Does mobile video shooting have a measurement dimension? OPPO gave an answer with Reno2

 Does mobile video shooting have a measurement dimension? OPPO gave an answer with Reno2

Is the mobile camera powerful? To some extent, whether its the zoom ability to shoot birds on the moon, the night scene of multi-frame synthesis, or AIs automatic enhancement of dazzling mode, including VSCO and Snapseed mapping software, all facilitate usersvarious creations, and most of the applications such as Instagram, which have active users up to 1 billion per month, are also derived from it. Mobile phone photography is powerful.

Is it powerful? Not necessarily. Cameras not only need to take delicate still scenes of sparse shadows, transverse inclined water and shallow water, but also bring new demands. The dynamic changes of dark fragrance floating moon dusk are not so easy to create.

Short Video Rises, but Mobile Video Shooting is Nearly Hot

Before 2018, when you talk about King of KillTime, its not a mobile game: in June 2018, the average monthly game playing time for mobile users was 19.6 hours.

But after 2018, short videos have sprung up and seized the users time by destroying the fading situation. Users used to watch plays, play games, listen to music and read time, all contributed to short videos in succession.

This is in sharp contrast to the current static photography in terms of both quantity and quality. At present, the general situation of video shooting is that there are platforms, users, audiences, and the number has increased, but there is still a huge space for quality improvement.

Compared with the creation of words or pictures, the threshold of video creation is obviously much higher. If some people do have the gift of words or the aesthetic feeling of images, they can make brilliant strokes or stop-frame brilliant moments, but when it comes to complex short video shooting, they really need to watch more, learn more and think more.

In addition to self-reflection on the user side, short video creation inevitably encounters hardware and platform bottlenecks: whether it is 48 megapixels straight out, or four pixels in one to ensure purity, now photos are no longer worried about resolution. But the default 1080P video shooting specification cant stand re-enlarging, and many video platforms need to compress the video again in order to save bandwidth and traffic for users, until full screen big fruit.

The biggest problem in mobile video shooting comes from anti-shaking. If thats good, its the French New Wave doctrine, Lou Ye, who reproduces the handheld photography style of mobile phone video industry, but most people dont shake well. So far, to solve this problem, the high cost solution is to spend hundreds of dollars to buy hand-held photography while keeping fit. The low cost solution is to practice in summer, in summer, in summer, in winter and in winter.

Of course, there will undoubtedly be more and more video shooters using mobile phones to create, whether Vlog or short video, the dimension of human recording information will certainly be higher and higher, and the level of recording will also grow.

At this point, a recent hotspot is the opening of World of Warcraft nostalgic clothes, and a large number of established veteran players have returned to Azeroth to fight for the Alliance for the tribe. The popularity of World of Warcraft ten years ago directly affected the industrial structure of Internet cafes, because of the high hardware requirements for configuration, the Internet cafes that can update graphics cards and monitors in time and play World of Warcraft freely can immediately throw away competitors.

This is a typical example of the interaction between hardware and software.

So, when the short video tuyere blows, how should the hardware be innovated? What are the elements of mobile video shooting?

New Standards for Mobile Video Shooting: Anti-shake, Zoom and Editing

But OPPOReno2 is still the first to make video shooting a core selling point.

So what did Shenzhen Green Factory do for video shooting on Reno2?

As mentioned earlier, most mobile phones are facing the problems of insufficient resolution, zoom and shake-proof when shooting video, and the editing ability of most mobile video shooters is also insufficient.

In terms of basic effect, Reno2 mainly does some routine operations such as enhancing picture resolution, optimizing color performance, reducing frame drop, and adding video portrait virtualization, beauty, video blockbuster style.

In previous preheated videos, OPPO demonstrated the ability to resist shaking comparable to motion cameras.

OPPOReno2 uses video HIS hybrid anti-shake technology and supports OIS optical anti-shake + EIS electronic anti-shake. In addition to mixing two anti-shake technologies, OPPO also improves the sensitivity of the gyroscope by more than 200%, which can speed up the induction of mobile phone motion, so as to quickly compensate for the picture.

This technology is somewhat similar to the active noise reduction technology in the earphone industry, which is based on perceiving the external situation and then counteracting the external interference through the technology.

In the era of only one subject, once we zoom the video, we will probably get a retro resolution picture. But now with more and more mobile cameras, video has zoom capabilities like photos.

If the most useful scene of video zoom is a friend sitting on the top of a hill watching a star concert, he used to focus on the star, then constantly scratch the screen to zoom in and zoom in the big ant, and finally he can only see a personal silhouette. The significance of the long focus is that after enlarging and enlarging, alas, there is actually a smallpox on the stars face.

When Reno was released in the first half of the year, OPPO had already highlighted their efforts to improve the noise reduction of video radio, this time retaining the previous technology. In addition, when zooming, the distant sound will be magnified and drawn close together with the picture, and the sound and picture will be synchronized.

Then, the solution is left with the last link: solving peoples problems.

Before that, we have seen many mobile phones add AI enhancement function, so that small white users can also take good pictures.

Before that, 4K shooting, delayed and slow motion shooting were already popular on flagship mobile phones. This time on Reno 2, which focuses on video shooting, we see that smartphone manufacturers have proposed a systematic video shooting solution. Speaking of it, it solves three problems that have not been solved well in previous video creation: anti-shake, zoom and editing software.

Will video capability become a new battlefield for mobile phone competition?

Let me start with my answer. There is no doubt that video shooting will become a new battlefield for mobile phone competition.

Here we can post as a proof that OPPOReno2 is the first mobile phone in the second half of the year to write a special book on video capabilities, but certainly not the last one this year. More and more smartphones will begin to talk about how to enhance their video shooting capabilities.

If we brushed short videos on mobile phones three or four years ago, it would be painful to brush them for a while. The traffic is expensive. No, lets start with a WiFi.

By May this year, the average monthly traffic of smartphone users in China was 7.81GB, which was less than 800MB in the same period three years ago, and has increased tenfold in three years.

Logically, after 5G commercialization, this number will continue to soar, and short video will be a major traffic consumer in the foreseeable future.

More importantly, when network speed and traffic are no longer a problem, the clarity and fluency of streaming video will be comparable to that of local full HD video, and the days of trying to watch 480P video are gone forever.

So in the early days, 5G will not only innovate the viewing experience of video, but also put forward higher requirements for video shooting.

Just as social network sharing, especially live broadcasting, gives birth to the beauty function of mobile phones, where the traffic is, where the content is, where the content is, where the functional requirements of creation will be.

If you pay attention to all kinds of products in recent two years, such as news clients, microblogs, and even restrained micro-messages, the proportion of video content is getting heavier and heavier, and the column level and entrance are getting closer and closer, not to mention the newly rising B station tremble fast hand Micro-view these pure video platforms.

This is the direction of the tide.

OPPOReno2, as well as the mobile phones that will emerge later, are both catching up with the trend and contributing to it.

Users not only want to watch videos, but also want to shoot videos.

Among the motives of video shooting, Yueji is the most mainstream, while being recognized to make the video more beautiful. It means that users still want to shoot better videos by making friends with each other or for purely commercial purposes.

In the past few years, the reason why Chinas smartphones have been able to compete with Samsung Apple in the world and push Samsung Apple out of Top5 in China is that they have a good insight into the needs of users.

The combination of long focal length and wide angle lens is becoming more and more common. Double anti-shake of OIS and EIS is also common on high-end computers. In the future, the AI capability of mobile phone processors will only become stronger and stronger. It can be said that the video shooting scheme on Reno2 can be used on Reno2, and it is not a difficult problem for the follow-up products to continue. In addition, the idea of this solution can also be used as a reference for manufacturers who want to improve their video shooting capabilities.

So dont worry, Reno2s video shooting ability is not decided by shooting the head. If the situation is not right, it will be removed. It will become one of the future product genes of OPPO mobile phone, just like VOOC flash charging and avant-garde design.

From an industry point of view, Reno2 is actually opening a new track for video mobile phones, and running, it can be predicted that more and more runners will be on the track.

Source: Aifan Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056