Getting a drivers license is probably the most exciting thing in this upstream period.

 Getting a drivers license is probably the most exciting thing in this upstream period.

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Last weekend was very cloudy. I wanted to relax because I was too tired during this period of work. As a result, it was against my wishes. It seems that the word tired is indispensable to the life of adults.

On Saturdays, I went to the dormitory. Although I went to the dormitory under the name of mediating my body and mind, I still had to prepare for the make-up exam on Monday and Thursday. The tactics of sea of questions were unavoidable. According to the reasons for the failure of the last exam, I just lacked the understanding of the routine of the questions. Some of the questions seemed simple, but I did not examine them carefully enough to accommodate them. Easy to choose wrong. On Saturdays, all day, I was under pressure. To tell you the truth, I didnt sleep well or rest enough because I was pulled up by old Chen early the next morning to climb the mountain. My dark circles of eyes!

Sunday dinner was meant to entertain distant visitors, so I set out early from my dormitory. At first, I planned to go to the supermarket, then go home to cook lunch and tidy up my room. As a result, on the way, another wave of friends said that in Linping, in the afternoon, I came to visit my home, OMG, and hurried home with horses and whips, and found the house in a mess. Hurriedly tidied up, the fire burned and dragged the floor to eat.

Friends came to my house a little more and left around 4 oclock. Fortunately, friends who had planned to come to dinner said that something could not come at night. I just relaxed a little. As a result, a friend shop had something to do and needed our help. He rushed off and drove to his friends shop for nearly an hour or so, and finally finished 1. I went home at 0 oclock, but on Sunday, I didnt brush my questions very much. I got home nearly 11 oclock. Because on Monday, I had to go to bed early for my first test at 8:30, so I went to bed after taking a bath.

I woke up on Monday morning, that is, early yesterday morning, I was almost not confident. The tactics of inscribing the sea were useless at all. I did several simulated exercises, either 88 or 86. Few times I passed 90. I had no idea, but I had to be hard-headed. 8:00 to the exam point, people have been overwhelmed, it seems that I did not come too early, but 8:30 to enter, I still have time, so I took out the iPad brush the question, each time the simulation is completed, confidence is half less, because the passing rate is too slim, finally arrived at the entrance, and even a little explosive mentality, Kesi seems simple. But its really easy to make mistakes. What I can do is to calm down my mood and do the problem slowly. I try not to be influenced by my previous mood. If there is ambiguity, leave it blank and do it first. I can do it slowly. I didnt expect it to go so smoothly. I didnt make any mistakes until I chose multiple topics. At first, I thought that the topic was wrong and was not prompted. Its amazing that Ive done all the right things in the past. Ultimately, the test ended with a high score of 96, which was a bit unbelievable. Never had such a good result been achieved in the mock test. Happy, drivers license is finally in hand.

Some people may think that I am affected, what to say about driving test is simple, but for me, it is really not simple. I belong to a person who can not synchronize operation and thinking when playing games. So learning a car is the same for me, it is difficult to achieve physical coordination, and old age, memory is really bad. The same mistake will happen again. I really study hard and take notes. The last time I did this seriously, it was only in the College Entrance Examination. And it took me nearly two and a half years to get the drivers license one after another. The big stone in my heart finally fell. To sum up, driving license study is still smooth, before all passed, no make-up exam, in addition to section 4, thanks to the careful coachs teaching, but also on weekdays to my advice, did not give him the qualified rate of dragging behind, is not to fail him, after a friend want to learn driving license can find me, the coach is really very good. Excellent, very nice, although also a few words, but things are not right, and say is the focus. When I finished my studies and got my drivers license, I was in a good mood. This is also the period of water retrograde, the only exciting thing, I hope that the next will be better and better, water retrograde divergence!