other scenarios which need fast network search.

Full Blood Output Performance of Qiaolong 730G+Liquid-cooled Heat Dissipating Mobile Phone

In order to bring a better game experience, OPPOReno2 carries a GPU overfrequency version of Qianlong 730G, which is optimized for game performance. Qiaolong 730G positioning quasi-flagship, has many flagship characteristics, and the game experience has been targeted optimization and enhancement.

Qiaolong 730G adopts 8-nm process technology and integrates Kryo470 CPU, including two performance cores and six efficiency cores. ArmCortex technology can schedule these eight cores intelligently, and the CPU performance is improved by 25% compared with the previous generation.

From the running points, we can intuitively feel the performance improvement of the 730G. You can see that the 3-D Mark score of 2378 points has approached the former flagship processor of the Dragon 835. OPPOReno2 is a good choice for young people who like to play games.

OPPOReno2 for game optimization, not only in the processor, but also in the system optimization - GameBoost 2.0 system. OPPOReno2, a GameBoost 2.0 system, can predict the status of mobile phone in real time and the possible situation of Carton. It can meet your demand for the performance of mobile phone in time. It can make touch response faster, game response more timely, reduce touch insensitivity and Carton sense, increase frame rate stability by 35.8% and touch performance by 35.2%.

Of course, running points and data dont tell everything, so lets take a look at the actual results of the game. From the view of game frame rate, King Glory can run 60 frames full frame, and Peace Elite 30 frames running frame rate is also stable, there is no big fluctuation.

In addition, now OPPOReno2 and Ping Elite game frame rate is 30 frames because now the game can only open HD mode, can only say that the performance of 30 frames is due to the limitations of the game rather than OPPOReno2 limit. In the following session, we will open 60 frames to upgrade, and then we will take a look at OPPOReno2s game frame rate.

After the test of two games, OPPOReno2 can run such games as King Glory and Peace Elite smoothly and without pressure under the auspices of Qianlong 730G. Users who like such games can rest assured.

However, for the friends who like to play games, playing games with mobile phones, in addition to the high performance requirements, many times, the heat dissipation of mobile phones is also the focus of attention, after all, no one wants to play mobile phones for a while, mobile phones will become a warm hand treasure. OPPOReno2 upgraded this technology on the basis of previous generation cooling technology, such as heat conducting gel, three layer graphite, and copper tube liquid cooling three heat dissipation technology. Next, we will test how strong OPPOReno2 liquid cooling and heat dissipation technology is through two hours of heavy operation of high-quality games.

Testing with FlukeTIS60 Infrared Thermal Imager

First of all, we open the Peace Elite to test. In HD mode, after one hour of testing, the maximum temperature of OPPOReno2 front reaches 41 C, with an average of 39.3 C; the maximum temperature of OPPOReno2 back reaches 38.7 C, with an average of 36 C. The performance is very ideal, basically in line with the normal temperature performance when running the game. However, the greater role of OPPOReno2s liquid-cooled heat dissipation technology is reflected in the long-term sustained release of high performance, which will gradually be reflected in the next test.

In the actual test, we set the game to high frame rate mode and tested it through 5V5 regiment battle. After testing Peace Elite for one hour, and then Kings Glory, the game was tested, OPPO Reno2 did not appear particularly hot fuselage phenomenon. This also indirectly increases the immersion of the game, after all, no one likes to experience the game in the burning machine state.

OPPOReno2s Fever Performance in Kings Glory Game

Finally, the game test is completed. The data show that the highest temperature of OPPOReno2 front reaches 43.7 C, with an average of 40.4 C, while the highest temperature of OPPOReno2 back reaches 38 C, with an average of 36.4 C. With the help of liquid cooling technology, OPPOReno2 will not encounter the problem of fever and frequency reduction in the long game, which ensures that the long game can get full frame experience.

After a long time of high-quality game testing, we found that OPPOReno2s back high-temperature area mainly focused on the camera area, while the front high-temperature area mainly concentrated on the upper part of the screen. The temperature perception of the actual palm contact during the game is much lower than the temperature perception of the above test. And OPPOReno2 wont have a sudden increase in temperature after a period of time in the game, the temperature rise is more balanced, as far as heat dissipation experience is concerned, it has done quite well.

In terms of endurance, OPPOReno2 carries 4000 mAh batteries, which are charged with VOOC 3.0 flash charge, and the power is still 5V4A. VOOC 3.0 uses a new VFC charging algorithm to precisely control the voltage and current, keep the constant voltage charging power at a relatively higher level, safe and extremely fast, and reduce the heating of mobile phone charging. Above is a 30-minute charging test and a 5-hour endurance test.

Heres a description of the 5-hour duration: when the power is full, use half of the screen brightness and volume, clear the background program, take photos, play video, brush microblog, use micro-mail, browse web pages, mobile games, listen to music and read e-books in order, and record the remaining power of each node, test. It lasts five hours. 30-minute charging test: when the cell phone power is zero, turn off all background applications and charge for 30 minutes. Record the power every 5 minutes.

From the test results, OPPOReno2 has excellent performance in charging and endurance. The 4,000 mAh battery guarantees daily use, while VOOC 3.0s ultra-fast charging speed can help OPPOReno2 charge quickly. Big batteries with ultra-fast flash charge, so that heavy users with OPPOReno2 will not fall into the trouble of power failure.


People have always been willing to share their lives, and as technology advances, people share in ways ranging from early words to later pictures. Looking at the prevalence of trembles and Vlogs, maybe the video age is coming. In the photo period, peoples demand for mobile phones is to be able to take more clear and beautiful photos, but in the future, simple pictures may not be able to meet peoples needs.

The advent of OPPOReno2 undoubtedly means that OPPO has already sniffed this information and has taken the lead in video industry before other manufacturers. The release of OPPO Reno2 should also be the beginning of the transition from static image to dynamic image. With the increasing demand for video, OPPO takes the lead at this moment and should bring us more surprises in the future.

Source: Zhongguancun Online Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056