In love, men should listen to these words from women in the opposite direction.

 In love, men should listen to these words from women in the opposite direction.

Generally speaking, men should listen to womens words in the opposite direction.

1. When angry, say to the man, Dont ignore me.

Two people together for a long time, will inevitably make trouble, will quarrel. In a quarrel, if a woman says to you, Dont ignore me, or says to you, Keep away from me, dont bother me any more, then shes probably saying the opposite. She doesnt really want you to coax her, nor does she really want you to stay away from her. On the contrary, she is just playing petty and petty with you. What she really wants is your love and tolerance.

Men should not easily believe what a woman is saying in anger, nor should you add fuel to her when she is angry. At this point, you should learn to keep a proper distance from women.

Men should remember that a woman is talking to you angrily. You should learn to listen backwards. You should not only listen to her literal meaning, but also try to figure out the real intention behind her words.

Especially when a woman is angry, she says to you impatiently, Dont bother me any more. Then you should treat this sentence in two parts.

In any case, you should learn to make a woman happy on your own initiative. You should not really ignore her. When a woman really loves you and she is in trouble with you, you should try to make her happy, instead of taking the opportunity to stay away from or neglect her.

In a quarrel, if a woman says to a man, Lets break up, then a man should not easily believe what she says. A quarrel easily deprives a person of the necessary sanity and sobriety.

When a woman quarrels with you about something, she may blurt out the word break up. When a woman breaks up with someone in anger, maybe its just her impulse. She doesnt really want to break up with you.

If you still love her, please give her more tolerance and respect. Dont take a joke or an angry remark from her to heart, let alone doubt her love and sincerity for you.

3. When shopping, he said to the man, Dont buy it for me.

She may feel guilty, so she shook her head and waved her hand and said to you, Dont buy it for me, I dont like it at all, and its not suitable for me, so dont buy it, dont waste money.

In fact, she doesnt really like the dress, but because she loves money, she is reluctant to spend money to buy it. Therefore, in view of this situation, men must know how to observe what is said and what is said by women, and you must learn to listen in the opposite direction.

Although she said she didnt like the dress, her eyes couldnt deceive people. If you really like a woman and you are eager to get more love and sincerity from her, then you should learn to listen in the opposite direction. Dont mistake a woman for not really liking the dress. She just thinks its expensive.

So when you go shopping with a woman, you find that she always stares at something. When you offer to buy it for her, she quickly refuses, I dont like it at all. You really dont have to pay for it for me. Well, at this point, men have to learn to listen backwards.

The more a woman refuses a commodity, the more she cares about the wound. Her heart is full of infinite longing and sincere feelings for such a thing.

When you find a woman who clearly likes something but refuses to give you a positive answer, men should learn to listen in the opposite direction.

Only when you really understand every word a woman says will she become more and more dependent and trusting in her feelings. In a love relationship, the biggest difference between men and women is that men like to talk straight and straight, and often dont worry too much about things. Women, on the contrary, always live too carefully.

In love, men should learn to understand every irony a woman says. The same sentence in different contexts may derive different meanings and meanings.

Especially when you communicate with a woman, you should pay attention to the fact that every word a woman says often hides her true intention and meaning.

Only when you understand enough what a woman says and does, can you not only understand the literal meaning of every sentence she says, but also the true meaning and intention behind every sentence she says. Then a woman will probably look at you with great interest and love you more and more.