Shenzhen plans to legislate to support women

 Shenzhen plans to legislate to support women

During rush hours, taking the subway, men and women mixed in crowded carriages, women were trapped in a group of male passengers, inch by inch difficult, very embarrassing.

In order to avoid embarrassment, two years ago, Shenzhen and Guangzhou set up female priority carriages and female carriages on some subway stations, but the situation has not improved significantly, especially in peak periods, many male passengers still poured into female carriages.

There are many male passengers in the womens priority carriage, just like other carriages.

However, this situation is expected to change in Shenzhen: on September 2, the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Peoples Congress posted on its official website the Regulations on Promoting Civilized Behavior in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (revised draft). Article 18 of the revised draft mentioned that the subway can set up priority carriages, and in peak hours, priority carriages can only be provided for the disabled and disabled people. For minors, women and other persons in need, the subway staff shall advise other passengers who take priority carriages to take them.

This regulation, triggered a heated discussion among netizens, once launched a hot search. However, at present, this regulation is still in the stage of soliciting opinions. Citizens with different opinions can give feedback to the Shenzhen Peoples Congress before September 23.

_Some contents of the Regulations on the Promotion of Civilized Behavior in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (Revised Draft).

Journalist experience

The Name of Womens Priority Car Exists

At 9:00 a.m. on September 10, Red Star journalists in Shenzhen took Metro Line 1 and found that there were six carriages on Line 1. The first and last two carriages belonged to womens priority carriages. The womens priority carriages were prominently posted on the shield doors and inside of the carriages.

However, when entering the female priority carriage, it was found that there were many male passengers sitting or standing scatteredly in the carriage. At each stop, when the door opened, many male passengers came in, just like other carriages.

Male Passengers in Female Priority Car

Just as theres no such thing, many passengers dont take it seriously. Miss Guo told Red Star News that she noticed that the Shenzhen Peoples Congress legislated to protect womens draft revision and supported it, because during rush hours, you are often squeezed out of the ground by your feet in the subway. Its embarrassing that several men around you pinch you in the middle.

There are many people who share the same opinion with Ms. Guo. Ms. Zhang in Shenzhen often goes to and from work by subway line 3.

In order to squeeze into the train, we need to queue up to 100 meters. Its only after 3-4 Metro trips that the opportunity of squeezing into the subway comes. Ms. Zhang said that in the crowded subway, if the surrounding area is female, it is obviously more open.

Red Star News also experienced the Shenzhen Metro Line 2, 3 and 11. When queuing up on the subway, the word womens priority carriages appeared on the ground or lined up in front of the screen, but many male passengers did not seem to see the queue of women in the subway.

Miss Guo said that womens preferential carriage has long been in existence. Similar phenomena also appeared in Guangzhou.

On June 26, 2017, Shenzhen took the lead in setting up female priority carriage on the subway. Two days later, Guangzhou also set up female carriage on the subway. The female carriage was dressed in pink and full of feminine flavor.

Male passengers queuing outside the Female Priority Car

When the female carriage was implemented in Guangzhou, Xiaoling looked forward to avoiding the intentional or unintentional harassment of individual people in the subway, but the reality was very difficult.

On September 11, Xiaoling told Red Star News: At the beginning of the implementation in Guangzhou, men were more conscious, even fewer male passengers were standing in the female carriage, but after a period of time, it was not possible, especially in the morning and evening rush hour, the female carriage was the same as other carriages.

Xiaoling is not optimistic about the legislative protection of womens occupancy and persuasion from men. After a days work, everybody is tired. How can we take into account that women are not females? Xiaoling said, but when she sees pregnant women, old people and children, ordinary passengers will also give up their seats.

Praise and bomb

It should depend on the situation.

Among the respondents to Shenzhens practice of supporting womens subway legislation, Mr. Huangs views are more representative. He said: Respecting women and encouraging women to give priority to is the embodiment of social civilization. But in the case of tight public resources, everyone is worried about being late for work and wants to go home early from work. When everyone is crowded, why exclude men from entering if there is relatively spacious space in womens carriages?

Shi Ganzhang, a lawyer who works in Shenzhen and is also a partner of Guanghe Law Firm in Guangdong Province, told Red Star News that it was not appropriate to set womens preferential carriages and persuade them to depart from the general rules, nor was it in line with Shenzhens reality. During rush hours, it is very difficult for workers to squeeze into the subway. If special priority carriages are set up to take care of women and other special groups, it will make it more difficult for workers to take the subway during rush hours. Therefore, he did not agree with the regulation, but in the off-peak period, he believed that settings could be considered.

Shenzhen has set up business carriages on Line 11, but business carriages are usually empty, while ordinary carriages are crowded with people. Shi Ganzhang said that it is absolutely unnecessary to set up commercial carriages in the metro, and there is a suspicion of wasting resources.

Business Car on Metro

Han Zhipeng, a well-known commentator on current affairs who has long paid attention to public affairs, also said in an interview with Red Star News that setting up womens priority carriages and advocating respect for women are the embodiment of gentlemans demeanor, but they belong to the moral category and are pushed a little too hard by legislation.

Han Zhipeng said that Shenzhens revised draft refers to giving people in need a ride, which should be clear and not too general. Otherwise, it is not clear who is in need. Legislation should be serious and rigorous.

Han Zhipeng said that there is no legislation on womens solitary metro space in other parts of the country. Will Shenzhen, a local law, give people a misunderstanding that Shenzhen has a lot of salty pig hands? Is the social atmosphere particularly bad?

Han Zhipeng suggested removing the commercial carriages to make full use of the Metro capacity. There is no need for public transport to be 369-class. Han Zhipeng said that if we want to do it, we should also do it on the basis of surplus capacity. Otherwise, it will cause waste of resources and most people have poor travel experience.

Male Passengers in Female Priority Car

Mr. Wang believes that Shenzhen and Guangzhou have consciously avoided female carriages when they took the subway after setting up female priority carriages and female carriages. Not everyone does that, but like me, there are a lot of people who consciously avoid it. Mr. Wang said that civilization is by no means immediate, but imperceptible, and needs constant reminder and guidance.

Mr. Wang believes that it is not necessary to set up special carriages for the disabled, because each carriage of the subway has special seats or chairs for the disabled, as long as they are fully utilized.

Mr. Wang has different opinions on the establishment of business carriages. He said: This is no problem, because Shenzhen Line 11 leads to the airport, which is equivalent to the airport special line. Domestically, airport line charges are generally high, and experience is good.

In addition, Mr. Wang believes that Shenzhen, as a highly developed commercial city, has frequent business and travel. If visitors experience poorly and cannot squeeze into the subway, they will destroy their impression of Shenzhen.

On the contrary, in addition to the business car, there are ordinary cars on Line 11, which take care of the needs of different groups. It should be praised for the diverse choices that Shenzhen has given its citizens. Mr. Wang said.

Xu Honghui, a lawyer of Guangdong Junzheng Law Firm, believes that in order to protect the rights and interests of the aged, the weak, the disabled and other groups, the state has enacted the Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly, the Law on the Protection of Minors, the Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Women and Children, the Law on the Protection of the Disabled, and so on. However, many regulations are too general, lack of landing measures and procedural guarantees, many rights become a blank letter, and in concept and society, many just pay attention to the protection of vulnerable groups as a whole, lack of humanistic care for individual vital interests. Shenzhens practice is worthy of affirmation.

On the afternoon of September 10, Red Star News came to Shenzhen Metro Company for an interview. A staff member in charge of docking media in the Party and Mass Department of Shenzhen Metro Company said, At present, the company has no voice on this issue. If so, it will be released at the first time.

Source: Red Star News Responsible Editor: Guo Ping_B7442